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Stellar Data Recovery ProfessionalIf you are facing any issues while recovering your data then readout our knowledge base articles.

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How much time Stellar Windows Data Recovery will take to recover data?

Time taken by Stellar Data Recovery Professional software depends upon various factors, like hard drive health, bad sectors and many more.

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I want to recover data from my hard drive and I know in which folders my data was located. How can I recover specific folders using the software?

Steps to recover data from specific folder using Stellar Data Recovery Professional.

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I am replacing my old system with a new laptop. How can i transfer my license from old machine to the new laptop?

Detailed information about how to transfer Stellar Windows Data Recovery license to another system.

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Can I recover specific files such as JPEGs using the software?

Steps to recover specific file type using Stellar Windows data recovery software.

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My hard drive is not displayed in Stellar Windows Data Recovery. How can I recover my data?

Mentioned steps to recover data from hard drive that is no detected by the Stellar Windows Data Recovery - pro.

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How can I recover only photos from Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional v7.0?

Steps to recover only photos with the help of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional v7.0

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How can I add a file type in the software?

If your preferred file type is not available in the list then you can add your desired file type while performing signature search.

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NTFS File System Structure and How do I Undelete NTFS

Undelete NTFS Partitions after accidental deleting it or formatting using Stellar NTFS Partition Recovery Software.

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How to Recover Lost Windows 7 Partitions?

Recover accidentally deleted, lost or formatted Windows 7 Partitions!!

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Flash Drive Data Recovery from Formatted Flash Drives

Flash Drive Data Recovery software to recover data after being formatted or entire flash drive content deleted. Use Stellar Software to recover data.

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How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Disk Drive?

Retrieve deleted files form external hard disk drive using recommended file recovery programs, Stellar.

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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Hard Disk Partitions on Windows 8.1?

Get back formatted or lost hard disk partitions on Windows 8.1 using Stellar Partition Recovery Software.

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Free Download Software to Perform Formatted Drive Recovery?

Download and see preview of recoverable files from formatted drive for free.

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Recover Data from Inaccessible Hard Drive Partitions on Windows 7

Recover or restore inaccessible Windows 7 Partitions and data using HDD partition recovery tool.

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Lost Partitions While Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8

How you can recover data from lost partitions while upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7

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