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When to Use Exchange Recovery Tool?

Facing Dirty Shutdown Error?
Facing Dirty Shutdown Error?

Dirty Shutdown is a database state that occurs due to missing, deleted, or corrupt transaction log files. When a database is in Dirty Shutdown state, it prevents the Microsoft Exchange database from mounting, causing disruption in email services. However, this complex problem can be quickly resolved by repairing the EDB file using this advanced Exchange recovery tool.

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Failing To Mount Exchange Server Database?

At times, the Exchange server database fails to mount and displays an error message, such as 'Failed Error: Couldn't mount the database that you specified.' The solution is to restore the Exchange database from an updated backup or use an effective Exchange EDB recovery software, like Stellar Repair for Exchange.

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Exchange Server Crashed?

When Exchange server crashes, an administrator can use setup /m: RecoverServer switch command to rebuild a new Exchange server. However, database recovery is a more challenging task, based on the nature of the failure. Stellar Toolkit for Exchange helps you recover mailboxes from .edb file of crashed Exchange server, especially when ESEUtil fails, logs are missing or deleted, and backup is not available. See ESEUtil & Stellar Repair for Exchange Comparison.

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Software Important Capabilities

Exchange Server Database Recovery

Exchange Server Database Recovery

Exchange Server Recovery software uses robust scanning algorithms to retrieve mailbox items from corrupt or dismounted EDB files. The "Select Scan Mode" feature provides two options – Quick Scan and Extensive Scan to perform effortless EDB recovery. The Quick Scan option repairs most of the database corruption and dismounting issues. However, Extensive Scan provides an advanced scanning option that provides better results and takes more time. Stellar Repair for Exchange restores critical mailboxes stored in separate EDB files while keeping the folder hierarchy and structure intact. Learn More

Recover Data from Ransomware-Affected Exchange Server

Recover Data from Ransomware-Affected Exchange Server

By exploiting vulnerabilities like ProxyLogon, ProxyShell, and ProxyOracle in Exchange Servers, hackers can gain control of vulnerable servers and install malicious programs, such as ransomeware. To protect the Exchange Servers against such attacks, install Microsoft's latest updates and security patches. In case your Exchange Server gets compromised, you can consider using Stellar Repair for Exchange is a professional software to extract mailboxes from corrupted databases (ransomware-affected Exchange Server) and restore them to a new Exchange server or Office 365 tenant.

Corrupt Exchange Public Folders Recovery

Corrupt Exchange Public Folders Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Exchange Recovery software allows Exchange administrators to repair corrupt public folders stored in the EDB File. The software can save the recovered public folders in personal folder files (.PST) format to import them directly into Outlook. The tool can also export the recovered public folders directly to the live Exchange or Office 365 server. As a prerequisite for this, you would need to configure the live Exchange server or Office 365 user of the Admin server to allow exporting the data to the public folder on the server. Also, full mailbox permissions and access to the public folder root would be needed to export the mailboxes to the public folder. Learn More

Exports Exchange Mailboxes Directly to Live Exchange

Exports Exchange Mailboxes Directly to Live Exchange

Stellar Exchange mailbox recovery tool can export the recovered mailboxes directly to live Exchange server with minimal downtime. The software can connect and export single or multiple mailboxes using an Outlook profile of user that has administrator rights. To export recovered mailboxes to the live Exchange server, you need to provide details of the Domain Controller where your 'Active Directory' is installed. The EDB recovery software provides a Map Mailboxes window where it automatically maps mailboxes to the Destination Exchange Server mailboxes. Further, it allows you to edit or manually Map Mailboxes with user accounts on the Destination Exchange Server. To export recovered files to live Exchange Server, use StellarServerConsole.exe to grant full mailbox rights to disconnected mailboxes. Learn More

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Nuno Mota
Edward van Biljon
Srdjan Stevic

Other Important Features

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Deleted Exchange Mailbox and Emails Recovery

Deleted Exchange Mailbox and Emails Recovery

The Microsoft Exchange database repair tool efficiently recovers all accidentally or intentionally deleted emails and mailboxes. With powerful techniques to search deleted data, Stellar Exchange Recovery software recovers all deleted emails and mailbox items, making sure you don't have to face mailbox inaccessibility.
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Support Archive Mailboxes Recovery

Support Archive Mailboxes Recovery

The Exchange recovery tool also supports archive mailbox recovery. The software can repair corrupt or damaged archive mailboxes and save them to PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, or PDF format. You can also export the archive mailboxes to Office 365 or live Exchange server directly.

Exchange Server Dial Tone Recovery

Exchange Server Dial Tone Recovery

Are you facing downtime due to a corrupt, failed, or dismounted Exchange database? You might consider a dial tone recovery procedure to provision temporary mailbox access to the users for business continuity by creating an empty Exchange database (Dial Tone Database/Recovery Database). Next, you can restore the corrupt database in the backend with Stellar Repair for Exchange. The software provides a powerful solution for scanning the corrupted or dismounted database and exporting the recovered mailboxes to the empty dial tone or recovery database on the live Exchange server. The software automatically maps the mailboxes and exports the data to respective users' mailboxes. Learn More.

Exports Recovered Mailboxes to Office 365

Exports Recovered Mailboxes to Office 365

Stellar Exchange mailbox repair software helps to export the recovered mailboxes directly to Office 365. It provides a mailbox-mapping feature that allows you to export the recovered mailbox to the correct destination mailbox on Office 365. You can use this option to export single or multiple mailboxes to Office 365 in a few clicks. All you need is credentials of an Outlook profile with Administrator rights. You may also set priority during export or apply advanced filters to include or exclude certain email items from export to Office 365. Learn More.

Selective Exchange Mailbox Recovery

Selective Exchange Mailbox Recovery

The Exchange database recovery software provides an enhanced preview of mailboxes and its items. The selective mailbox recovery feature allows users to repair the desired mailboxes or items and save them in multiple formats. The users can select or unselect individual or multiple mailboxes and mail items as per their recovery needs.

Prioritize Mailbox Recovery

Prioritize Mailbox Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software provides an option to change mailboxes' priority for exporting to PST, live Exchange, or Office 365. You can select, unselect, or enter the number in the priority queue to move and process specific mailboxes first or before a certain mailbox. This helps to repair the important mailboxes quickly and maintain data Integrity. Learn More

Rapid Mailbox Restoration via Parallel Saving

Rapid Mailbox Restoration via Parallel Saving

The Exchange EDB recovery tool can process up to 4 mailboxes at a time during database repair. This parallel processing of mailboxes helps reduce the time required to repair and save mailboxes from a damaged or corrupt Exchange database to PST, Office 365, or Live Exchange server. The number of mailboxes that the software process at a time depends on the available RAM of your computer. You can stop mailbox processing by removing it from the queue. However, the software provides you with an option to resume recovery of the removed mailbox after processing and saving the remaining mailboxes. Learn More

Microsoft eDiscovery and Granular Recovery

Microsoft eDiscovery and Granular Recovery

The Exchange database recovery software also includes features to perform eDiscovery searches of mailboxes, folders, and items for particular emails, without restoring the complete Exchange database or the server. You can perform single item recovery based on different search criteria, such as 'To', 'From', 'Subject', 'Cc', 'Attachment Name', 'Body', 'Item Type', 'Importance', 'Date', etc. The search results can be exported to PST, MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, or PDF format. Moreover, to further streamline the searches, preferences like 'Exact Match' or 'Any Criteria' can be used. Learn More

Saves Recovered Exchange Mailboxes in Various Formats

Saves Recovered Exchange Mailboxes in Various Formats

Besides saving the recovered data as PST, which can be directly accessed through Outlook, this Microsoft exchange recovery software can also save the recovered files in MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and PDF formats. You can also right click on a particular mail to save it individually in MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, or PDF format. Meaning, you get a great amount of portability to move around and open your recovered mailbox data in various applications. Learn More

Supports Unicode EDB file repair

Supports Unicode EDB file repair

In addition to usual EDB file repair, the Exchange database recovery software can now work with Unicode EDB files. This means the software can recover mailbox data of any language. This feature is aimed at removing incompatibilities for users during the recovery procedure. Learn More

Exports Recovered Contacts to CSV

Exports Recovered Contacts to CSV

The Exchange repair software helps to save the ""Contacts"" of repaired mailboxes in CSV format. Admins can use the checkbox and select the Contacts from all the mailboxes to save them in CSV file with a click of a button. Later, you can import and view the contacts in Excel. Learn More

Saves and Loads Scan Information

Saves and Loads Scan Information

Stellar Exchange server recovery software facilitates saving the scanned result for effortless recovery in the future. After completing the scan, the scan results can be stored as an image, in DAT file, at the desired location on the hard disk. When you wish to preview and save the files, this image can be loaded back into the software and the process can be continued. Learn More

Repair Various File Formats

Exchange Recovery on Virtual Machine

Stellar Repair for Exchange is an advanced software to recover dismounted EDB file on Virtual Machine (VM). The software quickly and easily recovers Exchange database in 3 simple steps. You just need to select the dismounted or Offline Exchange Database (EDB) file, scan the file, and then save the recovered data in your desired format. It is important that VM running the application should be on the Exchange Server domain and has administrative rights.

Advance Repair

Generate Complete Log Report 

Once the Exchange Recovery process gets completed, you can generate and view the Log Report to analyze the complete repair process. The software is faster than native tools Eseutil, New-MailboxRepairRequest can help you to quickly get the services up and running, without any data loss. 

Repair Various File Formats

Advanced Filter Option

The Exchange repair software provides an ‘Apply Filter’ option to filter the repaired mailboxes to include or exclude certain email items automatically. You can apply advanced filters to include or exclude Junk or Deleted emails or email items sent/received during a certain Date Range. You also have an option to exclude emails sent or received via specific email addresses. Learn More

Advance Repair

Stellar Toolkit for Exchange

A 5-in-1 suite of specialized tools, highly recommended by MVPs and IT administrators, for repairing corrupt EDB, extracting mailboxes from backup, and converting Exchange database (EDB) mailboxes into PST file format. It also offers tools for extracting mailbox data from inaccessible OST file and resetting Windows Server password. Learn More

How to Use Stellar Repair for Exchange

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Minimizing Downtime: Stellar Repair for Exchange Resolves Critical Email Outage for Worktrainers Ltd

Worktrainers Ltd. faced costly email downtime, but using Stellar Repair for Exchange could have minimized the impact and stress. The software offers easy problem resolution, as validated by satisfied clients, making it a recommended choice for mailbox recovery from damaged Exchange Databases.

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Customer Verdict

After utilizing Stellar Exchange Repair, I now recognize the advantage of opting for earlier migration to Microsoft 365 to avoid additional email loss. Stellar proved to be user-friendly, enabling mailbox recovery while seamlessly operating on Microsoft 365.

Worktrainers Ltd

Stellar Repair for Exchange Resolves Exchange Dirty Shutdown Error for iConnect Consulting Inc.

iConnect Consulting Inc. faced Dirty Shutdown Error, but Stellar Repair for Exchange successfully recovered the database and restored our data and maintained folder structures and customizations. The best part – it made the whole database restoration process quicker, ensuring swift access to our important data.

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Customer Verdict

The software emerged as the optimal solution for our client. The software's user-friendly interface and interactive features simplified the recovery process. Software provided a streamlined and seamless method to recover data into their DIALTONE Exchange recovery. This solution allowed them to recover email folders and customizations while preserving newly generated data.

iConnect Consulting Inc

Leading ICT solutions provider exports the required mailbox from decommissioned Exchange Server & AD

The IT manager swiftly solved mailbox issues with Stellar Converter for EDB, simplifying recovery by restoring EDB, installing the converter, and effortlessly exporting to PST, avoiding complex restores.

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Customer Verdict

This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.

ICT Solutions


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Microsoft Technet star
Microsoft Technet

In the 500+ cases we have done, all mail was recovered.

Stellar Repair for Exchange is efficient & quick, has come to the rescue every time. The installation process is very simple & recovered all mails that we were looking for. star

Tool do what they claim to do effectively and easily

Stellar Toolkit for Exchange earns a score of 4.8 stars, which is a gold star review. All the tools included do what they claim to do and effectively and easily.

4sysops star

Straightforward to work with, intuitive, and does what you expect

Stellar Toolkit for Exchange is a "Swiss Army knife" solution that provides robust Exchange Server utilities. The software make repairing, migrating, and exporting Exchange Server data tasks much easier.

SpiceWorks star

Great tool, performed exports to M365 really quick

I've had to use this tool when customers weren't taking care of Exchange server. Upload EDB into a new M365 tenant (Exchange Online) successfully.


Technical Specifications

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About Product
Stellar Repair for Exchange
License: Single System
Edition: Corporate, Technician, & Toolkit
Language Supported: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español
Release Date: March, 2024
System Requirement
Processor: Intel compatible (x64-based processor)
Memory: 8 GB minimum (16 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 250 MB of free space
Operating System:
(64 Bit only)
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008


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Follow the below-given steps to repair corrupt Microsoft Exchange Server database file by using Powerful Exchange Recovery software:

  • Step 1- Run Stellar Repair for Exchange Software.
  • Step 2- Select the corrupt or Offline Exchange Database (EDB) file by using the 'Browse' button.
  • Step 3- Select either 'Quick Scan' (faster) or 'Extensive Scan' and then click 'OK' to start the scanning process.
  • Step 4- You can preview and select the Exchange Server mailboxes for recovery and then click 'Save' from the File menu.
  • Step 5- Select 'Save as PST' and then click 'Next.'
  • You can use Stellar Repair for Exchange to recover deleted mailboxes and emails from the Exchange Server Database. Begin by selecting the EDB file, and the tool will present all deleted emails and mailboxes in the preview section. Later, you have the option to save the recovered data into a PST file or directly export it to Live Exchange or Office 365.

    No, you don’t need to set up same Exchange Server and AD. You just need to select the offline or corrupt EDB file and this Exchange Server Recovery Software will repair and export the data to live Exchange Server, Office 365, or PST.

    Yes, Stellar Repair for Exchange software recovers mailboxes from inaccessible or corrupt databases on crashed or failed DAG servers and export them to a live Exchange Server or Office 365 directly.

    Yes, the software performs Exchange database recovery in case of missing log files or edb.log corruption. In fact, Eseutil is not able to rebuild or recover the Exchange database when the log file is missing. Learn More

    Yes, the software can recover Exchange mailboxes from inactive, down, inconsistent, or unavailable Exchange Server.

    Yes, this Exchange database recovery tool can repair the database. It can open the corrupt Exchange database and export the recovered data to PST, new Exchange mailbox database, or Office 365 tenant.

    Yes, Stellar Repair for Exchange works on Virtual Machine & repair EDB file in few easy clicks.

    No, there is no limitation of the EDB file size. You can recover multiple mailboxes from a corrupt or dismounted EDB file of any size.

    When the Eseutil command fails to repair the Exchange database due to missing transaction log files, the Exchange Server may experience Jet error-1032. This advanced Exchange recovery software rebuilds the Exchange database in case of missing log files or edb.log corruption.

    Time taken by Stellar Repair for Exchange to repair an EDB file may vary based on the corruption level, size of the EDB file, and scan mode you choose while initiating the scan and recovery process. If you select Quick Scan mode, scanning is faster. However, if you choose Extensive Scan, the scan is much slower but then it gets better results than Quick Scan. Additionally, system hardware and software can also impact the software speed. It is recommended that you install and use the software with more than 4 GB RAM for faster results.

    Yes, you can directly import mailboxes from the EDB files on crashed Exchange 2013 to new MS Exchange 2019 server. Stellar Repair for Exchange allows you to repair the corrupt or crashed Exchange mailbox database files and export them to live Exchange server.

    Yes, Stellar Repair for Exchange can easily recover Public Folders stored in corrupt Exchange database in just a few clicks.

    The error indicates that the database has inconsistency errors and the backup can’t be used to restore Exchange database or mailboxes. You can use Stellar Repair for Exchange to recover Exchange database even if the backup fails or is not available.

    RDB recovery works only when you have a database backup and log files. The Exchange recovery software can recover Exchange database even if the backup and log files are not available.


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