Advanced Email Forensic Software for In-Depth Investigation

Stellar Email Forensic is an advanced email forensics software that’s fast, accurate, and easy-to-use. Its powerful email parsing engine can examine emails in more than 25 file formats including .PST, .EDB, .OST, etc. This kind of support allows IT admins and forensics professionals to process almost any type of mailbox in one place.

  • Supports Office 365, Exchange Server, GroupWise Server, Gmail & more.

  • Offers comprehensive case management facility for creating, saving, and editing multiple cases
  • Provides custom search filters with Boolean Search & Regular Expression Search for granular results

*All basic and advanced features are unlocked in the demo version

Key Features

Supports 25+ File Formats  icon

Supports 25+ File Formats

Stellar Email Forensic software works with all popular file formats such as EDB, PST, OST, DBX, NSF, MBOX, OLM and more. It supports leading email platforms such as Office 365, Exchange Server, GroupWise Server, Google Mail, etc. It also supports Windows backup file formats like BKF, FD, and VHDX. For investigation agencies & professionals, the tool unifies email forensic capability across a wide range of e-mail systems through a single interface.

Comprehensive Case Management icon

Comprehensive Case Management

The software provides dedicated case management capability with key features in the form of tagging, bookmarking, logs maintenance and data export. The user has the option to create a new case, open an existing case, acquire information of a particular case, export and import case, and close case. This makes it easier and convenient to manage multiple projects.

Advanced Search for Granular Study icon

Advanced Search for Granular Study

Stellar Email Forensic software provides advanced search techniques to help investigators discover smoking guns quickly. It features three search options viz. Boolean search, regular expression search, and simple search that allow users to create their own search filters using different conditions.

Multiple Email Views  icon

Multiple Email Views

Stellar Email Forensic software offers different options to preview scanned email messages such as HTML, Internet Header, RTF, Hex, and Attachment views. This makes the investigation process speedy, easier, and convenient.

Additional Advantages

Exports Mailbox Data in Multiple Formats icon

Exports Mailbox Data in Multiple Formats

The software can export mailbox data in multiple file formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML, PST, Live Exchange, Office365, MSG, and Plain Text, offering the benefit of portability and compatibility. It also has the option to export specific data viz. mailboxes, searched data, attachment data, etc.

Provides View of Hash Values  icon

Provides View of Hash Values

Stellar Email Forensic software provides hash values such as MD5, SHA256, and SHA1 for the identification, verification, and authentication of email data. These unique identifiers prevent data manipulation and help investigation agents to maintain evidence integrity.

The Only Email Forensics Tool You Will Ever Need

*All basic and advanced features are unlocked in the demo version

Software Specifications


System Requirement

ProcessorPentium Processors

Operating System Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Memory2 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)

Hard DiskMinimum 1 GB of free disk space

Software Delivery


License & Version

Technician LicenseCan be used on '3' Systems Simultaneously


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish



Stellar Email Forensic supports all widely-recognized file formats including Microsoft Exchange Server (.EDB), Microsoft Outlook (.PST), Exchange Offline Storage (.OST), etc. It also supports backup files like Windows Backup File (.BKF) and Windows Backup File (.VHDX), and web services such as Gmail and Office 365.


Stellar Email Forensic provides the MD5 and SHA1 values of the emails so that they can be identified and authenticated for investigation purposes.


Yes. Stellar Email Forensic works with a variety of scripts including Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu, etc.