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How to speed up Mac Mini hard drive using Stellar Platinum Edition?

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Using Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition utility you can boost up Mac Mini hard drive speed and performance. The Platinum Edition is combination of multiple disk management utilities that perform individually to boost up Mac Mini’s hard drive pace and performance. Among those 9 utilities are – Smart Care, Speedup Mac, Uninstaller, Drive Defrag, Smart Finder, Volume Optimizer, Wipe, Drive Monitor and Benchmark.

Interface of Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

Visit Speedup Mac Platinum Edition webpage to Optimize Mac Mini hard drive with Speedup Mac, Uninstaller and Volume Optimizer utility

Speed up Mac Mini 

Start Mac Mini optimization with cleaning junk files from the hard drive. You might be unaware that Mac Mini have accumulated loads of junk files which includes – system junks, caches, trashes, logs, Universal Binaries, large files, language and duplicate files. These junks files should be removed immediately in order to create free spaces on the hard drive. Using Speedup Mac utility of the Platinum Edition, you can easily free up to many gigabytes of drive spaces.

  1. Launch Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition
  2. From the right-pane select Speedup Mac
  3. Using Recommended or Custom Scan to start cleaning junks files from Mac Mini hard drive
Mac Mini hard drive cleaning

 Uninstall unwanted apps from Mac Mini hard drive

Uninstaller module of the Platinum Edition helps Mac Mini users to further improve hard drives performance by uninstalling worthless applications. Use this tool to remove undesirable Mac applications, widgets and plugins.

Mac Mini Uninstaller

Uninstaller will further help user to accumulate hard drive spaces and get rid of apps that are bogus or unproductive. 

Repair Mac Mini Disk Permission with Volume Optimizer

Volume Optimizer utility of Speedup Mac Platinum Edition is an immensely helpful module that can provide technical assistance in improving the speed and performance of the Mac Mini drive. This utility further gives you an option to create bootable media in order to repair corruption in Mac Mini’s startup drive. This tool will address and repair those damages that can’t be repaired by Disk Utility. 

For instance, Volume Optimizer utility repairs notorious hard drive directory error called “Invalid B Tree Node Size”. By repairing the problem of Invalid B tree node, the software saves your hard drive from getting formatted and losing up the data. 

You can use Volume Optimizer utility even when your Mac Mini hard drive isn’t corrupt or damaged. This module helps user to repair corrupt disk permission on startup drive. 

Repair Mac Mini Hard Drive

Additionally, Volume Optimizer software of the Speedup Mac Platinum Edition will repair corruption on an external hard drive formatted with HFS or FAT file system. 

Other helpful modules of Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

Defrag Mac Mini hard drive

Your Mac Mini hard drive might be affected with chunks of fragments, which will only worsen the hard drive performance. But no worries since Platinum Edition have the solution of drive fragments. The Defrag module of the Edition will locate fragments from the hard drive and will remove them. Not only this, after defragging the disk the utility will arrange files in contiguous memory locations. With the defrag module, user can further optimize free spaces of the Mac Mini hard drive.

Defrag Mac Mini Hard Drive

Defrag module also works on Mac formatted external and encrypted hard drives. After defragmentation, Mac Mini hard drive performance including boot time will improve.

Benchmark Mac Mini performance

Benchmark utility of Platinum Edition will allow user to compare speed & performance of Mac Mini hard drive with the stored performance data of other Mac systems. Once you have optimized the Mac Mini with Speedup Mac Platinum Edition, you can compare its performance w.r.t other Macs.

Compare Mac Mini Hard Drive Performance

We recommend you stop tolerating the slowness and poor performance by your Mac Mini system. Remember Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition have solution to multiple problems of Mac Mini including drive slowness, free spaces, disk fragments, drive corruption, bad sectors, drive backup and more.


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