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How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Disk Drive?

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“Hi, Last week Just the other day, when i plugged in my 1.5 TB external hdd to my system, it becomes inaccessible and my computer suggested me to format it for reuse. I have some very important documents and photos in this hard drive, could anyone help me to retrieve this data back. Please! Thank you!”

The popularity of external digital storage media has been increasing continuously and nowadays people store their important personal or business data and documents in external hard drive instead of a regular internal storage device. External hard drives are really a very convenient way to store important data or backup data; however, it is very often that an external HDD makes stored data inaccessible. People get frustrated with such situation and start looking solution for external hard drive data recovery, luckily there is a very efficient tool that can recover all the deleted files from both internal and external hard drives.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows tool is a perfect and single solution for all types of data loss in external or internal hard drive, removable drives, and CDs or DVDs. This tool is specially designed to fulfill all the data recovery requirements such as photo recovery, email recovery, etc. 



Procedure of Data Recovery From Your External Hard Drive

  • Connect your external hard drive to your system with the installed Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software.
  • After running this software on your system, you’ll see the main interface as shown below:


  • In the ‘Select What to Recover’, you’ll get multiple option under it and you have to choose what exactly you want to recover from it. Click Next.

  • You’ll reach to the ‘Select Location’ display, where you can select the location from where you want to recover your data. Click Scan option and resume recovery process.


During the Scan option, you can see Time Elapsed and Time Left; Also, you can turn ON/OFF the preview of the files which you want to recover.

  • After the completion of the Scanning process, you’ll see the files/folder get listed as below:
  • Select a file and click Save. This will let you to save your file asking for the destination location where you can save your desired file.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows tool is equipped with many more interesting and amazing features that can handle any worst case of data loss and recover data. This tool is a one solution of all data loss issues for professionals as well as personal uses. Some of its features can recover data from higher and complex data devices. This is really a worth to buy for each and every digital data recovery purpose.


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