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Life @ Stellar
Our Human Resource policies facilitate each individual to perform towards own and Company's growth and success.

Work Culture: We have always endeavored to create a work-culture that is open, positive and rewarding; where there are exciting growth opportunities for every deserving Employee of Stellar Family; where every one is encouraged to learn new skills on the job as well as through formal training programs. Success is not confined only to monetary profits but also covering quality of products, excellence of operations, growth, customer goodwill and leadership in business. Such a success not only brings in a feeling of belongingness but also gives self-satisfaction.

Employee Motivation: We invest heavily in progressive HR practices. You'll also find the parties and Motivational events such as Outbound Trip are an integral part of our culture. Also we are providing Infrastructure Support for conducive work environment.

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Health: Employees and their dependants are covered under company paid health and accident insurance schemes. These schemes also provide tie-ups with more than 200 hospitals across the country, thus ensuring quicker accessibility, discounts and easy-pay option plans with guaranteed admission.

Trainings: Several Training Programmes are being conducted to ensure better work performance and overall Personality Development through structured workshops like:

  • Time Management
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Team Management
  • Customer Orientation
  • Project Management
  • Emotional Quotient


Autonomy & Empowerenment: We encourage people to work with autonomy, question old ways, challenge old ideas to develop themselves & their Job & thus move beyond their job description. We expect employees to create an atmosphere where they can develop themselves & others to move towards jobs that entail greater involvement. At the same time each individual has to assume responsibility for personal growth.

Team Work: Individual technical skills and competence are essential but people also need to learn to work as a team in-groups. We firmly believe that the primary job of a leader is to facilitate rather than control. The team that produces the best result is the one where the Leader actively supports its members in their performance. We encourage teamwork between the employees in the organization. That's why great emphasis is given to the various Team Building Programs and the employees are exposed to learn these skills through modern professional help.

Planned Career Path: Well planned Career Charts for all the Employees in each department which tell an employee where his/her career would reach in the Organization. Job Description

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