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Drive Defrag
Defrag your drive to maximize Mac performance

What is a slack space? How does Stellar Drive Defrag help in removing the Slack space? Explain the procedure to optimize the free space in a hard disk.

Using Stellar Drive Defrag software, user can optimize, full defrag, quick defrag and remove slack spaces from a HFS formatted Mac hard disk drives.

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Enhance Mac Performance by Defragmenting OS X Mavericks

Quickly Defrag your sluggish Mac hard drive and make it super fast by these simple defragging tips.

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How to Use the Boot DVD Option to Defragment the Mac Drive

Learn to create bootable DVD to defrag Mac startup disk drive using Stellar Drive Defrag software.

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How to defrag Mac external hard drive using Stellar Drive Defrag?

How to defrag Macintosh HD, encrypted hard drive and external drive using defrag software?

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