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How to Search EDB File if You Don’t Know Its Location?

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This Knowledge Base lets you know how to search EDB file if you do not know its location. To do so, the comprehensive and user-friendly ‘Stellar EDB to PST Converter’ software provides the ‘Find EDB’ feature in its GUI that is simple and easy-to-understand. This is an essential task for users to be able to convert the Exchange database EDB to PST and more file formats, such as EML, MSG, PDF, RTF, and HTML.

To search an EDB file, the location of which you do not know, you need to execute the steps as stated below:

1.    Launch Stellar EDB to PST Converter by giving a double-click on its icon.

2.    In Select Conversion Mode of the tool’s main interface, check mark ‘Offline EDB’ option.

3.    In Stellar EDB to PST Converter dialog box, click on the Find EDB button.


Figure 1: ‘Find EDB’ feature to search Exchange database files

4.  The Find EDB File dialog box opens as is shown in the image below:


Figure 2: ‘Find EBB File’ dialog box to choose desired options to find EDB files

(i)   Go to Find Options section and from the Look in list box, select the drive in which you wish to search for the EDB file by clicking on the drop-down menu. Or, click on Look in button to select a particular folder.

(ii)   Choose File Type as Exchange Database File (*EDB). You can do by clicking on the respective drop-down menu.

(iii)   Click on the Start button for the software to hunt for Exchange database (EDB) files.

(iv)   On completion of the search, all EDB files found in the drive/folder that was selected is displayed in Find Results section.  

(v)    Finally, the Exchange database (EDB) files are found.

By executing the above steps, you can search the EDB files with Stellar EDB to PST Converter if you are not aware of the location of the EDB file. Once you find the required EDB file, you can proceed with the conversion process. 


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