How to Fix ‘This File Isn’t Playable. Error 0xc10100bf’

Summary: Are you facing a video error —‘This file isn’t playable. 0xc10100bf’? The video error 0xc10100bf makes your videos inaccessible or unreadable. This post shares 4 best methods to fix the 0xc10100bf video error. Also, learn how Stellar Repair for Video software can make such unplayable videos play perfectly again and what precautions you should take to avoid this error in the future.

How to Fix ‘This File Isn’t Playable. Error 0xc10100bf’ How to Fix ‘This File Isn’t Playable. Error 0xc10100bf’

‘I transferred some video files into my USB drive from a camera. But when I try playing these videos on my PC’s media player, a message pops up – ‘This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt. 0xc10100bf’. How can I fix this 0xc10100bf error?

As described in the error message, a video does not play on a media player due to various reasons, like

  • The file type is not supported
  • The file extension is incorrect
  • Video file is corrupt

This means you are trying to play the file in a media player that doesn’t support your video file format or doesn’t have the right codecs required to play the video. You may have converted or renamed the video file incorrectly, leading to ‘this file isn’t playable 0xc10100bf’ error. Other than this, possible corruption in the file header, data, or frames, etc., could also cause this error.

‘0xc10100bf’ is a common error and can occur in any media player.

However, you can fix this video error by rectifying the cause of the problem.

Let’s see some methods to fix 0xc10100bf video error in Windows Media Player, VLC Player, QuickTime, or any other media player.

How to fix 0xc10100bf error and make videos playable again

Play your videos in a media player that supports the file type or download supporting codecs on your system. If the file is not playing in any other media player, get a video repair tool to fix your corrupt video file type.

To resolve video playback error 0xc10100bf, let’s go through each method in detail.

Method 1: Play your video on another media player

Your default media player may not have the required video codec or support format to play the file, resulting in the error 0xc10100bf.

Try playing your video in a different media player, such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, MPlayerX, or VLC Media Player that has wide codec support, etc.

Method 2: Convert the video file format

A video of unsupported file format when played in any media player is bound to give error 0xc10100bf. Check if your media player supports the file format of the video. If not, you can convert it to a supporting format. Some widely compatible video formats are MP4, FLV, WMV, or AVI, etc.

If you have a few small video clips to convert, you may use any online converter tool. Else, use a professional video converter, such as Stellar Converter for Audio Video to convert unlimited videos of any size on Windows and Mac.

Method 3: Download video codec

Every video has a specific codec that allows compression or decompression of that file. Your media player must have supporting codecs to play the video file format. Else you may receive ‘this file isn’t playable 0xc10100bf’ error message.

In case you are getting the error, download codecs online for your video file type. Some players like Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player also can update the codecs automatically.

You can also download codec packs to play all types of video files on Windows and Mac.

Steps to install a codec in VLC Player:

  1. Open VLC Media Player.
  2. On the top menu bar, go to Help > Check for Updates.

VLC_check for updates

     3. Click Yes to download the latest version of VLC Player. This will also update the video codecs.

Steps to install a codec in Windows Media Player:

  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. Go to Tools > Options.

Window Media Player_Tools Option

     3. Select the Player

     4. Select Download codecs automatically and click OK.

     5. Next, open the video in Windows Media Player.

     6. A message prompts to install the codec. Click Install.

Method 4: Repair video file by using a software

When all the above methods fail to fix ‘this file isn’t playable’ error, your video may have corrupted. A video can get corrupted, broken, or damaged if it’s not downloaded properly or the file transfer process was abruptly stopped. A virus in the system or the corrupt storage drive can also damage the videos.

In any case, download a video repair software that can fix damaged and corrupt video files.

You can trust Stellar Repair for Video, a smart repair tool that fixes almost all kinds of video corruption issues. The software works on popular video file formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.

Step by step: Fix ‘This file isn’t playable. 0xc10100bf’ error using Stellar Repair for Video

Step 1: Launch Stellar Repair for Video on your system.Stellar Repair for Video

Step 2: On the main interface, click Add File to insert corrupted video/s.Stellar Repair for Video - Repair Corrupt Files

Step 3: Click Repair to start the repair process.

Step 4: After the repair process finishes, preview the videos and click Save Repaired Files.Stellar Repair for Video - Preview Repaired Files

Note: In case your video file is severely corrupted, the software will direct you to ‘Advance Repair’. Click on it and follow the prompts.

The software repairs the corrupt video file header, frames, sound section, etc., making it playable again.

5 Tips to Avoid 0xc10100bf Video Error
1. Update your media player to prevent video errors.
2. Do not interrupt the ongoing video file transfer/ download.
3. Download videos from secured websites.
4. Install media player only from its official website.
5. Install antivirus on your computer.


This file isn’t playable 0xc10100bf error usually occurs when the media player doesn’t support the file format or supported codecs are missing. You can convert video files to another file format or play them on a different video player. Downloading the codec pack also resolves the video error problem on PC and Mac.

However, when these methods don’t work, it indicates video corruption. Get an advanced Stellar Repair for Video. It can fix any damage in a video file due to which a video becomes unplayable or inaccessible. Get the free trial from below and check if the video error is resolved.

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