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How can I save the log report of QuickBooks file repair process?

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Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software allows all its users to save the log report of QuickBooks file repair process easily. It creates and allows you to save ‘scanning log’ report for every repair process that you execute. It should be noted that the software generates and displays the ‘scanning log’ report after the completion of the scan process. This report contains details such as, time at which the Scan started, time at which the Scan process completed, Items and Services, number of ‘present’ and ‘deleted’ Customers, Vendors, and Employees. Well, by executing the steps that have been stated below, you can easily save the log report of QuickBooks file repair process:

  • Run the software
  • In the main interface, select QuickBooks (QBW) file and click on the Scan File button so that the software begins the Scan process.

Scan file

Figure 1: Selection of QuickBooks QBW file

  • After the software completes scanning the selected QBW file, the ‘Scan Log’ report is generated that you can save at a location you prefer. To do so, i.e., to save ‘Scanning Log’ click on the Save Log button in the window that is showcased below.

Save log file

Figure 2: Scan Log report and option to save it

Now that you are completely acquainted with the easy-to-execute process steps for saving ‘Scan log’ report, you can successfully carry them out. Moreover, as it is a small two-step process you can quickly achieve your purpose of saving the ‘Scan log’ report of QuickBooks file repair process.


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