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Executive Summary


Stellar had released a study report in 2017 that revealed widespread residual data in the storage devices. The purpose of the 2019 study is to revalidate the findings by using NAID approved principles on a very large sample size of second hand storage devices.

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Personal and PII Data Risks

Residual Data Risks


Overall Risk Awareness


Memory Card Risks


Hard Disk Drive Risks


Mobile Phone Risks


Type of Data Compromised

196Divices had Photographs, Videos
50 Devices had Personal Documentation (Passports, Visa, Identification Documents).
25 Divices had Business Documentation (Partnership Agreements, Sale Deeds, Invoice, Bills).
9 Divices had Banking Information (Cheques, Bank Details, Account Statement, Credit Card Details).

Split-up of Unsecure Devices

82 devices were improperly disposed of after deleting the files or formatting the media.

140 devices had undeleted data, without any action taken at all by the user/reseller.


Deleted Data vs Undeleted Data

Storage Device Mix


Hard Drives Mix

Total 151 desktop, laptop & external hard drives of 7 makes were procured with up to 1.5 TB capacity


Memory Cards Mix

Total 150 memory cards of 23 makes were procured with up to 8GB capacity


Mobile Phones Mix

Total 10 mobile phones of 7 makes were procured with up to 8GB capacity


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