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How to recover the data from Time Capsule

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Stellar Phoenix Data Mac Recovery utility supports the recovery of files and folders from a Time Capsule.

Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to recover the data:

1) Connect Time Capsule to Mac OS X. From the left pane of the Finder, select the Time Capsule drive.

2) Identify your sparse disk image bundle and double-click the image bundle to mount it on the Mac desktop.

3) Launch Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software. From the left pane of the software interface, select the Time Capsule drive.

4) From the list of available data recovery options, please select an appropriate data recovery to scan the Time Capsule drive. Those available options are Quick Scan and Advance Scan, and Can't find Volumes.

5) Select an option for Time Capsule drive and click on ‘Scan’ button. Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software will perform your selected scan on the Time Capsule disk.

Important Note: Scanning an entire Time Capsule disk could be a time-consuming task since Time Capsule is large external devices and moreover the file systems they possess are also different from your regular HFS or FAT file systems.

6)  You can preview the recovered files, once the software successfully completes the scan on your Time Capsule disk.


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