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Maximize data recovery from Mac hard drive. How?


Stop using the Mac hard drive to avoid overwriting your lost data and maximize the chances of recovery.


Restore the lost data from backup if you had set up a backup plan for your Mac and updated it regularly.

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Try Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac if you don't have the backup of your Mac hard drive.

Steps to Recover Mac Hard Drive Data

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Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software Features


Mac Formatted Drive Recovery

Disk Utility formatting instantly removes data from a Mac hard drive, which is difficult to recover. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac uses the advanced Deep Scanning to explore every sector on the Mac hard drive and retrieves data even if the drive was formatted with Terminal or a third-party tool. The software also recovers data from the Mac hard drive that is reformatted in APFS or HFS file system.


Mac External Hard Drive Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Professional supports data recovery from external hard drives of all leading brands like Western Digital, Toshiba, Lacie, Kingston, Samsung, Maxtor, etc. Stellar data recovery for Mac scans the external drive for deleted and formatted files. The data recovery Mac software supports SSD drive recovery as well.


Unmounted Mac Drive Recovery

Sometimes, APFS or HFS file system of an external Mac hard drive turns corrupt due to logical failures. So, when you connect the hard drive to Mac, it won't mount in Finder or Desktop. Even, in Disk Utility, the external hard drive is greyed out. Overall, the external hard drive doesn't mount anywhere on Mac. But things work out with Stellar Data Recovery software for Mac which scans the unmounted Mac hard drive and recovers inaccessible data from it. Read the Case Study


USB Drive Recovery for Mac

Data loss occurs from an external USB drive due to permanent deletion, formatting, emptying of Trash, drive corruption, etc. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac application provides the best USB data recovery solution to recover lost data. With this tool, you can scan the USB drive, preview recoverable files like videos, photos, documents, etc. and save the files on a location of choice. Download this data recovery Mac tool and perform advanced USB recovery. Read More: Create Recovery Drive


Mac Partition Recovery for APFS

You may have deleted a logical APFS or HFS partition of an internal or external Mac hard drive or even an SSD. The deletion of Mac partition results in loss of data such as videos, photos, documents that was stored on the lost partition. The data stored on the a Mac drive partition may also turn inaccessible due to disk corruption. Use Stellar Data Recovery for Mac to easily recover data from lost partitions.


Encrypted Mac Drive Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac recovers data deleted from encrypted startup disk or external Mac hard drive. The software would need the encryption password to decrypt the hard drive before it initiates drive scanning. Once the Mac hard drive recovery tool scans the hard drive, it recovers and saves the files to a location different from the source drive to avoid overwriting.

Note: Data recovery is not possible without providing the encrypted drive's password.

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Software Support for
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iMac®, MacBook®:

Earlier or Late 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Mac Mini®:

Earlier or Late 2018, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

Mac Pro®:

Earlier or Late 2017.

Drive Types

Startup disk, i.e. Macintosh HD, FireWire, Fusion, Time Machine, Partition, USB Drive, mSATA, SSD, PCIe-SSD.


Western Digital®, Toshiba®, Samsung®, Lexar®, Seagate®, Maxtor®, LaCie®, Kingston®, Transcend®, SanDisk® & more.