Erase with Confidence. Protect Your Privacy

Stellar File Eraser software helps to wipe your sensitive information from HDD, SSD, USB Flash Drive, and External Hard Drive & more beyond any scope of recovery.

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Wipe Files from All Devices & Drives

Stellar File Eraser lets you wipe (permanently delete) files across the Windows devices you use.

  • Erase files from desktop, laptop, & more
  • Wipe hard drive, USB drive, SD card, & server files
  • Works with Acer®, ASUS®, Dell®, Lenovo®, & more.
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Wipe All Sensitive Data. Be 100% Safe

This secure file erasure software erases files from all Windows PC and external storage devices.

  • Erase photos, videos, identity documents, & more
  • Clear browsing history from Chrome, Mozilla, IE & more
  • Wipe online banking, email passwords saved on browser
  • Remove app traces & cookies to safeguard sensitive data
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icm Also available for Mac

Powerful Comprehensive Solution

Covers Your All File Erasure Needs

Wipe All Internet Activity Traces

Wipe All Internet Activity Traces

Besides your Internet search and browsing history, Stellar File Eraser can wipe clean the sensitive traces of daily Internet activities including cookies, temporary files, favorites and autocomplete data for forms and passwords. The file erasure software can permanently wipe the traces of your Internet usage history across Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, IE, Microsoft Edge, Opera, & SeaMonkey.

Remove Application Traces

Remove Application Traces

Using applications such as News apps, Instant Messengers, Email apps, Peer to Peer apps, etc. results in traces of sensitive data such as activity log, preferences, and personal information. App traces, such as Skype conversations, can threaten your privacy through online leakage and exposure. It’s not possible for anyone to manually find and remove these app traces all the time. Stellar File Eraser provides an easy & bulletproof method for removing the app traces without fail.

Erase the Deleted Data

Erase the Deleted Data

The software can erase the deleted files from drives and partitions to ensure their permanent wiping. By erasing the unused storage space freed up after deleting a file, the tool safeguards even your deleted sensitive information from unwanted recovery using any tool or method. It is a perfect file erasure tool to shred & permanently destroy the files you empty from the Recycle Bin or delete using SHIFT + DEL keys for removal.

Wipe System Traces

Wipe System Traces

System traces are those temporary files that pile up on your computer with routine usage. These files are created by the operating system while running a process. Temporary files consume storage space and degrade system performance. Stellar File Eraser routinely deletes the system traces thus improving your PC’s speed, performance, and storage space utilization.


Add More Power

Search & Wipe Specific Files

Search & Wipe Specific Files

Stellar File Eraser lets you search for specific files by using Find File by Name option. The software can search for multiple files stored on your computer's hard drive, folders, and subfolders. Additionally, the file wiping software can also find a specific file by using its extension, which can be a handy utility if you don't know or remember the file name.

Erasure List to Wipe Specific Items

Erasure List to Wipe Specific Items

Stellar File Eraser allows you to link all unwanted files and folders to a list so that you can wipe them at one go. The file wiping tool provides an option to create, remove, edit, or save a list of all items that must be erased from time to time. The process is as simple as selecting the items, adding them to the Erasure list, saving the list, and loading it for quick wiping.

Wipe with Total Assurance

Wipe with Total Assurance

Stellar File Eraser is no ordinary software; it packs world-class data wiping technology to give you a failsafe assurance of data safety. It uses specialized erasure standards defined by the likes of US Department of Defense, ensuring that data once wiped cannot be retrieved using any method or tool. Stellar File Eraser is a powerful file wiping tool that you can use to secure your data.

Schedule the Erasure Tasks

Schedule the Erasure Tasks

The software can preset the file wiping tasks & run them automatically at a predefined date and time. You can schedule the erasure of files, folders, and traces at frequencies ranging from once, daily, weekly to monthly or with system boot. The software also allows you to view the scheduled tasks and details like status, state, algorithm, mode, frequency & more. You can also add files to an “ignore list”, to skip their erasure.

Software Walkthrough

Screenshots & Video

Spotlight 1 : Erase Files & Folders
Erase Files & Folders

Click ‘Erase Files & Folders’ to add the files & folders for erasure. Click ‘Erase Now’.

Spotlight 2 : Erase Traces
Erase Traces

Click Erase Traces and click Erase Now to wipe the system, app, and Internet traces.

Spotlight 3 : Erase Deleted Data
Erase Deleted Data

Click Erase Deleted Data & select the storage drive(s). Click ‘Erase Now’.


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Security Gladiators star
Security Gladiators

Stellar for file application comes at a reasonable price, great solution if you want to keep all of your data safe and sound even when they are deleted.

Financesonline star

This data erasure solution uses international algorithm standards including DOD-3 Pass, 7 Pass, NIST, and more to ensure total deletion of any file, application, document, as well as all their traces in the system.

HDDMag star

Remarkable software designed to delete data permanently from your hard drive or any other storage devices.

Softpedia star

Stellar File Eraser has a simple purpose, namely to protect your privacy and preventing others.

Gecko&Fly star

Efficient & Reliable utility to wipe selected files, folders or data from the entire hard drive on Mac OSX.


Technical Specifications

About Product
About Product
Stellar File Eraser
License: Single System
Edition: Standard
Language Supported: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, 日本語
Release Date: February, 2024
System Requirement
Processor: Intel compatible (x64-based processor)
Memory: 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 250 MB for installation files
Operating System:
(64 Bit only)
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003

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  • Unlimited File Wipes
  • Trusted by Millions of Users
  • Awarded by Top Tech Media
  • 100% Safe & Secure to Use
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icm Also available for Mac



Yes, Stellar File Eraser is safe for wiping the unused space in the boot partition. It wipes clean the unused space for safe & permanent removal of the deleted data without harming any of the installed applications or operating system.

Yes, you can erase a specific file or set of files by adding them to the erasure list. Alternatively, you can select the file and wipe it using the Erase Now option.

Yes, Stellar File Eraser wipes files beyond the scope of recovery. No data recovery software can recover the erased file.

No, Stellar File Eraser is a ‘read-only’ software. It only reads the information from OS and removes the file, folder, or other data from the specified drive.

Yes, this software is fully compatible with Windows 10. You can use it to erase the files on Windows 10 devices such as laptop, desktop, 2-in-1s, etc.

No, it is not enough to erase the files just once. Sensitive data such as browsing history, app traces, system traces, online downloads, etc. keep accumulating on your system with routine usage. Therefore, should be regularly erased to ensure safety from breach.

Stellar File Eraser offers a Scheduling feature for automating the file wiping tasks as per time, day and frequency, eliminating the need for manual effort or reminders. Scheduling utility lets you enjoy your daily work on the computer with peace of mind while the software does the heavy lifting.


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