• Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Mac)

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Mac)

Recover Digital Photos from all Storage Devices


The Mac photo recovery software recovers lost / deleted / formatted pictures, songs, videos and other multimedia files. With an improved feature set, this utility proves to be everything you need to ensure the safety of your media files on Mac.

  • Restores photos, audios, & videos of different formats including MXF movies, HD-MOV files, and Adobe EPS
  • Facilitates photo recovery from encrypted hard drives and for Unicode files
  • Improved Mac photo recovery for HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT, and NTFS based systems
  • Enhanced scanning engine quickly scans hard drives with capacities above 2TB
  • Compatible with the latest macOS Sierra 10.12

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Key Features

This Mac digital photo recovery software is immensely useful in recovering your memorable photos, music collections, videos and any other multimedia files without compromising their original quality.

Deleted Photo Recovery Mac icon

Deleted Photo Recovery Mac

The Mac photo recovery software helps you reclaim your precious images after accidental deletion or formatting of Mac based storage devices, memory cards, iPods, and more. With improved support for file formats such as PSD PSP, INDD, JP2, PCT, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, Tiff, JPEG and more, this application is your best bet to recover deleted photos from Mac after a data loss disaster.

Enhanced Video / Audio / Picture Recovery icon

Enhanced Video / Audio / Picture Recovery

In addition to restoring missing pictures, the Mac photo recovery software also lets you retrieve lost / deleted music collections, inaccessible video files, and Podcasts from a variety of digital media including digital cameras, iPods, USB storage devices, SD Cards, Flash Cards, Mini Disks, Zip Disks, and Mac based hard drives. The latest version of the application supports audio formats such as ACD, AIFF, AMR, AT3, AU, CAFF, DSS, IFF, M4A, M4P, MIDI, MP3, etc. and video formats such as ASF, MP4, MOV, AVI, AJP, F4V, SVI, TOD, VID, HDMOV, M4V, MPEG, etc.

Encrypted Drive Recovery icon

Encrypted Drive Recovery

Most Mac users encrypt their hard drives to protect their data. The encryption on the drives often presents a challenge for conventional photo recovery Mac software. However, the Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery bypasses the encryption on hard drives to recover data just as efficiently as unencrypted drives.

Recovery of Unicode Files icon

Recovery of Unicode Files

In addition to the wide range of photo, audio, and video file formats mentioned above, the Mac photo recovery software also supports the recovery of Unicode files, thus eliminating the need for a converter or any other supporting software. Keeping this in mind, the Stellar Phoenix Mac photo recovery is one of the most versatile software available in the market that helps recover photos from Mac.

Create Image icon

Create Image

The application provides the users option to create a complete image of the hard drive or a selected volume and save it as an image file at desired location. This image file can be used as a backup to restore data at a later stage.

Retrieve detailed file information icon

Retrieve detailed file information

Along with recovering deleted photos, this powerful product also facilitates retrieving detailed information related to the recovered files. This information includes the file name, original date timestamp, camera model / name, and resolution. Moreover, you can even recover image through thumbnail.

Enhanced User Interface icon

Enhanced User Interface

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Mac) v7.0 is equipped with major UI improvements to maximize user experience. In addition to interface enhancements, various file view options (details view, list view, thumb view, cover flow view), facility to check / un-check files for recovery using space bar, ability to zoom-in / zoom-out photos by slider for thumb view, preview of pictures, audio and video etc. have been added.

Save Scan Information & Resume Recovery icon

Save Scan Information & Resume Recovery

This advanced tool lets you stop a running scan and save the scan progress up to that point in the form of a disk image (.dmg) file. This file can be later loaded into the software to resume recovery from the saved point. Additionally, the Resume Recovery features for Disk Image, Volume Image and saved scan information have been optimized and user is given an option to display their respective windows in a single page.

RAW Recovery icon

RAW Recovery

For most devices, the application’s advanced scanning engines quickly finds recoverable items. However, some desired files might not turn up after a normal scan in some cases. In such scenarios, the RAW recovery feature of the software comes in handy to search for deleted data. By recognizing file headers, this feature lets the software conduct a deep scan and find out all missing files.

Improved Preferences icon

Improved Preferences

The latest version of the software includes major improvements in the Preferences menu. It now includes options to Preview, Add new file header, and Edit file header. The file preview has been modified to support preview of corrupted files in the safe mode, both in thumbnail view and running preview. Also, if you’re unable to find the desired file format in the list of supported formats, you can then add a new file header or edit an existing one to the list.

Selective file type, hard drive / volume recovery icon

Selective file type, hard drive / volume recovery

In a unique bid, this software allows users to scan only a desired region of the hard drive or volume to find deleted media files. Any files found are then provided for preview and recovery. This feature can save a lot of time in case you know the exact location on the hard drive / volume where a photo / media file existed before being deleted. Similarly, you can instruct the software to scan the memory only for selected file types.

Mac    Windows


You can easily recover your photos by using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. Just follow these simple steps.
  • Connect your USB to your System.
  • All the drives and media attached are visible on the left side of the screen.
  • Select your attached media from a list of drives.
  • Select scan and proceed.
  • You can also select any particular file type that you wish to recover.
  • After scan, all files with particular file types are listed from which you can select your own desired files.
  • Click on Save if you want to recover your files back to the desired location.
  • The error is displayed mostly when the card is in “locked” position. Check to see whether your memory card is in unlocked position. Simply flick the right switch of your memory card and you can “lock” or “unlock” your memory card. If the card is already unlocked then might be there is some corruption issue with the card. You can go for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery in that case.
    Advance scan option is to select specific file types for the scanning process for faster scanning and speedy recovery. Also, you can select a specific region (starting and ending sector) from the Advanced Settings option. Read more.
    Whenever you are unable to find your file “format” in the list of supported file types by the software, you can edit the existing file formats or add new file types of your choice. Click here to see the steps.
    This kind of issue usually gets corrected by formatting the card in the camera. However sometimes, the reason may also be camera and card incompatibility and in that case, you should update your gear with the latest firmware. If the issue is still there, then run Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software to recover your images.

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    User Comments



    I deleted the photos folder on my external drive. I could not recover them from other recovery programs. Restored it successfully using your software.



    I recommend this Mac software program for recovery from damaged or accidentally deleted SD cards. Although there are many other, but this software scores over them all in respect of speed, accuracy and precision.



    I lost many important photos from my iMac after upgrading to MacOS Sierra. Fortunately I recovered my lost pictures by using this software.



    Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery Software is a real gift to Photo Lovers. I got to know its worth after I lost all my pictures from my external hard drive. It saved me from a big loss of my treasured memories by recovering almost all photos back



    I recovered back my two months old deleted pictures. The software not only recovered two months old pictures but also few other old images, thumbnails, etc. which were older. I cannot ask for more!



    The software recovered photos from a reformatted SDHC card. The best part is the software recognised all the camera formats and recovered them.



    Easy to use and install on system, the program is great in recovering photos from reformatted drive also.



    The software guided me step by step through each stage of recovery process. Anyone can recover photos or videos without having any technical expertise



    Photos of my iPhoto Library were missing after my system upgrade to EL Capitan. I tried all methods to recover from Trash, Finder and even spotlight. However, it was only after downloading and installing this software that I recovered back my photos.



    The success ratio was more than 90%. Except a few of images, the software recovered nearly all photos and videos



    Except for vector image recovery, the software possesses all the best qualities of the best photo recovery software of 2016.



    An ideal photo recovery application which fulfils the dream of both the professionals and the households. It is compatible both with PC and Mac.



    My Nikon Coolpix Camera memory card showed an error message. I went to Nikon's website to see the manual fixes but was only able to recover my photos using the software



    One of the best features of the software is that you can create and save an image of the drive so that you can perform your recovery process in case of any data loss.



    The software recovered photos from my formatted microSD card. I cannot thank Stellar Phoenix enough for their favour!


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