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Fix: Stellar Data Recovery Professional Crashes or Hangs During Scan

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Stellar Data Recovery Professional is one of the most robust and reliable data recovery software capable of recovering data from all kind of storage media whether formatted, corrupt or encrypted. However, on some rare occasions, you might experience that Stellar Data Recovery Professional Crashes or Hangs during Scan, which is mainly caused by interference by other applications, insufficient admin rights, faulty connections, and many other factors.

Follow these steps to fix and avoid the Stellar Data Recovery Professional crash and hang issue during scan process:
1.    Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements
Ensure that the system where the Stellar Data Recovery Professional software is installed meets the minimum hardware and software specifications (see screenshot).

2.    Run as Administrator
Always execute the software with admin rights. To run Stellar Data Recovery Professional as administrator, right-click on the software icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’. When prompted, click ‘Yes’.

3.    Keep Drive connected firmly While Scan
Ensure that the drive from where recovery is being done is firmly connected to the system. Check for any loose or damaged wired connection if using an HDD enclosure or SATA cable. Frequent disconnections can lead the software to hang and crash.

4.    Avoid Touching the connected cable or Drive
While the software is scanning the drive or saving the recovered data, do not touch the attached storage device cables, and also avoid moving the drive. This can cause disconnection that can stop the recovery process in the middle leading software to either crash or hang (even if the interruption is caused for a millisecond)

5.    Choose a Different Save Location
While choose the save location for recovered data, avoid choosing a location on the same drive. The software comes with overwrite protection but still, avoid doing it intentionally to prevent software crash and hang.

6.    Close All Running Applications
Before running the scan with Stellar Data Recovery Professional, ensure that all running applications are closed (do not close system applications and processes). Any third party software, running during the scan or recovery process can interrupt the entire process that can lead to a software crash.

7.    Check Space Available on Destination Disk
Before choosing the save location, ensure that the recovered data that you want to save at a location has enough available storage. If the storage is less, use compress and save feature under ‘Advanced Setting’ before saving the recovered data at the destination.
You can choose whether you want to zip each file individually or save entire recovered data in one single compressed (ZIP) file (refer screenshot).

8.    Ensure Sufficient Power Supply
While recovering data from a hard drive connected via SATA to USB converter or HDD enclosure, ensure the drive is getting enough power. This issue occurs on a laptop running on battery power. Connect the charging cord to ensure sufficient power supply to the connected drives.

Ensure the above-given criteria’s and run the recovery process again. The Stellar Data Recovery Professional software will quickly scan and recover your files.


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