How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos from iPhone

Summary: This post guides on the best methods of restoring lost or deleted voice memos from your iPhone:

  • Restore from recently deleted folder
  • Restore from synced devices
  • Recover from iCloud or iTunes Backup
  • Restore with the help of iPhone recovery software

Read on to know in detail which among them is the most apt and workable solution in your case.

Also, learn how you can make the most of the built-in voice recording app after iOS 12 to protect voice memos.

Apple’s Voice Memo was one of most neglected apps since its inception nine years ago. However, it’s the first time that the company has brought in a major uplift in the utility with the iOS 12 update.

But, the overhaul too doesn’t promise data protection. iPhone users who love Voice Memo often get into lost recordings situations.

Case 1: Miss Susan, a music teacher at school is a frequent user of Voice Memo app. Recently, after iOS 12 update on her iPhone, she was shocked to find that none of her 182 voice memos, which were her students’ music recitals, were present in the device. Although, the tech person from Apple Store synced them back from her Mac laptop to iPhone after the update.

Case 2: Another Voice Memo user, a research student, used the app to record the interview session with his lecturer about his thesis. But, the 50-minutes recording didn’t show up in the Voice Memo app, when he tried to access it later.

Why you lose Voice Memos from iPhone

  • Accidental deletion
  • iOS update
  • Factory reset
  • Jailbroken your iPhone
  • Damage or broken iPhone

How to Recover iPhone voice memos

  1. Restore with iPhone recovery software
  2. Recover from Recently Deleted folder in app
  3. Restore from synced devices
  4. Recover from iCloud or iTunes Backup

 Method 1: Restore voice memo with iPhone recovery software

Whenever you delete any data like voice memo from iPhone, technically it is not completely erased from the device. This means, there are still chances to recover it with the help of a professional iPhone data recovery software. The software works in most of the data loss situations such as:

  • When you do not have a backup
  • Accidentally deleted voice memos from iPhone
  • Unable to recover from iTunes or iCloud backup
  • iPhone is water damaged, broken, or disabled
  • Factory reset or formatted iPhone

One such recommended software, Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is easy and quick to restore lost or deleted voice memos from iPhone. The software can also retrieve missing data from iCloud and iTunes backup.

Moreover, unlike recovery from iCloud or iTunes backup, Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone lets you select and restore only the Voice Memos rather than copying everything on the device, which you don’t need.

Besides, the software can also recoup lost/deleted photos, videos, music, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Kik messages etc.

The DIY software offers three choices to recover Voice Memos:

  1. Recovery from iPhone
    (use in case of no backup, deleted Voice Memos, factory reset, disabled iPhone etc.)
  2. Recovery from iCloud backup
    (use when unable to recover from iCloud)
  3. Recovery from iTunes backup
    (use when unable to recover from iTunes)

Step-by-step: Recover deleted/lost Voice Memos from iPhone

  • Download and run Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on Mac/PC

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery

  • Connect iPhone via USB cable
  • Follow the easy on-screen instructions.

Important Note: As soon you realize the loss of voice memos from iPhone, immediately stop using it or minimize the operations, unless you get back the missing audio recordings with the iPhone data recovery software. Any operation on the device can overwrite the data, thereby reducing the chances of recovery.

Method 2: Restore from Recently Deleted folder

Luckily, by default, memos remain in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days. Post which, they are erased permanently. If the loss is within this period, recover memos from the Recently Deleted option.

Steps to recover from Recently Deleted on iPhone:

  • In Voice Memos, click Recently Deleted
  • Select the memos that you want to recover
  • Click Recover Recording

In the new iOS 12, you can auto set the duration to delete voice memos permanently from Recently Deleted folder. Under Settings of Voice Memo app, tap on Clear Deleted and change it to either Immediately, After 1 day, After 7 Days or Never.

 Method 3: Restore from synced devices

Though deleted from iPhone, all Voice Memos will remain on your every synced device, whether iPad, iPhone or computer. You can restore missing memos from those devices.

How to get back voice memos on your iPhone from synced computer

When you delete voice memos from iPhone, they continue to be in the iTunes playlist. However, once deleted on iTunes, they are removed from iPhone too. Thus, you can copy the voice memos from iTunes playlists on your Mac to your synced iPhone or iPad. The synced voice memos are saved in Voice Memo app on your iPhone. The process to sync voice memos from iTunes back to iPhone/iPad depends on the iTunes version you are using.  

Steps to sync voice memos from iTunes back into iPhone (for iTunes 12 users)

  • Connect your iOS device to the computer.
  • On the left pane, select the voice memos in the playlist and drag them up to your iPhone listed in the Devices They will then sync to your device.

 Method 4: Recover from iCloud or iTunes Backup

Apple’s backup solutions can rescue a data loss situation, only if you have backed up the iPhone to iTunes or iCloud.

However, the method has its own drawbacks:

  • It does not let you specifically select and restore
  • It deletes and replaces complete existing data from your iPhone including memos, photos, videos, music etc.

Steps to restore memos from iCloud backup

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset> Erase all Contents and Settings
  • On Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Sign in to your iCloud account
  • Choose the last or the applicable backup and click Restore
  • iPhone restarts and recovers complete data including the Voice Memos

Steps to restore memos from iTunes backup

  • Connect iPhone to PC/Mac
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your iPhone under the Device list and choose the recent backup entry date
  • Click Restore Backup

The complete data from iTunes including Voice Memos will be restored on your iPhone.

Voice Memos recovery from iCloud and iTunes backup may not be always the best method for many of you. It requires to the reset device to factory settings and part with your existing data.

To restore only the memos from iTunes or iCloud, use a safe third-party iPhone data recovery software.

 Ways to Protect Voice Memos in iOS 12 from loss

  1. Duplicate Voice Memos

A duplicate of a voice memo acts as a backup, if you trim or delete the memo during editing.

Here’s how to create duplicate copy of voice memo:

  • Open Voice Memo app
  • Select and open the recording of which you want to make copy
  • Click on the three dots below the recording
  • Select Duplicate. A duplicate recording with a Copy label is created
  1. Share a Voice Memo

You can share the voice memo recording with any iOS device on the same Wi-Fi network. You can share recording via AirDrop, Message, Mail, copy in Dropbox or even Add to Notes on your iPhone.

Here’s how to share voice memo:

  • Open Voice Memo app
  • Select and open the recording, of which you want to make copy
  • Click on the three dots below the recording
  • Select Share
  1. Sync Memos to iCloud & iTunes

Syncing voice memos to iCloud and iTunes helps access the recordings on other devices, in case they are deleted from iPhone. A significant addition of iCloud sync to voice memo lets you access files on any iOS device from anywhere. The iOS 12 Voice Memos is now available on iPad and Macs with Mojave giving you more options to sync.

Wrapping Up

You lose voice memos but the culprit is not always the app or iOS updates. Sometimes you may goof up by deleting the memos in haste, jailbreaking iPhone, or spilling water on your device!

Nevertheless, the post shares the best methods to recover lost or deleted voice memos in different situations — restore from recently deleted folder, synced devices, backup, or use a secure third-party iPhone recovery software.

Carefully attempt these methods as per your need and ease. For instance, choose recovery of voice memos from iCloud or iTunes backup, if you agree to replace the complete existing data on the device. Otherwise, iPhone data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is the best and easiest bet to quickly reinstate voice memos lost due to any reason.

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