Rivender Restores Outlook After Massive Corruption In PSTs

Rivender Oy is a Finnish technology company that specializes in making automation systems for retail businesses. The company has expertise in retail and technology domains and develops innovative products to install autonomous shopping experience for customers. Located in Helsinki, the company has a turnover of more than 500 k€ per year.

Rivender Oy employees rely heavily on Microsoft Outlook for business communication, which helps coordinate the company's geographically distributed operations and other functional setup. Due to frequent email exchange with sizable attachments along with address book buildup, it's normal for PST files to become oversized with time. Such oversized PSTs hamper Outlook performance and might get corrupt in due time.

That's what happened with Rivender employees who had exceeded the optimal storage capacity of their PST files but continued saving more data in the same files. As a result, they began to face issues while trying to access Outlook mailbox, with getting the error message, as follows—

"Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file…"

These PST files contained business-critical information such as business contacts, key communication records, billing and purchase orders, etc. This was a worrisome situation because loss of the data stored in these PSTs would mean a major impact on business operations, business development, sales and even revenue loss.

Business Challenge

Rivender Oy faced 3 key challenges:
  1. Retrieve all mailbox data stored on these corrupt PSTs
  2. Retrieve the entire data in original form
  3. Reinstate normal Outlook functioning in the least time

Rivender Oy IT team used the Outlook built-in scanpst.exe utility to diagnose and repair the PST files. But, the Inbox Repair utility took considerable time and still couldn't resolve the problem, due to the PST file size and severity of corruption.

In the first instance, the screen stopped responding for more than ten minutes, so they recommenced the repair process that stretched for hours. Once the repair process was complete, the PSTs were opened in Outlook. Unfortunately, many of them were found totally inaccessible (unchanged from the previous state) or had mail items missing such as emails, attachments, and calendar entries.

Failing to restore the mailboxes after using scanpst.exe, the Rivender IT team knew that they needed a more specialized solution to address this massive PST file corruption issue.


Rivender decided to try out Stellar Repair for Outlook – a software that is purpose-built for restoring data from severely corrupt PST files. To repair and extract data, these corrupt PSTs were first opened via the software interface. Next, the scanning and repair task was initiated by using the software's Repair function.

The software displayed free preview of the mailbox items (including previously deleted emails) to help verify the accuracy and integrity of data. Subsequently, the entire mailbox data was extracted from the corrupt PSTs and restored in new PSTs.

Execution Approach

The software-based mailbox recovery process involved the following steps:

  1. Downloaded and Purchased Stellar Repair for Outlook software
  2. Opened the corrupt PST via the software interface
  3. Used the 'Repair' function to initiate PST file scanning
  4. Clicked the scanned folders in Preview mode to verify the emails, calendars, etc.
  5. Saved the repaired PST as a new fully-restored PST at the desired location
  6. A dialog box to enter Office 365 login credentials opened
  7. Imported the new PST file with all original contents in Outlook


Rivender successfully repaired all the corrupt PSTs and restored the mailboxes in new PSTs. The mailbox restoration process was completed within the set timeframe, which helped the organization expedite reinstatement of business operations.

Stellar Repair for Outlook also restored all the deleted emails including those that were deleted before the PSTs turned corrupt.

Key Benefits

  1. 100% mailbox restoration: The entire mailbox data from corrupt PSTs was securely extracted in new PSTs. It was verified and found in original form, without any missing or altered items.
  2. Hassle-free repair process: : The software smoothly repaired and restored all the mailboxes, in a single run with minimal intervention or monitoring. This was a remarkable feat, considering the massive double-digit gigabyte size of these corrupt PSTs.
  3. Quick and simple solution: All the mailboxes (and underlying data) were quickly restored in a few clicks. The user interface being similar to MS Office 2016 interface facilitated intuitive navigation for smooth execution.
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8-in-1 Toolkit for Outlook
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This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.


Rivender Oy
A Finnish technology company that develops automation systems for retail businesses.

Business Need

Repair corrupt Outlook PST files to recoup crucial business data and reinstate email communication


Stellar Repair for Outlook

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