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How to recover data using Remote Data Recovery Agent?

Author : Creative Team Updated on May 30, 2016

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery (Tech) features the unique capability to recover data remotely from any system accessible over a network. The software comes bundled with Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent that enables you to establish a connection between your machine and the target machine and recover data remotely using the software.



Download Remote Recovery agent from here


Install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Technician on your system.

Install and run Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent on the target machine from where you need to recover data.

Get the IP address of target machine where Remote Recovery Agent is installed.

Procedure to perform Remote Recovery Using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery:

Start the software on your system (source) and click 'Remote Recovery' under 'Advance Option' tab. In the 'Enter remote machine details to connect' box, enter the IP address of the target in the 'IP Address' textbox and a valid port number (between 1025 and 65535) in 'Port' textbox. Make sure the port number of source and target are same.

On the target machine, click 'Start Agent'. You will see a message 'Stellar Agent is ready to accept connection' in the 'Status' box.


On the source machine, click 'Connect' button under 'Remote Recovery'. When the connection is established, you will see a message 'Successfully connected to remote agent'. The software will display all the hard drives and volumes that exist on the target machine in the 'Remote Recovery' module. You can select any volume or hard drive to recover data using four data recovery options: 'Quick Recovery', 'Deleted Recovery', 'Advance Recovery', and 'Raw Recovery'.



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