How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone?

Summary: Lost Notes from iPhone after iOS upgrade, deletion, factory reset, etc.? This post shares 5 best ways to restore lost Notes on iPhone. Also learn how Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone quickly recovers only the missing Notes from your iPhone.

When Matt opened his iPhone X Notes, after iOS 12.1 upgrade, he found many of his old Notes have disappeared. He was repenting about the upgrade and now looking for ways to get back his Notes on iPhone.

Notes are important for those who make optimum use of this app. If you have also lost them due to some reason, this post shares the ways to restore the lost Notes on iPhone.

Often underrated, iPhone Notes app lets you do much more than you can think of  — scribbling thoughts, ideas, checklists, sketching, adding photos, videos, attaching location links from Maps etc.

However, Notes may disappear after iOS update, jailbreak, factory reset or accidental deletion etc.

How to Recover Notes on iPhone?

Usually, Notes can be recovered from iCloud, iTunes, or recently deleted folder of your Notes App.

But, if in a situation, when you have deleted Notes and also don’t have a backup in iCloud, an iPhone recovery software is the way to go.

Top 5 methods that can recover lost Notes from iPhone

    1. Recover iPhone Notes & Attachments without backup
    2. Restore Notes from iCloud backup
    3. Restore from iTunes backup
    4. Recover Recently Deleted folder
    5. Restore Notes from e-mail account on iPhone

1. Recover iPhone Notes & Attachments without Backup

There is plethora of iPhone recovery software. Carefully pick that supports Notes and attachments recovery. Most importantly, the iPhone recovery software should be 100% secure to download and free from virus.

The advanced tools such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone can recover even permanently deleted Notes and their attachments. It is fast, easy to use, and supports latest iOS and iPhone versions.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone restores in situations like,

  • In absence of iCloud backup
  • Factory Reset of iPhone
  • Unable to retrieve Notes from iCloud/ iTunes
  • iPhone is damaged or stolen
  • and others

The software lets you recover deleted Notes from iPhone, iPad, iCloud and iTunes. It thoroughly scans the iOS device and backup to restore every bit of lost data. In case you don’t find the required Notes after running the initial quick scan it offers a second level Deep Scan for more comprehensive search.

Unlike Apple backups — iCloud and iTunes, you can select only those Notes and their attachments, that you need. Thus, the software protects you from unnecessary data recovery.

You can view the lost and deleted Notes of iPhone in the demo version of the software. 

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

Step-by-step: Recover deleted/ lost Notes and Attachments on iPhone

  • Download Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your Mac/PC
  • Connect your iPhone to computer and launch the software
  • Choose “Recover from iPhone”, select “Notes & Reminders” and click “Next”

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - Choose Recover from iPhone

  • Select your device and click “Scan”

Select your device and Click "Scan"

  • After scanning, select Notes on your left pane to preview in the right pane before saving.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - Select the iPhone notes and save at desired location.

  • Click on Save and browse the desired location to save the recovered notes.

Recover Notes from Apple Backups

iCloud and iTunes backup storage protect against data loss. If your Notes are backed up in any of the two, recover the files from there.

Just login through your Apple ID and restore Notes from backup.

However, one the major drawback of this method is that it will remove and replace all your existing iPhone data including Camera Roll, apps, messages, music etc.

2. How to recover iPhone Notes from iCloud backup

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset> Erase all Contents and Settings
  • On Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Sign in to your iCloud account
  • Choose the last backup and Restore

3. How to restore Notes from iTunes

  • Connect iPhone to PC/Mac
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your iPhone under the Device list and choose the recent backup entry date
  • Click Restore Backup

4. Recover iPhone Notes from ‘Recently Deleted’

Once you delete Notes, they remain in the recently deleted folder on iPhone for 30 days. After that, Notes are permanently deleted from the device.

Steps to restore from ‘Recently Deleted’

  • In the Notes app tap Recently Deleted
  • Select the notes you want to restore
  • Click Recover in the toolbar. The note moves to the Notes folder

5. Restore Notes from e-mail account on iPhone

When you delete a Note from iPhone it remains in your e-mail account of your iPhone. Suppose you use Gmail on iPhone, all your Notes are saved to the e-mail address.

Steps to restore Notes from e-mail on iPhone

  • Go to Setting > Accounts & Passwords

restore Notes from e-mail on iPhone

  • Click on each email account (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) one by one

Click on each email account (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)

  • Turn on Notes for each account

Turn on Notes for each account

  • Open Notes app to see if they are back

Byte: Do you know the email accounts on your iPhone can store Contacts, Calendars, and Notes, apart from sending e-mails. 

Wrapping Up

Notes are your best companion and you don’t want to part with them. Recover all or specific Notes with the help of iPhone notes recovery software.

However, you can also try to restore deleted Notes from iCloud, e-mail account or recently deleted folder on iPhone. However, for permanently deleted Notes and in case of absence of backup, Stellar iPhone Recovery software is the best solution.

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