• Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone

An Easy-To-Use Application for Recovering Deleted Data from Your iPhone


A comprehensive iPhone data recovery software to recover deleted Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Call history, Voice Memo, messages, notes, etc.

  • Recovers deleted data from iTunes and iCloud backup files
  • Recovers Photos from Camera Roll and Photo Stream
  • Recovers WhatsApp Messages and WhatsApp attachment
  • Supports Optimized Photo, Message & Contact display for iOS device
  • Supports recovery from encrypted iTunes backup files
  • Supports recovery from multiple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad)
  • Supports iPhone 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and 4
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Key Features
iPhone data recovery tool is capable of recovering all kinds of lost or deleted data from your iPhone & iPad. Some of the notable features of the software includes:
Complete recovery software for iOS devices  icon

Complete recovery software for iOS devices

A complete recovery software for iOS devices, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone facilitates in recovering lost and deleted data from your iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud. The software has improved user interface which helps you to easily recover deleted data from iTunes and iCloud backup files. You can also restore data from encrypted iTunes backup files. The software is capable of recovering your WhatsApp messages along with attachments, other App documents, Contacts, Call history, Photos and Videos.

 Recover Deleted 'iMessage' icon

Recover Deleted 'iMessage'

The messages on your iPhone contains personal as well as business-critical information and losing any of the important message or an attachment can be a huge loss to you. But, with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone, you can now recover the lost or deleted messages of your iPhone together with the message attachments. This software comes with an enhanced scanning process and recovers iOS messages along with the message attachments from iPhone and iTunes / iCloud backup.

Recover iCloud Backup Files icon

Recover iCloud Backup Files

iCloud is the most secure way to store crucial documents and multimedia files as it allows accessing data from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. If any of the iCloud backup files or the Apps library gets deleted accidently, the software offers to recover it and then restores it back to the device. The software executes recovery in the least possible time and takes care of every single bit of information stored within your iCloud backup files.

Access Encrypted iTunes Backup Files icon

Access Encrypted iTunes Backup Files

If your iTunes backup files get deleted due to known or unknown reasons, it is now possible to bring it back to the accessible mode by using this iPhone Recovery tool. The updated version of this tool is powered with potential recovery program that allows accessing data stored in the encrypted iTunes backup files by bypassing encryption. This feature makes it even more powerful than ever. In addition, the entire recovery process does not demand any technical expertise.

Recover Deleted Contacts icon

Recover Deleted Contacts

With huge storage capacity, iPhones allows storing of unlimited contact details. At times, while deleting unwanted contacts in bulk, some of the most important contacts from your iPhone might get deleted. iPhone data recovery by Stellar helps you in retrieving all your lost or deleted contact details from your iPhone, iTunes, or iCloud backup. It provides you with the option to save them in either VCF, CSV, or HTML formats. Along with the contacts, the software also saves the various attributes assigned to the contacts in HTML format.

Recover Lost Call History icon

Recover Lost Call History

With time, you make and receive several phone calls from various numbers and the call history is stored in the call log of your iPhone. But, at times due to phone restoration, accidental deletion, or for other reasons, the call logs get deleted. The iPhone data recovery software by Stellar helps you to get back the call log of your iPhone that has been either lost or deleted. It recovers the call history and displays them category-wise.

Recover Safari Bookmarks icon

Recover Safari Bookmarks

Bookmarking of important websites on the web browser is quite common among Internet users as it helps them to easily find information. So, you might have bookmarked several websites on your Safari browser, the default web browser of your iPhone. But, there can be situations, when you might lose them all of a sudden, which can be a major loss of information. With this software, you can easily recover the data bookmarked on the Safari web browser of your iPhone.

Recover Deleted Notes icon

Recover Deleted Notes

The software is capable of recovering lost or accidentally deleted notes from your iPhone, iTunes, or iCloud backup files. It can also recover large sized iOS notes along with inserted photos deleted from your iPhone. The software scans the iPhone and runs an algorithm to scan for the deleted 'Notes' as well as notes attachments and lists them all in the preview pane. No matter how large the notes are, this software can recover it with ease.

Supports Multiple iDevices  icon

Supports Multiple iDevices

The iPhone Data Recovery software allows connecting multiple devices for recovery. Apart from all iPhone versions, it offers recovering data from iPad Mini 2. Support for multiple devices makes it more scalable. This makes the software cost-effective as you do not have to invest on multiple recovery apps for different Apple devices.

Wide Support & Compatibility icon

Wide Support & Compatibility

Stellar has developed two variant of iPhone recovery software to fulfill the needs of both Windows & Mac users. Windows version is compatible with MS Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003, and Mac version support Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, and Mountain Lion 10.8.

Windows    Mac



Free Demo of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone allows user to preview files that can be recovered with the help of the software. Through demo version user can free evaluate all the features that are offered by the application. With the registered version of this software you can recover and save unlimited amount of files from an iPhone or iOS device.


Yes, you need the latest version of 'iTunes' installed in your PC to recover the data lost from the iTunes backup files.


Yes, you can recover the recovered contacts in HTML as well as VCF and CSV formats.


No. In order to recover the files deleted from an encrypted iTunes backup files, you must provide the password in order to bypass encryption. Once the encryption is unlocked, the iPhone data recovery software will scan / recover files through it. If you are unable to bypass the encryption or have lost the password, then software will not be able to scan the iPhone.

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User Comments



Excellent software to restore obscure pictures!!

Stacy J


My iPhone ran slow and had no enough memory. I deleted many applications and stored files. Sadly, removed few important videos of my 1-year-old niece. (Broken Hear). But yesterday, I tried your application, and it got those videos back. I feel that a thank-you is surely not enough.

Teresa Reinke


Had a smooth experience of recovering my deleted data on iPhone 6 Plus with your application. The interface looked refreshing, and it quickly performed the scan on my 64GB device. I must Thank you guys, you also saved my money as I was about to pay $120 to a local data recovery shop, but your utility did the job in $50.



A vital application that saved my data from getting roasted.



Just before disposing of my old iPhone 4, Stellar Phoenix data recovery for iPhone recovered massive 2 GB of deleted camera pictures for me. I am totally amazed since I had no backup of this iPhone with me and software magically brought back my deleted pictures.



Highly recommendable software… Comprised of the advanced features which make it capable of recovering the lost data…



I am an amateur iPhone photographer and I consider your application as a must have utility for photography.

Eliana Le'


I am in a conundrum state that how I can describe about this beautiful piece of software which can easily retrieve the lost data from IPhone…



I had re-installed WhatsApp on my new iPhone. While doing so, I found that the backup which it carries has lost… I really want it back… I heard about this software and used it… Very much surprised to see that how easily it has recovered my lost WhatsApp messages…



The software is quite eligible for every version of iPhone, especially, iPhone 6 Plus… Thanks to its developer…

William Russell


Able to recover my lost photos… Very impressive software…

Russell Dejesus


This program is better than the other iPhone data recovery software. Firstly it works on encrypted iTunes backup files and most importantly I paid $30 less than another application.



My 11-year-old niece innocently removed some of my pictures, which I took in a relatives wedding. I couldn’t have said something to her since it was completely unintentional. My husband took charge and found this utility that successfully recovered all of the deleted pictures.



I unequivocally recommend this software to anyone as it gives an unexpected output for the iPhone users…

Larry Aldana


My success story with your software: I backed up my iPhone to iCloud and wiped it. After selling my iPhone I mistakenly deleted some of its important backup data from iCloud account too. I couldn’t curse myself for being so careless. I was about to avail a costly data recovery service until I recognize that your application can bring back my hope. Luckily, it did brought back my files which I lost after iCloud deletion.


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