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How to recover NTFS hard drive deleted files with Mac data recovery software

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NTFS is a native Windows default file system. A Mac will never write to an NTFS external hard drive though it can read the data once an NTFS hard drive is mounted on the Mac. With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software, you can connect the NTFS-formatted hard disk to macOS and recover erased files or deleted data.

To perform NTFS deleted file recovery on Mac, firstly connect your NTFS formatted hard drive to Mac and secondly download & launch Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery V8.

Steps to recover deleted files from NTFS Partition on Mac are as follows: 

  • From main interface, select what you want to recover (You can either choose Recover Everything or can customize your requirement)

  • Next, under select location window choose NTFS hard drive 

  • Run Deep Scan (It will execute comprehensive data recovery job)

Scanning of the NTFS drive is under progress

  • Next, Preview all the recoverable files from the NTFS hard drive.

  • Lastly, click Recover to restore and save all the desired files to another destination.

This is how Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software recovers NTFS external hard drive deleted files. A Quick Glance over the Mac NTFS Partition recovery process:


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November 18, 2013 09:04 am

Would i be able to save my recovered files to the same hard drive that i recovered my files from?

Does ntfs recovery restore a hard drive to the state it was before damage?. Or does it just recover files to transfer to another hard drive.

Abhay Mishra
November 19, 2013 05:14 am

Hi Tonny,

This is strongly recommended to use another drive for saving recovered files. If you're trying to use same problem drive for doing this, it might results in damaged file recovery or in worst cases, your important files might gone missing due to data overwritten. In such cases, you'll permanently loose your important files.

NTFS Recovery can only scan and recover deleted, lost or existing files without damaging or repairing the current hard drive state. Though, you can use an inbuilt utility named SMART, to check the current hard drive state and might have clear idea about its bad sectors and blocks.

Glad to assist if you need any further help!!


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