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Solve Windows Outlook Error 0x80042108

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No doubt, Outlook is witnessed as utmost responsive email application. Sometime while working with Outlook most of us face an error message demonstrated below

Reported error (0x80042108): Outlook is unable to connect to your incoming (POP3)email server.

Here we will be briefing out what are the reasons behind this error and how user can make this error correct by their own. Before proceeding to the reasons first we will go through the reasons behind such Outlook errors.

What causes Error to happen?

Clashes of installed software with Outlook on machine
: In this fast growing era of technology all of us installed different software’s on machines. Most of us are unaware of fact these software get clashed with Outlook. Because of software compatibility clash there are chances users PST got corrupt and cause above error to happen.

Missing System Files: While updating windows or other software there is probability users system file go damage. There may be chances few of system file do not get update while updating other software’s. The small conflict between these updates causes error to happen. 

Gigantic size of Outlook data file: Outlook data file is most essential and imperative file for Outlook users. PST files are repository of Outlook mailbox. While receiving and sending emails most of users forgot to maintain their Outlook mailbox. Because of oversized PST user witness the error.

Debasing of Outlook PST File:  While following the routine most of the users forgot to eliminate the unwanted emails from their mailboxes. These overgrown Outlook mailboxes directly impact on PST file and outcomes in data loss. Users are not aware of fact that overgrown outlook mailbox can also be a reason for facing error.

Windows Registry Issue: To enhance system speed or Outlook performance user users do amendment in their windows registry. Users are not aware of fact that such kind of editing also causes the above mentioned error to be happening.

NOTE: It is advised not to do any amendment in windows Registry if you are not acquainted with Registry. A little change in registry will outcome in irrecoverable data loss.

Above mentioned are the common reasons that make Outlook error to happen. Here are few points that clearly indicates you may also face same error:
 Conjoint symptoms of Outlook Error 0x80042108

                       Outlook creates problems in start up’s
                       Frustrating speed of machine
                       Slow system performance
                       System freezes or hangs
                      Failed to install new software’s

Solution to resolve the error:  There are two different methods to resolve the error i.e Automated and manual method.  I am enlightening both methods here:

Manual Method: Microsoft has provided users an inbuilt PST repair tool scanpst.exe to repair corrupt PST file. User can select Inbox Repair tool and scan their corrupt PST file but it has certain precincts.

Precincts of Inbox Repair Tool: Scanpst.exe gives no assurance for successful recovery of data. Additionally tool will not work for heavily corrupt PST file that’s’ why manual method is a bit risky method.

Automated Method:  In this method user can opt for Stellar Repair for Outlook tool. Tool solely scan the user corrupt PST file and repair it by using advance algorithms. Tool works on three simple steps: Click, Select and Scan. After revamping your corrupt PST file you can opt for improved preferences to save PST file. Furthermore recommended PST recovery software assures for no data loss during PST file repairing process.

To avoid risk of data loss it would be astute methodology to opt for professional Outlook PST Repair software. User can try the >free version of Outlook PST Repair software from link provided below.



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November 15, 2015 09:22 pm

what are the limitations of the demo "free" version?

Amit Pandey
November 20, 2015 08:38 am

Hi Claim,

No limitation is associated with demo version. It works same as the registered version, but only difference between the two is that demo version lets you see only preview of repaired PST file. To save your repaired PST you need to activate the product.


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