How to Repair Corrupt MOV Video Files from iPhone?

Summary: Is your iPhone’s MOV video file not playing and has turned corrupt? This blog shares the best software — Stellar Repair for Video, to repair corrupt videos MOV video files format on Mac and Windows PC.

How to Repair Corrupt MOV Video Files from iPhone? How to Repair Corrupt MOV Video Files from iPhone?

 Case 1: ‘I made a 40 minutes video with iPhone X. While editing it in Vegas Pro on my Mac, I canceled the process in between. Now the video file is not opening in the editor or QuickTime Player. iPhone Photo’s app also doesn’t have the video as I deleted it after copying it to Mac. The only option left now is to repair this video. What is the best software to repair corrupted iPhone MOV files on Mac?’

Case 2:  ‘I had saved all my iPhone videos on PC. But recently I noticed that most of my MOV files are corrupted. The file icons appear as gray triangles. I tried a couple of video repair tools but that didn’t work. I was able to play some videos but the audio was missing! How can I fix my corrupted iPhone videos back?’

iPhone is known to capture amazing videos with its camera. It records high-quality videos in MOV H.264 or H.265 format. But iPhone videos are not immune to video file corruption and can ruin your efforts of recording with an iPhone. You may lose your important family videos or work files due to iPhone video corruption.

A corrupt MOV file of iPhone may show these problems as listed:

  • Video not opening in any player or editor
  • Video throwing errors
  • Video file icon appearing as gray triangle
  • Video freezing, showing black screen, or audio lag
  • Others

Improper file download, sudden iPhone/ computer shutdown, crash or freeze while watching the video, or corruption in the storage drive, can cause corruption in the file header, sound section, frame movement, etc.

How to fix corrupted MOV file of iPhone?

Thankfully, there is software like Stellar Repair for Video that can repair high-quality iPhone videos. Other than this, you can also try an open-source VLC Media Player that has a video repair feature.

When iPhone MOV videos are not playing on your media player, you can try the following workarounds before using a video repair tool:

  • Play the MOV video in another media player
  • Convert MOV file to a different format like MP4 or AVI
  • Download the codec pack on your computer

If these don’t help to play iPhone video, repair your MOV file with the below methods.

Method 1: Repair corrupt MOV video from iPhone backup

Backups come as a rescue when you lose any file to corruption. iPhone provides backup utilities such as iCloud and iTunes. So try to find and recover corrupted iPhone videos from these backups.

Method 2:  Repair iPhone MOV files using VLC Media Player

You can try to repair corrupted iPhone MOV videos on your Mac or PC using VLC Media Player. The video player has an inbuilt video repair feature. However, you will have to rename and change the file extension of your MOV video to AVI, as the program supports AVI fix only.

TIP: Create a copy and apply a VLC fix on it. Never use the original MOV file from iPhone.

Steps to repair MOV video in VLC Media Player

Step 1:  Right-click on the MOV file, select Rename. Change the extension to .AVI. Hit Enter.

Step 2: Launch VLC Player.

Step 3: Select Tools. Go to Preferences > Input or Codecs

Preferences option in VLC Player
Figure: Preferences option in VLC Player

Step 4: Select Always Fix next to Damaged or Incomplete AVI Files.

Fix AVI files under Preferences VLC
Figure: Fix AVI files under Preferences

Step 5: Click on Save at the bottom.

Now, try to play the repaired video, the problem should be fixed.

Method 3: Repair iPhone MOV file with Stellar Repair for Video

If VLC Media Player is not able to fix the corrupt video from iPhone, download Stellar Repair for Video on your computer. It’s a video repair tool that works with iPhone’s high-quality HEVC videos and supports MOV file format.

The software’s advanced algorithms fix file corruption issues such as broken file header, slider movement problem, frames corruption, compression issues, etc.

You can repair MOV video files that are playing choppy, jerky, flickering, or out-of-sync. The software is also known to repair video files showing errors when trying to play on iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Its repair process finishes in 3 steps – Add file, Repair, and Preview & Save. You can repair any number of corrupt videos simultaneously.

Stellar Repair for Video can fix MOV videos from any iPhone model including iPhone 4, 6, 7, 8, X, XS, iPhone 11, etc. The iPhone video repair tool is for both Mac and Windows PC.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

Steps to Repair MOV file from iPhone:

Step 1: Launch Stellar Repair for Video.

Step 2: Click Add File to upload MOV files to the software.

Add MOV files for video repair
Figure: Add MOV files for repair

Step 2: Click the ‘Repair’ button to start the repair process.

Step 3: Preview the repaired files and click Save Repaired Files.

 Preview repaired MOV videos in software
Figure: Preview repaired MOV videos

Step 4: In the dialog box, choose a location to save your repaired iPhone videos and click Save.

Save repaired MOV videos
Figure: Save repaired MOV videos

When your iPhone’s MOV video is severely corrupt, Stellar Repair for Video software would recommend ‘Advance Repair’ to fix it. The feature uses a sample MOV file clicked from the same iPhone as your corrupt MOV and uses its information to repair the badly corrupted file.


When the iPhone MOV video file is not playing or corrupt, look for the correct file in the iPhone backup, i.e., iCloud or iTunes. Else repair it with the help of a video repair tool.

The video repair feature of VLC Media Player can sometimes fix corrupt MOV videos. However, for complex file corruption issues, you can rely on Stellar Repair for Video.

We recommend the free trial of the software to evaluate the software efficiency. The free demo previews the repaired iPhone video.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac