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    Methods to Fix the AHCI Port0 Device Error on Windows

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      Summary: The AHCI Port0 Device error prevents the computer from booting into Windows. This boot error is caused by a malfunctioning disk drive or a damaged SATA port on the motherboard. In this guide, learn methods to fix the AHCI Port0 Device error. If you want to recover your lost files, use professional data recovery software to do so.

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      Booting issues on a Windows PC usually occur due to corrupted Windows files or incorrect boot order. In some severe cases, they are also caused by broken or malfunctioning disk drives, generating errors like the AHCI Port0 Device Error.

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      Let’s learn more about the AHCI Port0 Device error and see ways to fix it.

      What’s the AHCI Port0 Device Error?

      According to users, this unexpected issue prevents their systems from booting into Windows after performing POST. Here, Windows get stuck on BIOS startup with the following error message: AHCI Port0 Device Error.

      AHCI Port0 Device error on a windows PC

      The AHCI Port0 Device error indicates a malfunctioning disk drive or an issue with the SATA port on the motherboard. In most cases, this error results in an unbootable system.

      Although some users could boot their systems successfully after pressing the F2 key, they faced unexpected system crashes after some time. These abrupt crashes and subsequent unsuccessful boot attempts resulted in an endless boot loop, which made data inaccessible.

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      What causes the AHCI Port0 Device Error?

      All storage drives are prone to failure and subsequent data loss, HDDs being the most notorious for failing frequently. You may see the AHCI Port0 Device error message on your PC due to various reasons, such as –

      • Failing disk drive
      • Incorrect SATA mode selected
      • Malfunctioning SATA port
      • Problematic SATA cables

      When we talk about failing hard drives, the most prominent reason for an HDD failure is physical damage. Physical failures like misaligned platters, non-working spindle, etc., can also result in error messages like the AHCI Port0 Device Error.

      Unfamiliar noises, such as clicking, grinding, or screeching coming from your hard drive, are also signs of physical damage. The best way to deal with a physically damaged drive is to cease all operations and take it to a professional data recovery service.

      Is Data Recovery Possible from a PC Showing the AHCI Port0 Device Error?

      A malfunctioning drive puts essential files and data stored on it at risk. You’re treading on thin ice here as one misstep while repairing a disk error can cost you important data. Hence, it’s better to use professional data recovery software to retrieve your data safely from an unbootable computer and then move to troubleshooting.

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      To recover data from an unbootable PC or inaccessible drive, create a bootable media drive using Stellar Data Recovery Professional. The software employs advanced data recovery algorithms to restore files lost in a myriad of data loss situations.

      As this error renders the system unbootable, follow the steps mentioned in this guide to recover data from an unbootable PC.

      Once you have successfully recovered your data and files, keep multiple backup copies of this data to prevent data loss in future.

      How Can I Fix the AHCI Port0 Device Error on My System?

      Now that you have successfully recovered your data and files, it’s time to fix the AHCI Port0 Device error using the following methods.

      Method 1: Plug the Disk Drive into another PC

      This is the simplest way to check if your disk drive is working. Disconnect the drive from your PC and connect it to another system. If the drive shows up and you can access it, back up your data on a healthy external storage drive. If the drive is not detected or causes problems with the computer, such as freezing, crashing, etc., disconnect it.

      connect the internal disk drive to another pc

      Method 2: Change the SATA Port

      Sometimes, the SATA port breaks or becomes faulty due to age or mishandling. Try plugging the drive into another SATA port. This should help you determine whether the problem lies in the connector or the drive.

      connect the drive to another sata port to fix the AHCI Port0 Device error

      Method 3: Check the BIOS Settings

      Have you recently accessed your BIOS to toggle a few settings, or is an external drive plugged into the system? Chances are, you might have accidentally changed the boot order.

      check boot options in bios to fix the AHCI Port0 Device error on windows PC

      You may also get the AHCI Port0 Device error on your PC due to incorrect SATA controller mode. If the SATA controller mode is switched to IDE or AHCI, change it to SATA.

      Correcting the BIOS settings should help you resolve the issue at hand.

      Method 4: Replace HDD/SDD

      If you have tried all the above methods, yet the AHCI Port0 Device error prevents your PC from booting into Windows, there’s a high probability of a malfunctioning drive. As a last resort, replace your internal disk drive with a new one and see if the error is eliminated.


      • If the boot drive is different from the storage drive, replace the boot drive and reinstall Windows.
      • If you’re using the storage drive as the boot drive, make sure to have a backup of your data on another drive.

      Additional Tips to Avoid Data Loss

      Disk errors like the AHCI Port0 Device Error could make your data on the drive inaccessible. Hence, always have a ‘Plan B’ for such unprecedented data loss. We’ve compiled some tips for preventing data loss due to various disk errors.

      Tips to Avoid Data Loss


      Disk errors or booting issues are inherent to any PC. The AHCI Port0 Device error is one such error that results in a malfunctioning drive, corrupted system files, or damaged SATA hardware.

      The above methods should help you repair a system rendered unbootable by this error. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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      Q. What is the AHCI mode used for?

      A. Advanced Host Controller Interface or AHCI is a technical standard for an interface that enables computers to communicate with SATA devices.

      Q. How to fix a boot error on a Windows PC?

      A. The best way to repair boot errors on a Windows PC is to create a Windows Installation media and use it to repair the computer.

      Q. How to tell if an HDD is physically damaged?

      A. The most obvious signs of physical damage are unusual sounds like screeching, grinding, clicking, etc.

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