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Stellar Repair for Access is a powerful database recovery tool that repairs corrupt Access database files and restores all objects to a new database. The software serves professional users and enterprises as a complete Microsoft Access database repair solution.

  • Repairs Corrupt .ACCDB and .MDB files
  • Repairs Tables, Queries, Reports, Forms, & Indexes
  • Recovers Macros, Modules & Relational Databases
*Free download to scan & preview recoverable Access database objects.

Comprehensive Tool for Access Database Repair

The Access database repair software ensures seamless recovery of database and restores all objects including tables, queries, reports, records, forms, and indexes along with macros, modules, etc.

  • Restores all Objects including deleted records to a new database
  • Retrieves password-protected forms and modules of Database
  • Supports Microsoft Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and older versions

Stellar Repair for Access supports many use cases:

What to Do When ‘Compact and Repair’ Fails?

Compact and Repair is a built-in utility to keep up the performance of Access database as it grows in size, with chances of ACCDB file corruption. However, Compact and Repair is not effective in all situations, especially if the database is severely corrupt. In that case, Stellar Repair for Access helps in repairing corrupt Access database and recovering all the objects.

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Is Access database in Inconsistent State?

Error code 9505 indicates that Access database is in an inconsistent state, meaning Access Jet engine can recognize the basic structures and important definitions of the MDB file but finds inconsistencies in the table definitions or table data. Access utility attempts to fix the inconsistencies and repair the database, however, may fail in fixing it. In that situation, Stellar Access database repair tool helps in restoring the database to its normal state.

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How to Fix Access Database Corruption Errors?

Access database may get corrupt due to various reasons such as error in binary file format, frequent edits to data in memo fields, virus infection, hardware failure, software bugs etc. Access Jet Database Engine along with Compact and Repair utility resolves minor instances of corruption; however, these default provisions may not be sufficient in cases such as severe Access database corruption errors. Stellar MS Access repair software serves as an advanced solution to help fix the database errors.

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Are You Facing Unrecognized Database Format Error?

The unrecognized database format error may occur in MS Access irrespective of the version being used. There may be various reasons for this, with varying degree of impact on user activities. Some users may be able to perform arbitrary database functions like compact and repair, while others may be locked out of the database altogether. The Access database recovery tool can help you get rid of Unrecognized Database Format error in a few clicks.

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More Awesome Features

Complete Access Database Repair Software

It is a comprehensive software for repairing corrupt MDB and ACCDB files of the damaged MS Access database. The software addresses database issues arising due to hardware failures, software conflicts, and inconsistencies in the database design. It repairs Access database corruption occurring in database objects such as Tables, Deleted Records, Forms, Macros, Linked Tables, Indexes, Modules, etc. With this tool, you can rest assured of getting complete Microsoft Access database recovery.

Advance Repair

Recovers Relationships and Data from Linked Table

Relationships in Access database play important role by doing away with redundant data and making linkages within the database. The database repair tool repairs all the details created as relationships in the damaged database and restores them in the recovered Access database table. Further, the access recovery software can restore data stored in tables - linked through different databases from different sources other than Microsoft Access – that got corrupt or damaged. This extends the utility of the tool beyond recovery of only one database file.

Preview of Database Objects for Precise Recovery

The Microsoft Access database repair software allows you to verify the scanned objects by displaying preview of individual database components through the main interface. For the tables, the tool displays two columns in the right pane for previewing 'Table Data' and 'Column Information' separately. Further, the 'Find Tree Item' function allows searching for objects in the list of scanned items. Preview feature enables recovery of specific objects from the scanned database, which saves time.

Advance Repair

Recovers Non-English Language Data

The Access database repair software can recover the non-English language details filled up in database tables. Even if you are using Microsoft Access in English, Stellar Access Database Repair tool can fetch the details and recover the data entered in regional languages.

Recovers Deleted Records from Access Database

Microsoft Access does not have a default provision to retrieve deleted records. Once records are deleted, your only hope of recovery is via backup of the database which also may not guarantee complete MS Access database recovery. Stellar MS Access Repair tool provides an advanced feature to recover deleted records of the database. To do this, you need to choose 'Scan for deleted records' while selecting the database file for repair. Learn More

Advance Repair

Saves Repaired File at User-specified Location

After repairing Access database file, Stellar Repair for Access provides two options for saving the repaired database file. The recovered database can either be saved at the original 'default’ location or any other user-specific location on the computer. By default, all the repaired database objects are selected for saving.

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I bought single user license of this software to repair .accdb file and it worked well. The interface of the software is easy to operate.



Compact and repair option was not working so I chose this software. It is worth of every penny and I am 100% satisfied with the result.

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User’s database was corrupted and developer repair tool didn’t work. In this case, Stellar Repair for Access Software worked.



A reliable and user-friendly application designed to help you find and repair your MS Access database files in a quick and easy way.

pc mac


User’s database was corrupted and developer repair tool didn’t work. In this case, Stellar Repair for Access Software worked.

What customers say about our Stellar Repair for Access Software?

To be very honest, using any repairing software depends on the corruption level. My luck was with me when I tried to repair my Access database. I also took the help of the support team because I was stuck on an issue of my database. Finally, I fixed it.


I purchased your product and used it to recover a very important Access Project. It worked great. I could not be more pleased with this product. It saved me many hours of manually rebuilding my project. I highly recommend this product to any users.


Technical Specifications

About Product

Stellar Repair for Access



Release Date

February, 2019


Single/Multiple Users

Version Support

MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & earlier versions


Standard, & Technician

Language Supported


System Requirements

System Requirements


Pentium Class

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP


1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk

50 MB of Free Space


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*Free download to scan & preview recoverable Access database objects.

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Once you have downloaded and activated Stellar Repair for Access, the software scans and repairs the damaged tables, queries, indexes, etc. and displays a preview to verify and save Learn more

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Follow these instructions to repair corrupt ‘.mdb’ or ‘.accdb’ file by using Stellar Repair for Access software:

  •  Download and install the demo version of the software.
  •  ‘Browse’ or ‘Search’ the corrupt MDB/ACCDB file you wish to repair.
  •  Click 'Repair' button to start the repairing process.
  •  When prompted, click ‘OK’ to preview the repaired database objects.
  •  Click ‘Save Database’ button from the Home menu
  •   Select the destination to save the repaired database file, and click ‘OK’.

No, you need to make sure that the database is not in use while the software is carrying out the process.


Follow these steps to save specific tables from the repaired Access database

  •  Download and install the demo version of the software.
  • Go to Home Menu, click Browse to select the Access Database. Alternately, click Search if the location of database is unknown.
  •  Click Repair to start scan of corrupt MDB or ACCDB file.
  • As repair process completes, the software displays all database objects. You can click on the specific object to view the contents in right pane.
  •  Uncheck all boxes (checked by default), and select the specific tables which you want to save.
  •  Go to the Home menu, and click on Save Database File option. In next pop-up, choose the location for saving.
  •  Click 'OK' button, and the selective tables from the repaired database will be saved at the defined location.

The message implies that your database is now free of corruption and can be easily recovered. This message shows up when the software has scanned your entire database and repaired possible corruption in the database objects. You can save these objects at desired location in your system.


Yes, MS Access should be installed on your computer before saving the recovered Access database using Access recovery solution.


Yes, Stellar Repair for Access helps you easily get rid of Unrecognized Database Format error in Microsoft Access Database 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 including the older versions 2002 and 2003.


The error indicates that MDB file is corrupt. You need to repair the file as early as possible with the help of Stellar Repair for Access.


The software works for all common errors, such as  unrecognized database format, Microsoft Jet database engine error, etc.


Yes, the software is capable of recovering linked tables.


Yes. You can try the software to open and read .accdb file in all version of MS Access.


You need to follow below steps to repair corrupt access database file online using Stellar Repair for Access:

  •  Download and install the demo version of software.
  • Select the corrupt .mdb file that you want to repair.
  • Click on the 'Repair' button to initiate the scanning of selected corrupt .mdb file.
  • After scanning successfully; a dialogue box will be open 'Repairing process successfully completed'. Click on 'OK' to proceed.
  •  Now, you can see the preview of your corrupt .mdb file.
  •  Go to the 'File' under menu and select 'Save' to save the repaired database.
  •  Choose location: default location of file & Select new folder to save and click 'OK' to finish.

Yes, you can start the trial with free demo. Access Database compact and repair is inbuilt utility of access database which ensures the performance of the access database but has limitations when accdb file is corrupt.


Yes, you can use demo version to check the outcome of software on array of MS Access error like:

  • Unrecognized Database Format 'filename.mdb' (Error 3343)
  • record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on . (error 3112)
  • database 'filename.mdb' needs to be repaired or isn't a database file
  • Microsoft Access Update Query is Corrupt
  • The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'xxxx'.
  • Cannot open database 'filename.mdb'. (Error 3049)
  • Don’t have the necessary permissions to use the 'filename.mdb' object. (Error 3033)
  • Invalid field data type (Error 3259)
  • Unexpected error 35012
  • 'AOIndex' is not an index in this table. (Error 3800)
  • MS Access Security Warning: ‘This file may not be safe if it contains code that was intended to harm your computer. Do you want to open this file or cancel; the operation’.