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On how many computers, a copy of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Home/ Professional could be activated?

This KB helps you to found on how many computers a copy of Stellar Windows data recovery is activated.

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I have completed the scan and it is showing lot of files and folders with their original name. I just want to recover one file. Is it possible to look for it?

This Kb helps you how to recover just one file after completing the scan process on stellar phoenix windows data recovery software.

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We have tried the demo version of the software and able to see all the files listed after all the scan. The size of all the files are 0 KB. Can I still recover the files?

Here you can see if 0 KB file recovery is possible using a demo version of stellar phoenix windows data recovery software.

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Software is taking very long time to open. How can I resolve this issue?

This article informs how to quickly open stellar data recovery software which was taking very long time.

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I have performed normal scan by using Stellar Data Recovery software but after scanning process your software is not showing the files which I want to recover. How can I recover files?

If you are not able to access the recovered files after a normal scan using stellar phoenix windows data recovery software. Please find out the solution here.

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I want to recover data from one of my external drive. It is detecting in the Disk Management but not in “My Computer”. How can recover data from it?

This article can help you easily recover data from one of your external hard drive, when it is detecting in disk management but not in your "My Computer"

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How can I recover the lost files by using the software as it is taking long time to complete the scan on the Internal/External drive?

Read the step by step procedure to recover lost files using stellar phoenix windows data recovery software which is taking a long time while scanning.

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My SD Card is no longer accessible. My PC asks for 'formatting'. What to do?

Check out this KB to have a complete solution if your SD card which is no longer accessible and PC asks for formatting.

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I have tried to perform the scan on my drive using Stellar Windows Data Recovery but scanning is stuck at one particular stage. How do I complete the scan?

This article helps if scan process on your drive unable to complete using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software.

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I have completed the scan in Stellar Data Recovery Professional software but I am unable to find my files. How can I search my files from the scan result?

This KB helps you to find the files after scanning using Stellar Windows data recovery software.

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I have completed the scan in Stellar Windows Data Recovery. How can I save the recovered data later after I have an external drive to save the files?

Know more about Resume Recovery by using scan file on Stellar Windows Data Recovery software and how to get back saved scan information.

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How can I recover data from a corrupted CD/DVD using Stellar Windows Data Recovery?

If you have facing problem with corrupted CD/DVD media, Want to recover your data from CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD and DVD discs. Follow these Instructions to recover your CD/DVD.

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Customer is using the purchased copy of the application, when he saves the files at the destination. Only the folder gets created with no repaired files in it?

This article helps you find the complete solution where only folders are created but no videos files are repaired.

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After repairing the corrupt file with the application, the application displays a message that the “Files have been successfully repaired”. The customer saves the repaired files on computer however could not play them?

After reading this post you will get to know about an error where corrupt files have been successfully repaired but could not play.

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