Efficient Tool to Convert MBOX to PST File Easily

Stellar Converter for MBOX migrates MBOX email clients like Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, AppleMail, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape, ClawsMail, OperaMail, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Cone, Mutt, Gnu Mail clients into PST.

  • Converts Single or Multiple MBOX files in one go

  • Saves converted mails into new PST or appends to existing PST
  • Allows users to preview converted mail items before importing into Outlook
  • Supports Conversion for 17 MBOX based Email Clients
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • Saves converted emails in Office 365, RTF, PDF, and HTML formats (Tech Version)

*A free trial version convert MBOX to PST and shows preview of mails without CC, BCC.

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Key Features

Imports MBOX to Outlook icon

Imports MBOX to Outlook

Exporting user mailboxes from one email client to another is a huge task which requires a lot of time and expertise. Moreover, migrations typically need specialized hardware as well as technical skills to complete. This process has been simplified by Stellar’s MBOX to PST converter software. It has been specially designed to help both novice and expert users smoothly export their MBOX mailboxes to Outlook. Once the conversion completes, the resultant PST file can be directly imported into Outlook to access the mail items in it.

 Converts Thunderbird Mailbox to PST  icon

Converts Thunderbird Mailbox to PST

Many organizations use Thunderbird as their primary email client. To switch from Thunderbird to MS Outlook or even Office 365, items within Thunderbird mailboxes need to be converted to PST format. Stellar Converter for MBOX can help you achieve this in a risk-free manner. The converted PST file can be imported into Outlook or exported to Office 365 as required.

Converts AppleMail Mailbox to PST icon

Converts AppleMail Mailbox to PST

This MBOX to PST conversion tool can also achieve AppleMail mailbox conversion to PST format. All items within AppleMail mailboxes such as sent mail, notes, drafts, journal, calendar entries, etc. can be smoothly converted into Outlook importable PST format.

Wants to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Click Here...

Converts Entourage Mailbox to PST icon

Converts Entourage Mailbox to PST

Another popular MBOX email client is Entourage. Many Windows as well as Mac users use this client for their personal as well as professional purposes. If you wish to convert Entourage mailbox items into PST format, you can take the help of MBOX PST converter tool. This application safely converts Entourage mailboxes into PST format that can be directly imported into Outlook.

Additional Advantages

Convenient ‘Find File’ Option icon

Convenient ‘Find File’ Option

Stellar Converter for MBOX interface is also known for user-friendliness. Keeping in lines with the same, this software lets you easily ‘Find’ MBOX files for conversion if you are unaware of their exact location on your system. Click on the ‘Find File’ button on the software screen to search for all the MBOX, Mac MBOX, MBX, and AppleMail files in any selected folder, sub folder or drive.

Exports MBOX to Office 365 - Technician icon

Exports MBOX to Office 365 - Technician

The Technician edition of MBOX to PST Converter software allows you to directly export MBOX file items to Office 365 in a few simple steps. To import MBOX to Office 365 you just need to have a Microsoft Office 365 user account with valid login credential to initiate the MBOX to Office 365 export process. Try it now

Converts Pocomail Mailbox to PST icon

Converts Pocomail Mailbox to PST

MBOX to PST Converter from Stellar facilitates the conversion of Pocomail mailboxes into Outlook compatible mailboxes. The converted data can be saved as a new PST file or can be appended to an existing PST. Thereafter, it can be imported into Outlook when needed to access all items.

Converts Spicebird and Eudora Mailbox to PST icon

Converts Spicebird and Eudora Mailbox to PST

Facilitates seamless conversion from Spicebird and Eudora to PST file. It extracts all mailbox items - mails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, deleted items, etc. - from these mail clients to Outlook PST. The converted PST can be imported in Outlook to access the complete mailbox. The software performs quick and precise conversion of mailbox items from Eudora/ Spicebird to PST while avoiding the hassles of manual methods.

Advanced Filter for Selective Conversion icon

Advanced Filter for Selective Conversion

The MBOX Converter software allows the users to include or exclude emails by using ‘Apply Filter’ link option to save the converted emails based on specific ‘Date Range’. The users can also choose to exclude specific email addresses before saving the converted data in new or existing PST file. This feature helps perform selective conversion of mailbox items, based on user-specified parameters in the filters.

 Previews Mail Items before Conversion icon

Previews Mail Items before Conversion

When the conversion process is initiated, the Stellar Converter for MBOX scans the selected MBOX file to search for mailbox items to be converted. As items are discovered, they are populated within a tree-view list in the left panel of the software window. You can select any mail item from the tree-like list to see its preview in the right side of the screen. Only when you are satisfied with the preview, should you proceed with the actual conversion.

Converts mailboxes into Existing or New PST icon

Converts mailboxes into Existing or New PST

MBOX converter from Stellar converts the mail items stored within MBOX files into PST format. The converted items can be appended to any existing PST file or imported into a newly created PST as per your preference. Newly created PSTs can be saved to any desired location on the system or over the network. When needed, they can be imported into MS Outlook directly to access all data.

Multiple Saving Options icon

Multiple Saving Options

In addition to saving converted data into existing or new PST, this MBOX to PST tool also provides you numerous other formats through which you can save your converted MBOX mail items. However, this feature is only available with Technician version. It is enhanced with exclusive features of saving the converted file in EML, MSG, RTF, PDF and HTML Formats.

Let’s Explore Versatile Features of Stellar Converter for MBOX

*A free trial version convert MBOX to PST and shows preview of mails without CC, BCC.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorPentium Class

Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Window Server 2008, 2003

Memory2 GB Minimum

Hard Disk250 MB of free space

Software Delivery


License & Version

Single User LicenseCan use only on a single system

Technician LicenseMultiple Users


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish



To convert MBOX to Outlook PST, just follow the following simple steps

  • Run Stellar Converter for MBOX on your system
  • Select the source MBOX email client
  • Click on the 'Convert' button after selecting the 'File' or 'Identity Folder'
  • Check preview of all mailbox components
  • Save the converted mail to new or existing PST File
  • Now import the converted mails into your Outlook

Software Saves the converted data to the location specified by you, after importing the converted mails in MS Outlook, you can access all the files selected for conversion.


With the free demo version of Stellar Converter for MBOX, you can completely convert the entire selected mailbox to an importable Outlook PST file. However, you can preview only the mail body of the email messages, without the TO, CC and BCC fields. You can purchase the full version of the software to preview and save the emails with all their fields as well as attachments.


You can use a demo version of the software first to ensure that you can see the preview of converted files. If it is satisfactory, then we will guarantee for 100% conversion.


Yes, MS Outlook should be pre-installed on your system prior to saving the PST files.


Stellar Converter for MBOX software provides a useful option – 'Find File', with which you can find all MBOX files from the selected folder, sub-folder or drive. The software not only finds the MBOX file, but also locates the MBX, MacMBOX, and AppleMail files and converts them to Outlook PST file.


Yes, with the 'Select Identity Folder' option in the software interface, you can select an entire folder and convert multiple MBOX files in it in a single operation simultaneously.


Yes, Stellar Converter for MBOX allows you to append the converted mailbox into an existing PST file.


The converted Outlook PST file will be saved with the default name of 'StellarConverted' at the location specified by you at the time of saving.


No, you can not convert only a few selected mails from the selected email client into PST file. To convert MBOX to Outlook PST, the software picks the MBOX file as a whole and converts it to an equivalent Outlook PST file, which obviously contains all the mail items in the selected MBOX file. However, at the time of saving, you can choose to save only your required mail items.


It totally depends on your MBOX file size, it will take lesser time for small MBOX files.


Absolutely Not, The Company provides 100% money back guarantee for 30 days if you are not happy with the results of this product. So you are completely risk-free and secure while purchasing with us.


No, there is no need to pre-installed Thunderbird or any other supported email clients on your system.


Stellar's MBOX to Outlook converter software allows to filter the converted mails on the basis of custom date and email addresses. You can include or exclude the mails of particular date range by specifying under 'Apply Filter'. You can also exclude mails from the specific email addresses that you don't want to save.

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