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Recover Data from Non-booting or Crashed Mac System

Summary: This article explains the process of recovery drive creation using Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software. With the recovery drive, you can easily boot your crashed Mac and recover inaccessible files from the Mac start-up disk.

“Hi, I started my MacBook Pro but it got stuck in the booting process. I forced shut down my Mac and tried booting again but to my shock, it didn’t load macOS. My Macintosh HD has valuable files, and unfortunately, I don’t have any backup. I don’t want to lose my data. Please help me out. Thanks.”

A situation like the above is likely if your Mac start-up drive suffers corruption.

Don’t worry! Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac provides a unique feature to recover data from a crashed or unbootable Mac. When the Mac (or precisely, its storage drive) crashes, macOS fails to load and the Mac doesn’t start. In such an event, Stellar Data Recovery Professional has a utility to create a bootable recovery drive, which can be used to boot the affected Mac and recover the data.


Note: Create Recovery Drive feature is only available in Stellar Data Recovery Version 10 & earlier! The latest version has eliminated the need of any other Mac or external device. User can directly use Stellar Data Recovery through an activated link

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac—Recovery Drive Creation


  1. A working Mac with at least 2 GB RAM and 250 MB free space
  2. A USB flash drive of a minimum 8 GB to create a recovery drive
  3. Activation key of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac
  4. System Integrity Protection needs to be disabled on macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra

Caution: All the data of the USB flash drive will be deleted in the process. So if you have any important files on the USB drive, ensure you’ve backed up the files.


Step 1: Download and install Stellar Data Recovery Professional on the working Mac. Activate it by using the activation key sent to your registered email address after the purchase.


Step 2: Connect the USB flash drive to the Mac then launch the software.

Step 3: From the home screen, go to More Tools > Create Recovery Drive. Alternatively, from the bottom left corner, click the Click here link next to Create Recovery Drive.


Step 4: From Create Recovery Drive dialog box, select the USB flash drive then click the Create Recovery Drive button.

Step 5: Click OK on the Confirm Operation message box only when there is no usable data on the USB flash drive or the drive is empty. Else, click Cancel to back up the data.

Step 6: Let the software to erase the drive and complete the recovery drive creation process.

Step 7: Click OK on the Process completed successfully message box.


That’s it, you’ve created a bootable USB recovery drive. Now, use the recovery drive to recover data from the unbootable or crashed Mac.

Data Recovery with Stellar’s Recovery Drive

  • The bootable USB recovery drive
  • An external hard drive with sufficient space to save recoverable files

Step 1: Connect the USB recovery drive to the unbootable Mac.

Step 2: Power on the Mac and immediately press-hold the Option key. Release the key once the startup manager screen appears.

Step 3: Select the Stellar USB recovery drive then press Return. Mac now boots from recovery drive.


Step 4: On the macOS Utilities window, click StellarDataRecovery and then click Continue.


Step 5: By using the software, scan and recover data from the unbootable Mac.

Step 6: Connect the external hard drive to the Mac, then save the recoverable files to it.

Step 7: After data recovery, reinstall macOS on the startup disk to fix the non-booting issue.

Note: Create Recovery Drive feature is also available in the Premium and Technician version.

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