Email Forensic Software for IT Administrators

Advanced email forensic tool to analyze and collect the mailbox data of email clients, email services (webmail), & email backup files with 100% accuracy. It helps IT administrators & forensics professionals to do email investigation across 25+ file formats through a single interface.

  • Analyzes the mailboxes of Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Notes, etc.
  • Supports Boolean & regular expression search for granular investigation
  • Allows case management through tagging, bookmarking, logs, & more
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When to Use Stellar Email Forensic?

Need to Conduct an Internal Investigation?

You may need to conduct an internal investigation to serve a formal complaint or when you discover an unlawful activity. The forensic email analysis software helps you collect the relevant emails from multiple mailboxes to support an internal investigation. It can create and manage the cases, recover deleted emails containing smoking guns, and search for information using Boolean & Regular expression search.

Want to Streamline eDiscovery Process?

Electronic discovery is an essential part of the litigation process, but the manual collection of email data can be cumbersome. Using the tool, you can extract and analyze information from the email data files of different email clients & services in one place. You can also generate customized reports and preserve the evidence, verifiable with MD5 or SHA1 hash values.

Need to Implement an Email Monitoring Policy?

Monitoring the emails of employees helps detect threats such as email phishing, financial fraud, data breach, etc. Email monitoring can also help you comply with the data privacy regulations. The email forensics software can help you keep an eye on the emails. Using its in-depth email analysis capabilities, you can identify security and compliance vulnerabilities, and take the remedial action.

Key Features

Analyzes Email Data in 25+ File Formats

The software can examine EDB, PST, OST, DBX, NSF, MBOX, OLM, TBB, EML, and more email files. The webmail forensics tool can analyze email services such as Exchange, Office 365, GroupWise Server, Google Mail, etc. The tool also does a forensic examination of Windows backup files such as BKF, FD, and VHDX. It unifies email forensics capabilities for a wide range of email systems through a single interface.

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Facilitates Comprehensive Case Management

The email analyzer tool provides full case management capability with critical features such as tagging, bookmarking, logs maintenance, and data export. It allows the user to create a new case, open an existing case, acquire information of a particular case, export and import case, and close case. The case management facility allows an easy and efficient way to manage multiple projects.

Advanced Search for Granular Investigation

The email investigation tool uses advanced mailbox search techniques to help investigators discover the smoking guns quickly. It provides three search options to support the investigation of emails, including Boolean search, regular expression search, and simple search. These email search options allow users to configure search filters based on different conditions.

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Displays a Preview of Emails

The email forensic tool provides different options to preview the emails, including Mail, HTML, RTF, Hex, Internet Header, Hex, & Attachment. Mail preview shows the email header information such as Path, Subject, Date, Attachments, etc. Internet Header option displays the Internet header details of the email in text format. The Attachment option shows a list of email attachments in the data file.

More Awesome Features

Exports Data in Multiple File Formats

The software can export mailbox data in multiple file formats such as PST, MSG, PDF, RTF, HTML, or plain text. It can also export the mailbox data to Live Exchange or Office365. The tool allows the user to export mailboxes, attachments, searched data, keyword search data, tagged data, and bookmarked data.

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Hash Values for Data Verification

The email forensics software provides hash values such as MD5, SHA256, and SHA1 to identify, verify, and authenticate the email data. These unique identifiers prevent data manipulation and help IT administrators and email forensics professionals to maintain the integrity of the collected evidence.

Generates Comprehensive Reports

The email analyzer tool generates a variety of customizable reports to serve the needs of email forensic professionals. These reports include Investigation Report, Evidence Summary Report, Email Message Report, Search Report, Keywords Report, Domain Report, and Recipient Report. These reports include details such as examination summary, case data, evidence, case log, bookmarked items, conclusion, etc.

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Allows to View & Export Log Reports

Stellar email forensic software generates a detailed log of all the events associated with a case. The log information includes details of the scanned files, bookmarks, privileges, tags, data export, searches, reports generated, etc. The tool also allows the user to export this log information to TXT or CSV file formats.

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Technical Specifications

About Product

Stellar Email Forensic



Release Date

March, 2020


Multiple Users

Version Support



End User License Agreement


Language Supported


System Requirements

Stellar Email Forensic


Pentium Processors

Operating System

Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 & 7


2 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

Minimum 1 GB of free disk space

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Knowledge Base & Guides

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The tool offers a comprehensive case management facility allowing the user to create and manage multiple cases. Run the software and enter the details such as Title, Case Directory, Description, Keywords, etc. to create a new email forensic case. Learn more
Boolean search functionality allows the user to combine the different keywords using the AND, OR, and NOT operators. To use Boolean search feature, run the software, click the Search tab, and select the Boolean search option from the dropdown menu. Learn more
The software can generate a wide range of customizable and well-structured reports. Launch the software, navigate to the File ribbon, and click the Export Report button. Select the type of email analysis report, select the destination location, and click Finish to export the report. Learn more

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The tool can scan EDB, PST, OST, DBX, NSF, PMM, OLM, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBS, TXT, IMM, and TBB file formats. It also scans the backup files such as BKF, VHDX, and FD, and supports Exchange Server, Office 365, Gmail, GroupWise Server, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail email services.


The scan duration for an email data file depends upon the file size and number of emails stored in the file. An in-progress scan status indicates that the software is scanning the mailbox data, and you need to wait for the completion of the process.


Yes, Stellar Email Forensic tool can find and display all the messages stored in an email data file, including the deleted emails.


Stellar Email Forensic offers multiple previews of messages for in-depth analysis of emails. These include Hex, Internet Header, HTML, RTF, and Attachment.


Yes, the software also finds the deleted emails and displays them in Red color.


No, you would not need an email data file after scanning it through this tool as it copies the complete mailbox data to its database.


If you cannot view the mailbox data after scanning a file, click Home and then click the View button to preview the contents. This step will reload the files and display them in the Mails or Media tab.