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I am not able to recover my desired data, is it impossible to recover my files?

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Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a powerful DIY data recovery software that recovers virtually any file type from any Windows-based storage media such as hard drives, SSDs, SD cards, thumb drives, etc.


While the software can get back lost and deleted files from formatted, corrupt, and missing drive partitions, it may not be able to get back every file lost from the storage media due to following reasons,


1. Sometimes normal or quick scan may not be able to show your desired files

The default ‘Quick Scan’ may not yield satisfactory results. Use ‘Deep Scan’ option, if you haven’t already—to scan your media for desired results before heading further.


2. The deleted files have been overwritten

When deleted files are overwritten by new files, they cannot be recovered—not even with ‘Deep Scan’ option.


Overwriting occurs when a user keeps using the system or storage media after data loss. It is highly suggested that you should immediately minimize or stop using the storage media and the system after data loss to avoid overwriting. This also maximizes the chances of getting back data by up to 100%.


3. The Drive or Storage Media is/was Encrypted

Stellar Data Recovery Professional software doesn’t support data recovery from drives encrypted with BitLocker. The software may not find your desired files if they were deleted while encrypted.


4. The File Type You Wish to recover is Not in the Supported File List

Stellar Data Recovery Professional supports more than 300 different file types. It’s possible the file type or format you wish to recover isn’t in the supported file list.

Stellar Data Recovery professional for windows

However, you can add a custom File Type support automatically in the software by following these steps,

  • Run Stellar Data Recovery – Professional.
  • Click Advanced Settings button.
  • Click Add File Type  button from Advanced Settings window.
  • Select ‘I don’t know how to add file type‘.

Stellar Data Recovey Professional for Windows

  • Click Add button to browse and add at least 10 or more sample files of the same type, originated from the same source
  • Type the header file name and then select the header file type from Select Group drop down list.
  • Enter the file size in Put Average File Size text box and click Add File Type button

After adding the file type, you can select the file and scan your drive to get back desired files.

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Mohammad Shamsudduha
October 27, 2019 09:44 pm

Dear Stellar Expert,

I have recovered my permanently deleted (shift+del) files on my laptop (Solid State Hard Drives) but I cannot open any file that I recovered using the software that I purchased on the 25th October (order no. 623371563). The files are mostly MS Word, PowerPoint and PDF.

Can you please advise how to read the recovered files? What's the point in recovering the files if they cannot be read, after all?

Many thanks,


Stellar Support
October 29, 2019 03:47 am


We have sent an email to your registered email. Kindly reply on same email for further assistance.

Stellar Team


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