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What is SMART Status in Stellar Drive Monitor?

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SMART Status in Stellar Drive Monitor utility of ‘Stellar Data Recovery Technician’ software means the real-time value of hard drive SMART attributes. The Drive Monitor utility monitors a vast number of S.M.A.R.T attributes to provide comprehensive information on the overall health and performance aspects of the selected hard disks.

The SMART status of hard drives in Smart Drive Monitor is spread across 7 different columns to present:

1.    Attribute ID
2.    Attribute Name
3.    Attribute’s Status
4.    Attribute Value
5.    Worst value of attribute, ever reached
6.    Threshold Limit – below which hard disk is like to fail
7.    Fitness percentage

Note: The Smart Status information is not available for the pen drives currently.



The following table lists down the individual attributes and respective descriptions that are monitored by the Stellar Drive Monitor module of Stellar Data Recovery Technician:

Attribute Name


Read Error Rate

Number of times the hardware reads the errors while seeking data from a hard disk.

Spin Up Time

The average time taken by a spindle to become fully operational.

Start Stop Count

The total number of hard disk counts a spindle has started or stopped. This count increases when the disk is turned on after a power off or after the sleep mode.

Reallocated Sector Count

Records the number of data transfers from bad sectors to a special reserved area. Therefore, more reallocated sectors reflect the deteriorating health of the hard disk.

Seek Error Rate

Displays the number of failures of the magnetic heads to the right position on the platter. This error occurs due to partial failure of the mechanical positioning system.

Power On Hours

Displays the total count of hours the disk is powered on.

Spin Retry Count

Denotes the count of start attempts to get the spin gain fully operational speed. A high value of the attribute depicts problems in the mechanical subsystem of a hard disk.

Calibration Retry Count

This attribute stores the count of requested re-calibration. Increased value of the attribute depicts problems in the hard disk mechanical subsystem.

Power Cycle Count

Indicates the number of power on/off cycles of full hard disk.

Uncorrectable Errors

Count of errors that could not be recovered using hardware ECC (Error-correcting code).

High Fly Writes

Hard Disk has a Fly High Monitor that protects write operations by detecting when a recording head is flying outside its normal operating range. If such a condition is encountered, the information is reallocated to a safe region of the hard disk.

This attribute indicates the count of these errors detected over the lifetime of the disk.

Power-off retract count or Emergency Retract Cycle

The count of number of power off cycles.

Load/ Unload Cycle Count

The count of load/unload cycles into head landing zone position.

Temperature Celsius

Indicates device temperature.

Reallocation Event Count

Number of attempts to transfer data from reallocated sectors to a spare area. Both successful and unsuccessful attempts are counted. 

Current Pending Sector Count

The count of unstable sectors that are waiting to be remapped, because of unrecoverable read errors.

Uncorrectable Sector Count

This attribute stores the total count of uncorrectable errors while reading/writing a sector. Increased value of the attribute depicts problems in the hard disk mechanical subsystem and/or the defects of the disk surface.

UltraDMA CRC Error Count

The count of errors in data transfer via the interface cable as determined by ICRC (Interface Cyclic Redundancy Check).

Write Error Rate

The total count of errors when writing a sector. Increased value of the attribute denotes the worsening of the hard disk mechanical subsystem.

Data address Mark Errors

 Addresses the count of number of incorrect or invalid address marks.



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