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How to uninstall Mac applications using Stellar Speedup Mac?

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In general scenario, to remove an application from Mac, user simply needs to drag the app on to the trash folder. User can then choose to right-click and select ‘Empty Trash’ to assure complete uninstallation of the app from the OS X. This is decade old method to uninstall programs on Mac which is still applicable to current OS X.

However, at times, a stubborn application may refuse to leave OS X through this conventional method. Some applications are buggy in nature and don’t go hand-in-hand with OS X commands. Some of them may be write-protected, scams etc., which simply refuses to go to trash. We do know, without sending them to trash it is impossible to remove them ethically.

Uninstall stubborn applications on Mac:

Stellar Speedup Mac is Mac cleaner software that has built-in UNINSTALLER. This feature assists OS X user to simple drag a buggy or stubborn program on the Uninstaller’s interface. User can also drag fishy Widgets & Plugins that creates bunch of troubles for Mac OS X.

• Drag an application and drop on the interface. You can select multiple apps using COMMAND + CLICK and drop it on the interface.


• Uninstaller tray displays all programs that are dropped onto it. P.S. You can select / unselect any application by using check boxes.  Once confirmed, click ‘Uninstall Now’. Stellar Speedup Mac will proceed with removal of applications along with their associated files & folders.

Advantage: Uninstaller doesn’t leave any application’s leftover behind.

Uninstall Widgets & Plugins:


To uninstall Widgets or Plugins, simply navigate through interface buttons. The software will automatically scan for the selected apps, i.e. widgets will show up if user clicks on Widgets tab. Again, you can use tick mark to check/uncheck files for uninstallation.

P.S. – Registration of Stellar Speedup Mac is mandatory in order to enjoy full features.


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