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What happens to a file when it gets deleted? How Stellar Mac Data Recovery recovers a deleted file?

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When you delete an image, song, video, movie, or any other text file from your Mac system, the Mac operating system removes all the entries of that particular file from the system. The operating system marks the memory allocated to that deleted file as free so that a new file can be saved in that location of the media. Thus, due to the broken links and removal of entries, the OS cannot show the deleted file, where it was originally located. However, the interesting fact is that the file, which you have completely deleted from your system, even from the ‘Trash’, still remains in the storage media.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery has advanced features to recover deleted files back. The powerful scan algorithms of the software scan through the entire Mac drive and find out all the broken links as well as entries of the deleted file. From those gathered information, the software locates the memory allocated to that particular file and thus retrieves the deleted file back. This deleted file recovery process takes a significant amount of time, as the software scans each sector of the Mac volume for the file. Below are the steps to recover deleted files, using Mac Data Recovery:

  • Run Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. The main software interface shows three distinct icons; 'Recover Data', 'Create Image', and 'Resume Recovery'. Click the 'Recover Data' icon.
  • Another window opens with five options, such as Drive Recovery, Photo Recovery, DC/DVD Recovery, iPod Recovery, and Raw Recovery. By default, the Drive Recovery option is enabled.
  • Here further, you can find 'Deleted Recovery' under Drive Recovery. Click on it.
  • The list of all the Mac volumes appears. Select the volume from where you have deleted the data. The detail of the volume is displayed. Then click the icon to scan the volume.
  • The powerful algorithm of the software scans all the deleted file entries and lists them in a tree view with exact folder and file hierarchy.
  • Select (check-mark) the files you want to recover and click the 'Recover' button at the right-hand side bottom.
  • Specify the location to save the recovered file. After recovery, the deleted file will get stored inside a newly created folder, 'root' at the specified location.


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