Software Reviews by Microsoft MVPs

Nuno Mota

Exchange Sever MVP

Stellar Exchange Toolkit is easy to use Graphical User Interface and this is every Exchange admins must to have tool, Capable of handling almost everything related to exchange database corruption. Best part is that tools included in Stellar Exchange Toolkit do what they claim to do and in very optimum way. One great feature which I came across is you can easily export a folder or a full mailbox to a live Exchange server and Office 365. it is great tool!!

Edward van Biljon

MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor

“Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery has come to the rescue each and every time.”

Srdjan Stevic

Microsoft MVP, ITPro user group lead, Tarabica Sharp IT conference president

"The product is very easy to use. The user interface is well-organized and user-friendly. Once you start using Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery, you will see that recovering from Exchange database failure doesn't need to be difficult – actually, you can recover your data with just a few clicks."

Krishna Kumar

Exchange Expert and Microsoft MVP

I can honestly say I loved this product. This application not only worth its cost but also have amazing features such as user-friendly interface, scanning speed, flexible recovery & export option & live preview option. I would definitely give a 5/5 rating where the software met and exceed my expectations.

Yaniv Totshvili


Considering all the features and functional criteria, I would give Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Rating 9/10

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Exchange Solutions Architect

Stellar Exchange Toolkit is pretty simple and powerful, easy to manage, efficient and a bunch of software’s which makes Exchange administrators work modest.

Adam Fowler

Microsoft MVP and IT Operations Manager

I was impressed with the options to export directly to Exchange Server and Office 365! Worth checking out these tools if you run into a scenario where you need them – sometimes there’s a freeware or open source solution, but often they don’t work, are old, unreliable or limited in functionality. Stellar Exchange Toolkit seems to do what it claims well, and I look forward to trying more features in the future.

Kingson Jebaraj

Microsoft MVP, MCC, Author, Speaker

I suggest all Exchange Administrators to try this toolkit. This is because it ensures seamless data recovery from the corrupt or damaged Exchange Server database. Also, based on its feature and functionalities I rate the toolkit 9.8 on a scale of 10!


Microsoft MVP | MCITP , MCSA 2012 Certified

I think Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a great tool and necessary required for most of the organizations. It reduces huge amount of time and efforts of the Exchange Engineers. You can have the license transferred from machines to another when needed, and it makes flexible to move around the application as needed. I think it is worth the investment for every organization and It is a cost-effective tool. I would give 5/5 rating to this product.

Erik Blum

IT Manager

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a great tool for Exchange database recovery – EDB files. I found the tool when I had severe Exchange problem and it saved a lot of my problems.

John Hurst

Outlook Expert

In March, 2015, I started having difficulties with Outlook 2016. Mail was being duplicated (an Outlook error) and I could not retrieve some emails. I have mail going back to 1996 in my Outlook file plus 7 archive files, so Outlook (and all my email) is very important to me. I tried to run SCANPST to correct the errors. SCANPST corrected some but not all errors in the main Outlook file. SCANPST did fix any and all errors in the Archive files indeed that was good news. A look in Experts-Exchange revealed that Stellar Tools was a respected application. I had purchased a license of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. Repaired the main file, and then my email file was working again. The main Outlook file remains today (nearly three years later) working well. I participated in a question recently where I (and others) recommended the use of Stellar Tools to repair a broken PST file and the author accepted our answers to use Stellar Tools. Whenever a user has a broken Outlook file and SCANPST does not repair it, I recommend Stellar Tools.

Nuno Mota

MVP, CISSP, Office 365 Consultant

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is one of those tools that makes it extremely easy to open, repair, and extract information from corrupt PST files.

Anderson Patricio

MVP (Office Server and Services), MCSM

Stellar Outlook Toolkit has great features to manage PSTs and definitely will help any IT Operations team having a hard time with PST files.

Andrew Leniart

IT Professional

Stellar Outlook Toolkit has a very intuitive user interface that anyone should be able to understand. All tools work as advertised and can be updated easily by just clicking a button.

Clint Boessen


Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a fantastic tool for fixing corrupt PST files. If Scanpst.exe fails to recover a corrupt PST file or you need to perform granular recovery from a corrupt PST file I encourage you to give PST Repair software from Stellar a shot.

Yuri Pustjens

Microsoft MVP

We were quite impressed with the power of this tool. I would score Stellar Outlook PST Repair a 9 out of 10 on Ease of Use.

Kunal Chowdhury

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft events Speaker

I have used other PST Repair tool, including the one that Microsoft provides. But, I feel that Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool is the best among the others, as it provides a very simple UI with a perfect functionality.

Arnav Sharma

Arnav Sharma, MVP- Windows and Devices for IT, MCC

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair was pretty easy to install and took just under a minute for installation on my Windows 10 machine and repairs the corrupt PST efficiently.

Tadit Dash

Microsoft MVP, CodeProject MVP & Protector, Community Expert

Stellar Data Recovery provides as excellent and easy-to-use tool for PST repair. I would strongly recommend this product as it perfectly repairs your damaged mails and provides different format to save that for future reference.

Mayank Dhama


Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair helps in complete recovery of corrupt files which includes contents like email, attached files, calendar etc.

Damian Widera

MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor

I really like the very simple and very intuitive interface. It is that simple that you even don’t have to remember all the fancy options as I imagine such program might have. The application just repairs the database in an automatic way.

Daniel Calbimonte

MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor

It is very simple to work with Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair. You just need to select the files to repair and that is all, you will have your database back again.

Shashank Singh

MVP, Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Community Contributor

I would recommend this tool to repair corrupt SQL Server database. This saves lot of your time and effort and especially if you do not have expert knowledge about database and recovery. Considering how much a downtime can cost such tools are great lifesavers.

Jalpesh Vadgama

MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair is a software the purpose of which is to repair the damaged or corrupt MDF and NDF files of Microsoft SQL Server and save all the extracted data in multiple formats such as MS SQL, HTML, XLS and CSV.

Manoj Pandey

MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor

After using this product, I can surely recommend this tool to SQL professionals who are looking for a tool that can help them in their disaster time.

Dinesh Asanka

MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair software enables users to repair the SQL database and enable database recovery. I will rate this software as 9 on 10.

Steve Mann

Microsoft Technology Expert, Published Author, Technical Speaker

Using a third-party tool such as Stellar Phoenix Database Repair streamlines a SQL Server disaster recovery scenario and takes the headaches of restoring backups and logs out of the mix. While there is always a chance of lost data or incomplete records, you need to do what's right and attempt for a 100% recovery; using Stellar Phoenix Database Repair will give you an edge!

Prashanth Jayaram

DB Technologist, Microsoft Certified Professional

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair software is a third-party tool and dissolves any kind of database-related stress for SQL administrator. I would recommend trying this tool.

Gary Williams

IT and VMware Expert

For my test database, the software worked flawlessly and I have to say that it was nice that I could browse the data inside the repair app as well.

Edward van Biljon

(MVP, Microsoft Community Contributor)

A brilliant piece of software provided by Stellar Phoenix "Convert your offline OST to PST file with Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool to get back your Emails" can help you achieve this.

Daniel Beato

System Administrator

I have been using Stellar OST to PST converter since 2010 as an MSP provider using the Tech License and it has worked wonders for Outlook 2003 to 2016 conversions of OST Files. Whenever a user has had an OST with the recent changes of Outlook 2013 and 2016 for POP or IMAP accounts, this the application I use and resort to.

Nuno Mota

Senior Exchange and Office 365 Consultant | MVP

Stellar OST to PST Converter does exactly what the name suggests. The software converts an entire OST file and all items into a PST without changing the original content format. It is a perfect tool. As it stands, it is great!

Prajwal Desai

Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility

If you need to convert an OST to PST quickly, simply go for Stellar Converter for OST. This multi-featured software is very easy to use and saves a lot of your time and effort.


Stellar OST to PST Converter is one of the best, reliable software that can be trusted with your important data. The tool offers all conversion facility that you can expect in any software.


Stellar OST to PST Converter is fast and easy to use software that can easily convert your offline storage (OST) file to equivalent personal storage (PST) file. After conversion this tool stores all the mail items in a newly created PST file.


Stellar OST to PST Converter is so much easy to install and recover emails from corrupt OST. I would strongly recommend this tool for recovery of OST file.