How to Repair MS Access 2016 Database when Compact and Repair does not Work

Summary: If an Access 2016 database file gets corrupt or damaged, MS Access has a built-in Compact and Repair utility to resolve such issues. However, sometimes, this utility fails to repair the MS Access database (.accdb) file due to various reasons. In this post, we’ve discussed an alternate solution on how to repair MS Access 2016 database when Compact and Repair does not work

Microsoft Access 2019, 2016, and lower versions till 2007 store database in the form of .accdb file. This MS Access database file (.accdb), be it of MS Access 2016 or other versions, may get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons. Some common causes behind MS Access database damage or corruption are:

  • MS Access 2016 db file exceeds the specific size limitation
  • Failure of hardware or software
  • Multiple users simultaneously working on the database (.accdb) file
  • Sudden shutdown of system or power outage
  • Incompetent or ineffective database design or structure
  • Frequent addition or deletion of data from MEMO fields
  • Virus or malware attack 

When your MS Access 2016 database becomes corrupt or damaged, you cannot access the database (.accdb) files, thus forcing you to halt your important work. In such a situation, you need to look for solution on how to repair Access 2016 database file. You can try using the Microsoft Access’ built-in Compact and Repair utility to repair a damaged or corrupt Access database. The ‘Compact’ feature helps you to reduce the size of database by eliminating the unused space. On the other hand, the ‘Repair’ function helps in fixing minor corruption issues in database file.

At times, the utility fails to fix the issues with the database file due to severe corruption/damage in the .accdb file or any other reason. When such a situation arise, you need to look for an alternate solution to repair your corrupt or damaged MS Access 2016 database file.

How to Repair MS Access Database when Compact and Repair Utility Fails?

If the ‘Compact and Repair’ utility fails to resolve the issues and you urgently need to repair your MS Access 2016 database, a better alternative is to use a powerful third-party MS Access repair tool such as Stellar Repair for Access. This is an advanced tool that can easily resolve all types of corruption issues in MS Access database. It helps you fix corrupt or damaged.ACCDB files and recover all the objects in the database with a few mouse clicks.

There are several benefits of employing the Stellar Repair for Access tool:

  • It repairs Access database corruption occurring in all database objects such as tables, forms, deleted records, macros, indexes, linked tables, modules, etc.
  • It can restore data kept in tables, linked via different databases from different sources that got corrupted or damaged
  • It supports calculated data types and linked tables
  • It restores entire objects including tables, queries, relations, and indexes
  • It retrieves data from password-protected forms
  • It restores deleted objects to the new database
  • It provides a preview of all recoverable components before saving them
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Let’s now understand the functional criteria of this Access Database Repair software.

Steps to Repair MS Access 2016 Database by Using Stellar Repair for Access

Step 1: Downloadinstall and launch the software.

Step 2: In Select Database window, click Browse or Search to select the corrupted MS Access 2016 database file.

Select access database file
Figure 1: Select Database Window

Step 3: You can select ‘Scan for Deleted Records’ option to recover items that have been deleted from the database.

Scan for deleted records
Figure 2: Scan for Deleted Records Option in Select Database Window

Step 4: Once the file is selected, click the Repair button.

The software will scan the database file and enlists all the recoverable objects. You can check the preview of all the repairable database objects.

Preview of repaired database
Figure 3: List of Recoverable Items

  Step 5: Click Save Database on File menu to save the database objects.

Step 6: When Save At window appears, select the location to save the recovered file, and then click OK.

saving repaired access database file
Figure 4: Save at Window

Step 7:  Click OK, when the repair process is completed successfully message appears.

repaired selected database completed
Figure 5: Repaired Process Successfully Completed Message

This way, the ACCDB repair process can be executed to recover data from even highly damaged Access 2016 database files.


Although Compact and Repair is a useful built-in tool offered by Microsoft, this feature at times becomes unavailable or does not work while repairing the corrupt or damaged database files. In such a situation, you are left with no other option than to deploy a professional tool such as Stellar Repair for Access. The software can help you repair damaged or corrupt MS Access 2016 database (.ACCDB) file and recover the entire database objects in a quick and risk-free way.

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