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How to Convert MBOX to Office 365?

  January 21, 2020    4111 views

Stellar Converter for MBOX is an email migration tool that helps you convert and export MBOX mailbox items directly to Office 365 account.

NOTE: To convert and export MBOX mailbox items to Office 365 account, you need an internet connection and Office 365 account. Also, close MS Outlook app while using the software.

Follow these steps to export MBOX to Office 365:

  1. Launch Stellar Converter for MBOX
  2. Select the MBOX email client app from the drop-down.


  3. Click ‘Select File’ to browse and add MBOX file. You may select and add multiple MBOX files and export them to Office 365.

  4. Select the MBOX file(s) and click ‘Convert.
  5. The software scans and lists MBOX mail items. You can click on a mail to see its preview before exporting.                                                                     

  6. Click ‘Save Converted File’ on the Menu bar under ‘Home.
  7. Choose Office 365 and click ‘Next.


  8. Enter your Office 365 credentials and click ‘Save.

    For more help, visit our Self Help and Support section.


4 User Comments

When I select the MBOX file and convert it, the conversion displays directories starting 0-9, then under that is another set of directories numbered 1-9 then under each of those is a Message directory which has some of the inbox mail messages. To drag and drop from all of these directories and put the mail messages into 1 directory would be a nightmare? In Apple Mail, these mail messages are in the same folder. Why does the conversion not keep them in the same directory?

Dan Bradshaw


Hi Dan,

We request you to move the complete email folder of Apple Mail, then perform the conversion. The issue which you are facing that is because you haven't move the complete email folder.

For any further query, you may contact our support team by using the below link:

Stellar Data Recovery

We have the same issue. I'm not sure what you mean when you say move the complete folder? W ehave tried to convert the entire applemail folder?

Kind regards



Hi Jon,

Yes, you need to select the entire Apple Mail folder, then perform the conversion.

In case you still face the same issue then you may contact our support team by using the below link:

Stellar Data Recovery


User Comments



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