How to get Activation key of Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks is accounting software which deals with critical business data. Hence, any corruption in the software must be dealt in time, and, care must be taken to resolve the issue carefully and securely. Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software enables users to fix QuickBooks file corruption in a few simple steps and save the entire data in a new Company file.

activation Key of QuickBooks Repair Software

To use the product effectively, users must install and activate the software.

The following methods will help in getting the Activation Key for Stellar Repair for QuickBooks: 

Note: Verify the system specifications for software download and installation.

There are two methods to activate the software, which are as follows:

Method 1:

  1. Go to the product page and click ‘Buy Now’ button, marked in red color.
  2. You are directed to the product ‘Buy’ page. Fill in the details in ‘billing information’ and ‘payment information’ boxes. Checkbox for ‘Consumer information’ and click ‘Buy Now’ button.
Figure 1: Illustrates filling details to buy Stellar Repair for QuickBooks software
  1. Once the payment is confirmed, Stellar’s team will mail the access key for Stellar Repair for QuickBooks software on your registered mail ID.
  2. Open software and fill in the details of activation key in the software and the software gets activated
Figure 2: Illustrates filling of activation key in Stellar Repair for QuickBooks

Method 2:

  1. Go to the product page and click the Download Now button.
  2. Follow the steps and install the software.
  3. Click the Activation icon in the main menu
Figure 3: Illustrates the placement of Activation icon in the main menu
  1. You are directed to the Activation window. Click ‘Get it Now’ button, as the activation key is not available.
Figure 4: I don’t have the Activation key
  1. You are directed to Stellar Repair for QuickBooks software – ‘Buy Now’ link
  2. Fill in the necessary Billing Information, Payment Information and check box for Consumer Information and click ‘Buy Now’
  3. Stellar will mail the Activation Key to activate the software.

Activation Key gets lost

In exceptional cases, you may delete the mail received for ‘License code of the software’. If you have not saved the Registration key as a backup, then there is no way to obtain the Registration key but to contact the Support Cell via email or telephonically.

Provide the purchase order details to the Technical Support Executive. Once the details are verified, the executive will provide activation code on your Registered mail ID.


Activating the software with an authentic Activation Key, as obtained by an authentic resource is essential to recover the data from corrupt QuickBooks file. Also, using a crack key may not be a good option as it may result in data loss, if the key is not authentic or it is malware infected.

Activate Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software to unlock its full features and avoid any possibility of data loss.

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