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I have downloaded the trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional. Will the files showing "No Preview Available" be recovered on purchasing the software since you mention "What you see is what you get"?

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What you see is what you get’ is true while attempting to recover data by using Stellar Data Recovery Professional software. However, the software can also recover certain files that you are unable to preview. So, the answer is yes, the activated software will recover the files showing “No Preview Avialable” as well as the other files that you intended to recover.

Following are the two main reasons as to why preview may not be available for some of the files after the scan is complete:

  1. The File Format Preview is Not Supported

The software can preview all major file formats of pictures, videos, audios, documents, and text files. But it can’t preview compressed folders, application files, or custom files having an unsupported extension. Thus, when you try to preview an unsupported file type, the software displays ‘No Preview Available’ on the screen.

  2.  Default Scan Mode

Sometimes, the default ‘Quick Scan’ mode may not be able to retrieve complete file information as it only scans through the Master File Table (MFT) or File Allocation Table (FAT) of the drive’s file system to list deleted files for recovery.

Sometimes it may not retrieve the physical location of a file due to fragmentation, missing header, or bad sector, which can cause ‘No Preview Available.’

In that case, you can run a ‘Deep Scan’ which thoroughly scans each drive sector for files based on file-signatures and helps restore every bit of recoverable data from your Windows PC or supported storage media. After deep scanning is complete, click on the supported file type to see its preview.

Moreover, we have got you covered as all our data recovery software products are backed by 30-days money back policy and 24*5 dedicated support.

So purchase the license key to activate the software and save the recovered files at your desired location. Then try to access the file normally. In many cases, this works as software retrieves every bit of readable information from the storage media during save process and saves the file in integrated form on a different selected storage media or volume.

Need more help? Get in touch with our data recovery experts via chat, email, or direct call.


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