• Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

The Best Mac Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files


Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery program performs safe and accurate recovery of lost documents, photos, music files, or videos that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted from HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS format based file systems.

  • Capable of recovering lost files on iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro
  • Facilitates RAW recovery on lost Mac volumes and data recovery from Encrypted file systems
  • Achieves complete data recovery for Mac OS X after logical disk errors
  • Smooth Mac file recovery from unmounted OS X volumes
  • Recovers deleted backup files from Time Machine hard drive 
  • Compatible with the macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
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Key Features

Stellar Mac Data Recovery tool empowers you to perform a variety of Mac file recovery tasks like reclaiming deleted files, reviving lost Mac volumes, recovering Time Machine backup drives and much more. Here’s a look at its impressive feature set:

Mac Data Recovery icon

Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a professional software that offers a wide variety of helpful features to let you pull your data back from the inaccessible volume. Be it documents, photos, music or videos, this data recovery Mac software performs recovery on different kind of data after disasters like drive formatting, accidental deletion, virus / malware attack and similar issues. It makes use of advanced techniques to scan your entire hard drive for recoverable files and lets you recover them with ease. Read More

Recover Permanently Trashed Files icon

Recover Permanently Trashed Files

Mac data recovery software is backed by competent algorithms that can successfully attain restoration of permanently deleted data. On a Mac, deleted data is stored within the ‘Trash’ until it is permanently purged from the system. Alternatively, a Command + Shift + Option + Delete operation permanently deletes data from Mac. Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery un-deletes files within a few clicks. Additionally, it restores all deleted items with their original file names so that you can recognize them easily. How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Restore Deleted Volumes icon

Restore Deleted Volumes

Can’t spot existing volumes on your Mac? Use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery to restore them in no time. This powerful application helps locate and rebuild corrupted / damaged / deleted volumes on any HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, or ExFAT formatted drive. The software can quickly redeem deleted volumes on your iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mac Mini. Moreover, if one or more volumes on your Mac fails to mount, data recovery software Mac can come to your aid and recover all your inaccessible data intact.

Lost Media Recovery icon

Lost Media Recovery

Threats and disasters like drive formatting, accidental deletion, virus / malware attack, etc. constantly pose a danger to your precious data. Put your mind at ease with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery program. Advanced scanning techniques make it possible for this software to scan the entire hard drive for recoverable photos, music, and videos and recover them with ease.

External Hard Disk Drive Recovery on Mac icon

External Hard Disk Drive Recovery on Mac

Mac data recovery was never so versatile! Stellar data recovery software for Mac works transparently to the underlying hard drive structure and makes it possible to rescue lost or deleted data from any HFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT or EXFAT formatted hard disk drive. Just connect an external drive and proceed with Mac disk recovery.

Advanced Scanning Modes icon

Advanced Scanning Modes

This Mac file recovery software allows you to pick a mode from the sophisticated scanning modes available. For instance, if you’ve lost your data after an accidental Trash empty operation, a “Quick Scan” can fish out deleted files quickly. But if your files have been deleted as a result of volume formatting or corruption, an “Advanced Scan” can be conducted to look deeper for missing files. Advanced Scan may take a little more time than a quick scan, but it guarantees better results.

RAW Recovery icon

RAW Recovery

If your Mac’s volumes have been severely damaged or corrupted, or you’ve not obtained satisfactory results through Data Recovery and Deleted Recovery options, you can choose to initiate RAW Recovery. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Mac’s RAW recovery works on the principle of file signature matching. The product can correctly identify over 122 different file types and match them accurately to regain inaccessible files.

BootCamp Partition Recovery icon

BootCamp Partition Recovery

If the BootCamp partition on your Mac has been deleted, damaged or corrupted, you can easily revive it with this file recovery for Mac software. It supports smooth and hassle-free data recovery from NTFS partitions on Mac. And the best part about it is that this feature works even if your Mac is not setup as a standard Boot Camp dual-partitioned disk.

Optical Media Recovery icon

Optical Media Recovery

Continuous usage takes a toll on CDs and DVDs in the form of scratches. Each scratch causes a part of the data stored on CDs / DVDs to become inaccessible. Stellar data recovery Mac application is a boon for damaged optical media. It can proficiently filter and recover all data stored on damaged or improperly burnt optical media with no alteration to the original content. Plus, it works with all common file systems of optical media, such as ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF, HFS, and RockRidge.

Time Machine Backup Drive Recovery icon

Time Machine Backup Drive Recovery

Although a Time Machine Backup is supposed to house your critical data so that you can refer to it in emergencies, the drive on which you store the backup can get structurally damaged. If unfortunately, you’ve faced such a situation, don’t waste your precious time in looking for useless solutions. Just download this best Mac data recovery software, connect your backup drive to your Mac, and launch the application. The software treats a Time Machine drive as a normal hard drive and presents the same user-friendly options to salvage all your crucial data. Alongside Time Machine data recovery, the software now supports Apple Time Capsule on sparse bundle disk images.

Encrypted Disk Recovery icon

Encrypted Disk Recovery

If you have a password protected hard drive that has been damaged / corrupted / file deleted, don’t think you’ve lost the data on it forever. Recovering data from encrypted hard disks is super easy for this brilliant application. Just connect the drive to your Mac and launch the software. It will then ask you to enter the password to unlock the drive. Once you enter the password & unlock it, you can proceed to recover deleted, formatted and inaccessible files. But you should exercise caution to remember your drive password. If you fail to unlock the drive, you won't be able to scan & recover deleted files from it.

Create Image icon

Create Image

In addition to providing impeccable data recovery software for Mac, this product offers you the chance to create an entire image of your Mac hard drive and store it for future use. The disk image file (.DMG) can be stored on your hard drive or any other external drive and can be later used for Mac data recovery using this software. If you spot bad sectors on your Mac hard drive, use this feature to create and keep a mountable image of your Mac hard drive, volume, or selected region so that even in the case of media failure, you have a complete backup. The updated version of this software provides support for Unicode Drive Name /Image.

System Startup Disc icon

System Startup Disc

Your Mac can become unbootable if its boot volume gets damaged or corrupted. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is available with a bootable system startup DVD that you can use in such situations. Boot the Mac using the startup disc and then run data recovery Mac software to recover all your data.

Stop, Save & Resume Recovery icon

Stop, Save & Resume Recovery

Didn’t we mention that this software was intuitive? If you need to stop the recovery process to focus on other tasks, a convenient ‘Resume Recovery’ feature allows you to save an image of the process completed so far in the form of a Disk Image file (.DMG) on the hard drive. This file can be loaded into the software at any later time to resume the recovery process from the stage where it was left off.

Improved GUI & Additional Features icon

Improved GUI & Additional Features

Equipped with a smart-yet-simple user interface, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is one of the easiest to use data recovery Mac products available in the market. Detailed instructions at each step make it easy for even beginners to use this advanced application. Additionally, features like S.M.A.R.T and “Minimum RAM usage” let you know the status of your hard drive and optimize the recovery process so that it best suits your Mac.

Free Preview Mac Deleted Files icon

Free Preview Mac Deleted Files

This sophisticated Mac data recovery application provides a free preview of all recoverable files that can be saved to another hard disk drive. Using the free preview feature of this software, Mac users can ascertain that the software will retrieve their deleted or lost files successfully. The software also offers to preview the corrupt files in the safe mode to prevent Mac from freezing.


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Follow the below procedure for the recovery:

  • Run Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data Recovery.
  • Select Your Hard Disk Drive from left pane.
  • Click 'Recover Data << Advance Recovery' feature to recover formatted files.
  • Click 'Start Scan' to recover files.

The software will scan the selected volume or drive for all formatted data and list the recovered files in a tree-structure. Check mark the files, folders and click 'Recover' button to save them at a destination of your choice.

This Mac file recovery software efficiently recovers deleted and formatted files form Time Machine hard drive. Just connect your Time Machine drive and launch Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software to recover deleted & formatted files.

Read: Recover deleted & formatted data from Time Machine drive

If the hard drive is not displayed in the application, it indicates that your hard drive has any physical damage. You can be sure about physical damage if it is making clicking or grinding sound. Please note that in case of data loss due to physical damage, no software can help you recover the inaccessible data.

It is advised that in case of physical damage, DO NOT attempt data recovery of your own or through inexperienced technicians. It will lead to further damage of your hard drive, rendering it unused for data recovery services at our data recovery lab. Please send us your contact details with description of exact problem at support@stellarinfo.com so that Stellar Data Recovery Experts can speak to you to provide more details of physical recovery process of your hard drive.

Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data Recovery can perform data recovery from another Mac connected to your Mac computer through a FireWire cable.

Steps to Connect and Recover:

  • Connect both the Mac systems to each other with the FireWire cable.
  • Now reboot (holding down the 'T' key during Rebooting) the Mac from which you want to recover the data.

The computer, which needs to be recovered, will be mounted as a drive into the other Mac. Now, you can run Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data recovery, select the mounted drive, and scan it to search for deleted, lost, formatted data.

Yes, it is safe to run Mac File Recovery Software, if your Mac drive got corrupted. Consider the two cases in the drive corruption environment:

(i) Any secondary drive or volume got Corrupt

If you are facing a case of volume inaccessibility or any of the volume fails to mount, then Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data Recovery can detect such a volume and list that volume in the software. You can then select the unmountable volume and scan it to recover all lost, deleted data.

(ii) The Boot Volume got Corrupt

The system itself becomes unbootable due to corruption of the BOOT volume of your Mac. With the System Disk Utility option of Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data recovery, you can still recover data from an unbootable system. Firstly, create a BOOT DVD which boots up an unbootable Mac and then runs Data Recovery Mac software, so that you can recover all your data.

Bad sectors on a drive refer to the sectors, which can't be access because of permanent physical damage to the disk surface. Moreover, the system may crash by continuously reading of these bad sectors. In such scenario it is important that you recover data from your system at the earliest as you can always recover your data from the good sectors and the partially bad sectors. With the help of Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data Recovery Software, a Mac user can easily recover data even though the drive contains bad sectors.

Follow the sequential yet simple steps to recover from bad sectors.

  • Use 'Create Image' feature of the Stellar Phoenix® Mac data recovery software to create a carbon-copy of your hard drive or volume.
  • The 'Create Image' feature reads the volume or hard drive sector-by-sector and creates a replica.
  • While imaging the drive, the software skips the bad sectors if any and creates the image of only good sectors.
  • Once the Image is created, use the image file for recovering the data using Stellar Phoenix® Mac Recovery Software.

For more information, follow the steps mentioned in the user guide to recover your data using the Mac data recovery software from the image created using the software.

Besides HFS and ExFAT, this Mac File Recovery supports data recovery from FAT and NTFS formatted drives and volumes.

Yes, the software supports scanning NTFS-formatted drives and volumes on Mac for recovering all your deleted data. Using this tool, you can recover data from NTFS-formatted Windows Boot Camp partition.
To know how to recover from Boot Camp partition, read the Knowledge Base article.

Yes, this software can perform data recovery from unmounted volumes on Mac OS X. You often find yourself in a situation when one or two volumes in your system fail to mount. This is indicative of the fact that these volumes are corrupt. Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data Recovery is equipped to scan unmounted Mac volumes and recover all your inaccessible data absolutely intact.

Click here to see the recovery steps…

Yes, the software can perform data recovery from your USB drive formatted with NTFS.

No. Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software will ask user to enter the password in order to unlock the encrypted hard disk drive. When user enters the password & unlocks it, he/she can proceed further to recover deleted, formatted and inaccessible files from an encrypted hard drive. Upon failure to unlock the drive, you won't be able to scan & recover files from an encrypted hard drive

Read: How to recover Mac files from password protected hard drive?
If you didn’t find your question regarding Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery then please visit More Advanced FAQs for Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software.

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User Comments

John Wiston


I lost my macOS Sierra volume while creating a new partition on hard drive. However, successfully able to recover the full data, & files using this recovery software.



I purchased a copy for my son's MacBook. Software is able to salvage many individual files on MacBook. You have a great product --



Great product - love it. Solved a problem that no other recovery software could.



I had problems with activation after a clean install if OS X Sierra, the communication about this issue was not very easy. After a lot of e-mails finally the problem was solved.

Simon Kossen



I downloaded the trial version, which scanned and indicated it cold recover 130GB of my photos, videos, etc. on the corrupted Mac drive. Happily I went and purchased the product, including the "Volume Optimizer".

Maria Buscher


Thank you for a great product and great tech service!

Clay D


I never thought the recovery of deleted photos from my MacBook is possible. I have some photos taken during last vacation. I was not able to backup those files. Thanks to your Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, it recovered my lost photos.



Data Recovery from the Encrypted file system is a unique feature.



Deleted recovery option worked best for my 8 SD card. Recovered thousands of deleted photos.

Tim Stevens


Recover permanently trashed file from my Mac Pro.



I purchased the product and ran the tool and it recovered data. It returned all of my photos, videos, music, documents... and the best part is all of recovered files are working properly. Good product and service!



I am contented with the performance of this product , that was Frightening moment of my life when I came to know my data is deleted, but this product recovered my all files in very short time period without making it very hectic ,that's why this deserve 5 stars . thanks developers for making best product for mac audience…..



I am pleased to share my experience about this software, that was very horrible when I came to know my files got deleted mistakenly, I was quaking in boots, because I had been saving them for very long period of time,, I wasn’t able to understand what should I do, then someone told me about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, really, guys, this product is amazing. This product recovered about 100% my data, I don’t have words for Stellar you all guys are incredible, “I am indebted to you (Stellar).



Ah! What a great product for recovering deleted Mac files, it’s unbelievable, Definitely, I would recommend to other Mac audiences to try this for recovering deleted files.



Fantabulous product for recovering files, no other product like this thank you Stellar.


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