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How can I transfer the software license from one computer to another?

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To transfer a software license from one computer to another, please follow the specific steps below: 
On Target Computer: 
  1. Run demo version of the software. 
  2. In Registration Menu on Menu Bar, click Register. A new dialog appears. 
  3. From the Register window, select Offline Registration. Click OK. 
  4. An Offline Registration dialog box will appear displaying Registration ID in its respective field.
On Source Computer: 
  1. Run registered version of software. 
  2. In Registration Menu on Menu Bar, click Transfer License.
  3. Copy the Registration ID displayed on the Target Computer in the field of Registration ID on the Source Computer. 
  4. To get your License Key, click Transfer In button on Source Computer. This will generate a License Key. 5. You can also save the License Key generated on the source computer. Click Save to File button to save the Registration ID and the License Key. In Browse for Folder dialog box, select the location where you want to save the details. Click OK. 
  5. 'License Key has been saved successfully' message is displayed after the saving process is completed successfully. Click OK.
This will deactivate the product on Source Computer and you will no longer be able to use the software anymore on this computer. 
On Target Computer: 
  1. Type the License Key, which you have generated on the Source Computer in the provided field of License Key.
  2. Click Register to complete the activation process. 
  3. 'Activation Completed Successfully' message is displayed after the process is completed successfully. Click OK.


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i bought activation key code for i phone recovery by mistake and i need it for data recovery professional software ? how can i transfer the activation code ??

hamad alabdulla

Abdul Majid

Dear Hamad,

We have forwarded your details to our team, you will soon receive an email to purchase Stellar Data Recovery Professional software.

I would like to transfer my licence from my old Mac mini which I initially used to my MacBook Pro. It seems the instructions do not apply to the Mac version..

Pierre G


Hi Pierre,

We have forwarded your query to our experts. They will contact you on your email regarding activation of software.


Stellar Data Recovery


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