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How can I use the advanced recovery option to Restore missing data in Quickbooks File using QBB file?

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Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software carries out non-destructive repair and recovery process to extract and save all information of Customers, Company, Vendors, and Employees saved in QBW as well as QBB files. Regardless of what caused the QBW / QBB file damage, users can regain access to lost paychecks, payroll transactions, job detail, etc.

One of the strongest aspects of the software are its recovery modes. There are 2 options available, namely, Simple Recovery and Advanced Recovery. The simple recovery option works for most cases. However, if simple recovery isn’t able to recover the desired data, users should repeat the process using the Advanced Recovery option, which uses the QBB file as a reference to achieve best possible recovery results.

If you have a QuickBooks backup file (QBB), here are the steps to use Advanced Recovery option of Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software:

  1. Select the corrupt QuickBooks data file (QBW) using the “Select File” option.
  2. Select the QuickBooks backup file (QBB) using the “Browse” tab. This file will be used as a reference to recover data.
  3. Select the version of QuickBooks backup you’re using.

Select version of QuickBooks

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button of Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software to initiate the process.

start repairing

  1. After successful completion of the process, a message box will appear on the screen



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