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Recover Data from Lost or Inaccessible Partitions on Windows Effortlessly

Recover data effortlessly if one of your Windows partitions gets lost or becomes inaccessible.

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How can I Recover lost or deleted Windows Partitions?

Steps to recover a lost or deleted volume through Stellar Partition Recovery software

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How can I Recover Deleted Emails Using Stellar Windows Data Recovery (Professional)?

Steps to recover deleted emails using Stellar Windows Data Recovery (Professional)

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What is RAW Recovery and How to Recover Data from Raw Drive?

'Raw Recovery' option to perform RAW data recovery and convert RAW to NTFS partition. Fixes for 'CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives'. 

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Do I've to pay for the software updates? If yes, how much will it cost?

You do not get charged for any minor updates to the software

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Can data be recovered after wiping hard drive using disk wiping software?

No. If you have used wiping software to wipe your hard disk

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What are the other main features of Stellar Windows Data Recovery?

This complete KB teaches you all the main features of Stellar Windows Data Recovery.

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Create image and recover data from hard drive with bad sectors and blocks using SPWDR Pro?

Convenient data recovery by creating image of failing or inaccessible hard disk drive. Use created image to recover data at any point of time.

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'Imaging' process takes too much time to create image of my failed hard drive. What should I do?

The time taken to create image using Stellar Windows Data Recovery is directly proportional

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Hard drive producing strange noises, What should I do?

If your hard drive generates a clicking sound almost each time it is powered on

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Drive becomes inaccessible and couldn't be read by the BIOS after accidentally dropping it. What should I do now?

Steps to read the inaccessible drive using Software

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How to recover data after getting 'Bad Boot Signature Byte error' and the drive becomes RAW?

Tips to recover data While getting Bad Boot Signature Byte and the drive becomes RAW error

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What Precautions Should I Take While Recovering Deleted Files using Software?

Tips while recovering deleted files using Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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No Option Yield Desired Result, Is It Impossible to Recover My Files?

If the deleted files are overwritten by new files, they cannot be recovered

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My hard drive volumes (partitions) are not accessible in My Computer. How do I recover the data from inaccessible volumes using Stellar Windows Data Recovery?

Steps to Search for Lost or Deleted Volumes in Windows Using Windows Data Recovery Professional Version

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