Certified Secure File Erasure Software for Mac

BitRaser for File (Mac)

BitRaser for File (Mac) is a certified and secure file eraser and privacy safeguarding software for macOS devices such as MacBook (Air/Pro), iMac (Pro), Mac (Mini/Pro). The file erasure software follows 17 international data erasure standards such as DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes/7 passes), NATO, and more that help destroy sensitive information from Mac systems, beyond the scope of recovery.

  • Erases multiple files and folders simultaneously

  • Erases system & application traces, internet activities, volumes, & unused space
  • Protects against data theft and safeguards privacy
  • Generates tamper-proof and digitally signed erasure report for audit trails
  • Helps meet regulatory compliances and international data protection laws

Globally Recognized & Awarded


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BitRaser for File (Mac)

BitRaser for File (Mac) is a privacy safeguarding software that permanently erases files, folders, partitions, browsing the history, saved passwords, and other sensitive data from Mac systems and supported drives. Following are some key features of the software.

Securely Erases Sensitive Data

BitRaser for File (Mac) allows you to secure erase data such as files, folders, application/system traces, internet activities, and unused storage space from selected Mac drives and systems. The software implements international data erasure standards, leaving no chance of data recovery even with the help of sophisticated data recovery tools and services including forensics.

Recover Deleted Photos


International Erasure Algorithms

BitRaser for File (Mac) features 17 international data eraser standards that you can choose to destroy your sensitive files and information from Mac systems. A few popular eraser standards are US DOD 5220.22-M (3 pass/7 passes), NATO, Russian Standard GOST-R, British HMG IS5, Gutmann (35 passes). You can further choose between two verification methods—Random and Total Verification—that simultaneously ensures data destruction beyond recovery.

Generates File Erasure Report

The file eraser utility provides an option to generate erasure report and certificate when files are wiped after searching. The tamper-proof certificate is generated in PDF format that contains details of the eraser task with a timestamp and other critical information. This digitally signed certificate helps you meet local and international statutory and regulatory compliances related to privacy and data security.

Save Scan information & Resume Recovery

Automates Erasure Task

The software provides an option to schedule file eraser task based on specific parameters selected and defined by the user. You can schedule erasure task of specific files and folders or volume Once/Every Day/Week/Month as per your choice. This helps you automate one or more secure file eraser tasks, which increases productivity and save time significantly.

Key Features:

Secure Wipes Unused Disk Space icon

Secure Wipes Unused Disk Space

Empty storage space can contain previously deleted but confidential files that must be erased to safeguard data and privacy. BitRaser for File (Mac) also helps you to securely wipe only the unoccupied or unused storage space on Mac drive volumes. It overwrites the unallocated storage with random values defined by the selected data erasure algorithm, which makes data recovery nearly impossible.

Mac OS X Compatible icon

Mac OS X Compatible

The secure file eraser software works with all macOS 10.9 and above (up to 10.14 Mojave) powered Mac machines such as MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. The software supports macOS compatible file system such as APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT (FAT16/32), and exFAT.

Simple and Easy To Use icon

Simple and Easy To Use

BitRaser for File (Mac) is an easy to use and powerful, secure file erasure software for Mac systems. The software installs quickly and helps you accomplish a complex secure file erasure task with just a few clicks. The intuitive design helps you quickly navigate through file erasure options to sanitize sensitive information from Mac internal and external drives.

Safeguards Privacy icon

Safeguards Privacy

The software allows you to secure erase system traces, application traces, and internet activities, which contains confidential information such as browsing history, saved passwords, card details, auto-fill form data, chat messages, emails, and more. By destroying such sensitive data, you can protect data from offline threats and safeguard privacy.

Prevents Data Theft and Data Leakage  icon

Prevents Data Theft and Data Leakage

With 17 data eraser standards and two-verification methods, BitRaser for File (Mac) ensures data destructions from your Mac systems and storage media to an extent where no data recovery software or service can recover data in a usable format—including forensic tools.

Saves Resources and Time  icon

Saves Resources and Time

The DIY secure file eraser software allows you to automate file erasure tasks, which saves time and resources. It also helps minimize system complexity and improves data security from the comfort of your home or office. And this doesn’t require additional hardware or skills.

Helps Meet Regulatory Compliances icon

Helps Meet Regulatory Compliances

The software generates a verified tamper-proof and digitally signed certificate of erasure and data eraser report that validates permanent data destruction. This certificate and erasure report generated by using BitRaser for File (Mac) can be used as a legit document to meet privacy-related regulatory compliances, audits, and international guidelines, including ISO 270001.

Unlimited Eraser icon

Unlimited Eraser

With BitRaser for File (Mac), you can erase unlimited files, folders, and drive volumes without restrictions. You can also wipe unused space from internal and external drives or search and destroy specific files to generate a certificate of eraser and eraser reports without any limit.

Also available for Windows

Software Specifications

BitRaser for File (Mac)

System Requirement


Operating System Mac OS X 10.9 and latest versions

Memory2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Hard Disk200 MB of free space

Software Delivery


License & Version

Single User LicenseCan install the software on a single system


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish


BitRaser for File for Mac is a complete solution to help you maintain the privacy of your computer by permanently wiping unworthy yet sensitive information from the computer, beyond the scope of recovery.

Stellar Mac file eraser software completely erases the selected data from hard drive. Once the data is wiped using Stellar Mac Wipe, you can never be able to recover that data. Stellar Wipe erases all the system traces along with the free space completely, so that no trace of the previously existed data can be left.

With Stellar Mac Wipe, you can choose any of the 11 algorithms for the wiping process. This interactive software is menu driven and you can easily use it without any prior technical skill. Situations at which you want to use Stellar Wipe to wipe your data permanently:

  • At the time of reselling your computer.
  • At the time of donating your computer.
  • If your are going to recycle or dispose the hard drives or any other electronic storage media.
  • If you are going to merge, reconstruct or stop your business.

Below are the prime key features of Stellar Mac File Eraser Software:

  • Wipes file and folder
  • Wipes Internet browsing data stored by Web browsers
  • Wipes system traces
  • Wipes Instant Messaging
  • Wipes Recent File Histories
  • Wipes unused space
  • Schedule the wiping task
  • Choice for Wiping algorithm

You should note that Stellar Wipe can permanently wipe any file from hard drive. Once the wiping process gets finished, the wiped file can never be recovered. You can select a single file or an entire folder to wipe. Moreover, you can define a time to wipe and can even choose the wiping algorithm to be used for the wiping of the selected file.

To wipe file:

  • In the Wiping Options screen, select the 'Wipe File' option.
  • Click on 'Browse', locate the file and then select the file that you want to wipe. Then, click on 'Open'.
  • The detailed information regarding the selected file will be shown in the Wipe File screen. Click on 'Start Wiping' to initiate the wiping process.

At the end of the process, a message will be shown about the successful completion of the wiping process.

Yes, Stellar BitRaser for File Mac edition supports macOS Mojave 10.14.x and previous macOS versions up to 10.9.

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