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How to repair any corrupt Photoshop (.PSD) file with Stellar PSD Repair?

Author : Creative Team Updated on July 30, 2015

Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair is a powerful utility that efficiently repairs damaged Adobe Photoshop (.PSD, .PSB, .PDD) files. The software uses robust techniques to repair the Photoshop image as well as separate layers. It is easy-to-use with no special technical skills required. In order to easily repair your corrupt PSD file, you need to follow the procedure as described below: 

Steps to Repair Damaged PSD Files:

 Start Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair. 

 On the main interface, click 'Select File' to select a PSD file to be repaired from a known location. If you cannot recall the exact location of the PSD file, use 'Search File' feature to search and locate the file in a specific drive or volume.

 After selecting the desired PSD file, click 'Scan' button in bottom-right corner of the main screen to initiate the scan process.  

 When the scan is completed, the software will display preview of the PSD file in the main interface. 

 Additionally, it shows you log of the scanning process in the bottom pane. This log contains properties of the image and layers in the scanned file. You will also see the start and finish time of the scan process.

 Next, click 'Save' to repair and save the PSD file. The software saves the repaired PSD file along with the bitmap image of the file and all its constituent layers in a folder named 'Recovered'. This folder is saved at your specified location in the system.

 After completion of the process, the software displays a dialog box showing the following message: 'File saved successfully'

PSD File Support: Supported PSD Files created in Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, and CS6.


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