Data recovery from all types of storage media

If data can be stored on it, we can recover data from it.

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The process starts with the Free Consultation from our expert data recovery consultants. Call us free of cost to discuss your case in every detail and our data recovery consultant will provide you the exact information on the nature, cause, and solution of your problem.

Class 100 Clean Room Facility

Stellar Data Recovery, an award winning data recovery service provider has been serving individuals as well as businesses of all sizes to cope up with their data loss blues since 1993. Equipped with the most advanced, state of the art CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, Stellar is committed to 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, security and confidentiality of your valuable data.



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We at Stellar Data Recovery centers have successfully provided over 5,00,000 data recovery services till date



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If the drive is not being recognized in your computer then it may have a physical damage. The drive may also make a clicking or a grinding noise at the initial stage of the damage.
The drive may also be making a clicking or a grinding noise at the initial stage of the damage, Stop using the drive as the more it is used the further damage is caused.
You must not try to open the drive at home as it causes irreversible damage to the drive after which recovery would not be possible. The hard-drive requires a special environment (Class 100 CleanRoom environment) to be dealt with.

At Stellar, We have a Class 100 Clean Room to perform data recovery in a safe and secure manner.

No, Taking out a hard-drive from your computer is a simple job which you can easily do at home. You may also contact our Premium Support Helpline at 877-778-6083 for step-by-step assistance.
Data exists even on crashed hard drives until it is overwritten. However, it cannot be recovered easily by users. The recovery of data from your crashed hard drive is possible only with expert help. Stellar Data Recovery is the best data recovery service provider worldwide. With over 23+ years of industry experience, coupled with a team of experienced professionals, we are capable of recovering data from any type of data loss situations.
We can recover all your accidentally deleted or lost data within 3-7 business days depending on the criticality of the data loss.
You can contact us for data recovery services by calling at our toll-free number: 877-778-6083 for technical support. You can also write to Us at or chat with Us.
For Stellar Data Recovery service, charges vary depending on several factors such as the type of storage media, operating system configured on the storage media, type of data loss, etc. You can "Request for Free Quote" or "Upload a File" for analysis by clicking on the 'Get Quick Analysis' button.