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Stellar OST to PST Converter

Convert OST to PST even after OST file damaged or corrupt & save OST file into a newly created PST file


Stellar OST to PST Converter Software convert OST to PST either you want to move Microsoft Exchange Server data or Exchange Server goes in non-function or dismounting stage. OST to PST Converter works in all situations & convert your OST file into PST file format without any data loss.

  • Risk-free conversion of emails, contacts, calendars, notes & Journals
  • Supports encrypted OST file to PST conversion 
  • Free preview messages before actual conversion
  • Save the converted emails in MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, or PDF formats as well
  • Compatible with MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000
  • Converts OST to PST up to 20 emails per folder for Free
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*Free Download enables you to preview the converted file and save 20 items per folder.

Next of Windows

This conversion utility is one of the most competent and reliable tools that you can trust for your vital data conversions



Stellar OST to PST Converter is efficient in conversion of OST file to its corresponding Outlook PST file in an organized and reliable way


Problems & Solutions

Hardware Failure icon

Hardware Failure

OST files become inaccessible in case if there is a data storage failure, for example, the drive got bad sector and your OST File is stored in that sector. Also, Network failures happened while synchronization process leads to OST corruption. You can use Stellar OST to PST Converter Software to access your emails by converting OST files into PST files

Synchronization Error icon

Synchronization Error

OST file located at user systems need to synchronize with Exchange Server, sometimes while synchronization it leads to a large number of conflicts also called Synchronization errors which further not allow opening particular Outlook item leaving the OST in orphaned stage. You can use Best OST Converter Tool to bail out from this problem.

Virus or Malicious Software icon

Virus or Malicious Software

Another reason for OST is becoming inaccessible due to the problem caused by the viruses and malicious software damaging our Outlook and Exchange Files. The Stellar OST to PST Converter Software is helping in restoring the damage OST files in PST formats.

Abnormal Outlook Termination icon

Abnormal Outlook Termination

if Outlook is shut down abnormally when you are opening, accessing or synchronizing the OST file, then the OST file is prone to be corrupted or damaged. This can happen if Outlook is busy in doing something and you terminate it by click "End Task" in Windows Task Manager, or if you turn off the computer without quitting Outlook and Windows normally. Find more info why you need to convert OST file into PST.

Export OST to PST icon

Export OST to PST

An OST file stores a replica of your Exchange mailbox on the local system. This file lets you work seamlessly when the Exchange server experiences technical difficulties. There could be several reasons to export the data within OST file to PST format including damage / corruption of OST file, need to access OST file data on another local system, and more. OST to PST converter swiftly and smoothly extracts all data within OST files and saves them securely into a newly created PST file. The new PST can thereafter be imported into MS Outlook to access all data. See steps to convert OST file into PST using Stellar OST to PST Converter.

Convert all Exchange objects to Outlook compatible format icon

Convert all Exchange objects to Outlook compatible format

OST PST Converter Software ensures all Exchange mailbox objects like emails, contacts, attachments, notes, journals, calendar entries, etc. stored within OST files get converted into PST format. The tool considers all risk-factors and skillfully averts issues to achieve precise OST 2 PST conversion. You can make sure that all items have been converted by keeping an eye on the counter that the software displays against each mail folder were indicating the number of items converted.

Multiple Saving options for Individual Mails icon

Multiple Saving options for Individual Mails

The Powerful OST to PST Converter Software also provides you the option to search and save individual email messages from within OST files. In case you do not have the time to convert all OST items into PST, you can choose specific email messages to be extracted from the OST based on various parameters such as 'To', 'From', 'Subject', and 'Date' and convert them into a variety of formats including MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats. This feature lends this tool a high degree of flexibility making it stand above its competition.

Organize Mail Messages Better icon

Organize Mail Messages Better

OST PST Converter Software gives weight to good mailbox organization. Once OST scanning is completed, and all recoverable items have been discovered, the product allows you to sort and organize your email messages by Date, From, To, Subject, Type, Attachment, Importance, etc. Additionally, it lets you further improve scan result readability by allowing you to segregate emails in groups through a convenient “Show in Groups” feature.

Customizable user-friendly options icon

Customizable user-friendly options

This product comes equipped with an attractive yet extremely simple GUI that makes working with it a breeze. Helpful instructions and appropriately explained options un-complicate things even for non-technical users. Moreover, some convenient alternatives such as a smart preview of objects before conversion, the choice to save converted data at any desired location on the system or network, picking choice of format to save individual mail messages, etc. make Stellar OST to PST Converter one of the best tools in its category.

Conversion of Encrypted OST file icon

Conversion of Encrypted OST file

User encrypt OST file to keep their important information secure from unauthorized access. Sometimes you may experience an error that it is not an Outlook Data file when tried to open encrypted OST file. In such situation, you might have lost access to your encrypted OST file. To overwhelm from the above issue, you need to convert your encrypted OST file to PST file format. OST converter tool helps you to fix encrypted OST file & safely convert it to PST file.

Free OST to PST Converter icon

Free OST to PST Converter

The converter tool allows free OST file to PST file Conversion for 20 emails per folder. All you need to download the Free version of the software and scan your OST Files. After scanning, the software shows the preview of converted OST file & supports free conversion for only OST to PST file format. To save free 20 emails per folder, just click on ‘Save converted file’ button & converted OST file will save at your specified location.

Wide Compatibility icon

Wide Compatibility

One of the highlights of this tool is its compatibility with a number of MS Office versions. It supports MS Office 2016, 2013 (32 bit version and 64 bit versions), MS Office 2010 (32 bit and 64 bit versions) / 2007 / 2003 / 2002 (XP) / 2000.

Convert OST to Office 365 icon

Convert OST to Office 365

The tool also provides the option to export converted PST to Office 365 format. To save mailbox data in office 365 format, you need to have Microsoft Office 365 user account. Note: The software only migrate offline mailbox data to office 365. This feature is available in Tech Version.

Split and Compact large PST files icon

Split and Compact large PST files

The Software provides two advanced options for new created PST file: Split & Compact. To compress the converted PST file, you just need to click on “Compact & Save PST” option and it decreases the size acquired by PST file in the disk. Another feature Split the large PST file is helpful if you have a bigger PST file and you want to break it in to smaller parts to avoid the possibilities of PST file corruption. These features are available in Tech Version.



With the demo version of the software, you can save only 20 items per folder. However, in order to save all the converted items, you need to purchase the full version of the software.

The software allows finding the desired emails in your converted OST file and saving each email either as an EML , MSG, PDF, RTF and HTML file formats at any user-specified location in the system. You should follow the given procedure to find and save specific email messages using the software:

1. Once the scan is completed, click 'Find' button on the tool bar. The 'Search Messages' dialog box is displayed on the screen.

2. Click 'Mail' > 'Data Files'.

3. Specify the following search criteria in the dialog box:

  • To: Specify a part of the recipient's email address or the complete email address. You can separate the email addresses of different recipients using ';'
  • From: Specify the email addresses of senders. You can separate individual entries by a ';'.
  • Subject: Specify the subject property of the emails you need to find. You can provide a few characters, words, or the complete subject line of the email.
  • Date: Check the 'Select Date Field' check-box and specify the desired date. This will help to find all the emails sent or received on this specific date.

4. In the same dialog box, click 'Find Now'.

5. The software initiates the search process and displays all the found emails in the bottom pane.

6. When you right-click an email in the search results, multiple file saving formats will be displayed Choose the desired option to save the email in the respective format.

Yes, Stellar OST To PST Converter allows you to search for Offline Folders (OST) files in any folder, sub-folder, or drive in your system. You can use the 'Find Outlook File' option of the software to locate OST files in the selected drive and choose the desired file for conversion.

You may require migrating from OST file to PST in any of the following cases:

  • Your mailbox on the Exchange Server is deleted accidentally and you need to access your emails.
  • You are facing issues while synchronizing MS Outlook with Exchange Server.
  • You need to carry your business emails to a different workplace or organization

The time required by the software to perform ost to pst conversion heavily depends on the size of your OST file. The software efficiently scans your OST file and tries to deliver the best performance with reliable and accurate results.

For importing your PST file into MS Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Start MS Outlook.
  • On the 'File' menu, click 'Open' and then select 'Outlook Data File'.
  • Choose the PST file you need to import and click 'OK'.
  • After the process is completed, MS Outlook will create a new personal folder (PST) file.

The software gives the option to save the converted OST file in MSG, EML, PDF, RTF or HTML formats.

The Software does not perform any action on corrupt OST file. The software converts corrupt OST file into accessible PST file which you can easily import into MS Outlook to access all your OST file data.

If you face any problem during the OST file conversion or after the conversion, you can contact our support team support@stellarinfo.com.

The software offers two versions – Corporate & Technician. If you only need to convert OST to PST then you should go for Corporate. Some advanced features of Corporate version are listed on the page. If you want to convert as well as compact & split large OST file then you should go for Technician version. Technician version also has the option to save OST file into Office 365.

You can easily take backup of your Exchange data by converting the OST file to PST file format.

Yes, the software converts OST file that is not connected to Exchange Server.

We provide demo version to check the preview of OST file. You can save 20 items per folder for free in the demo version. If the software saves 20 items in demo version then it guaranteed that software will convert OST file into PST file format.
Note: We strongly recommend to users to run the demo version of the software to check the product capability before purchasing the software.


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User Comments

Karl Jose


It’s much easier to use than other converter tools.



thanks, saved the day, thought I lost my emails during migration. Product was easy and able to convert my ost files.

Harry Denton


Stellar OST to PST Converter is excellent, especially if your ost file is huge. This tool is easy to use and help me to get back data from corrupt OST file. This is one of the better software for converting ost to pst. Overall, the conversion process is fairly straightforward, and you get file converted in few minutes.

Davito Albert


Fast and efficient! I highly recommend Stellar OST to PST Converter!

Marco Wills


My Outlook is operated with Imap account. I had refreshed Windows 7. After the reinstallation of MS Office, I want to extract contacts from the Imap .ost file to CSV format. I used Stellar OST to PST Tech Version to extract contacts to CSV file. This tool worked very well!! I must say it’s super-simple to use.

Cody Broze


My system was crashed, and I need to access OST file using Outlook 2010. My Exchange Server also no longer had the connection to MS Outlook. I used Stellar OST to PST converter to get back my OST file data. It saved my precious data & worked perfectly without any issue!!

Van Walther


I use Outlook application to communicate all the information, but some days ago my Exchange Server got crashed due to dirty shutdown error, In this case, I was unable to read Outlook emails. Even I was not able to access Outlook emails on offline mode. I asked my technical expert team for the solution & they suggested me to use Stellar OST to PST Converter software to resolve the issue. It is amazing software that restored my emails from unreadable OST file to PST file on Offline Exchange Server.



When I upgraded Outlook versions and logged into Outlook, then it was displaying the error of “Cannot start MS Outlook”. As a solution, I used Stellar OST to PST Converter to fix corrupt OST file. Luckily, I found this software and all ost file data get converted. I am so grateful, thank you once again!!

Dean Roy


When I tried to open my outlook, I faced this Error "Outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed!”. I tried to re-launch Outlook several times but again and again, this error message appeared. I read Microsoft kb article about the error and found the reason of error was ost file corruption. OST to PST is the only solution as suggested by my technical team. I used stellar software & successfully import ost file data into pst file. It’s really an amazing software!!



Everything is converted. This Tool is excellent! I highly recommend this product to every Outlook user!!

Adam Brown


I used this software when I was unable to open OST files due to synchronization error. So I wanted to export ost file into pst file. The software respond exactly the way I want. First I used the software trial version to ensure whether it works properly or not. I was very happy to check the preview of my converted file. Finally I purchased the software and it successfully converted ost into pst in few easy clicks.



It works! I tried three other less expensive apps and they did not work properly. Stellar's did! The trial version allowed me to see that it was successfully converting to pst though I could not open attachments (quite reasonable). Just recovering a few documents and attachments can easily be worth the price. Highly recommended.

Carol Stuart


I had a superb experience with Stellar OST to PST Converter. I had a copy of OST file, but Exchange Server was unavailable. I used this tool as it also works on Offline OST file. First I run stellar demo version & saved 20 items in few minutes. After successful conversion of 20 items, I finally purchased the software.

Stephen Decosta


I'm completely impressed with this Stellar OST to PST conversion tool which not only allowed me to recover all my important emails from my corrupt OST but also restored deleted emails as well. Thanks to Stellar for coming out with this amazing OST to PST converter.

Richard Jones


I just want to say one thing about this converter - whenever you face any problem with Outlook OST, whether it is related to errors or corruption, or the OST becomes orphan, you can trust this utility and the issue will be resolved surely


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