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    [FIXED] – Software Exception 0xc0000409 Error on Windows 11/10

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      Summary: This post deals with addressing user concerns related to the Software Exception 0xc0000409 Error on Windows 11/10 computers. Here, we will learn about the error, the reasons behind its occurrence and some methods to resolve it.

      The software exception 0xc0000409 is an error code that users encounter while trying to launch an application or after launching it. The error message looks something like this –

      prompt showing software exception error 0xc0000409 on windows 11/10 computer

      The software exception error code 0xc0000409 also tends to crash active applications after the user launches them. The error mostly occurs due to an improperly installed application. Let’s know more about it in detail.

      Reasons Behind the Software Exception 0xc0000409 Error

      The error code 0xc0000409 is a system error message that indicates an issue with the application the user is trying to launch. As there is no exact reason behind this error, we have listed down some probable reasons –

      • Incorrect/failed app installation
      • Incorrect/corrupt registry keys
      • Malware infection
      • Improper system shutdown
      • Missing/deleted system files

      This error commonly occurs in the above scenarios. However, some users also reported encountering the exception error code 0xc0000409 while installing Windows 11 updates.

      Methods to Fix the Software Exception 0xc0000409 Error

      Now that we know the software exception error 0xc0000409 and how it appears on the screen, let’s look at some methods to resolve it.

      Method 1: Update Drivers

      Before moving further with the methods, check for any available driver updates, especially the display drivers. If they are available, install them. Sometimes, outdated drivers can cause the 0xc0000409 error code to spring up on your screen. Once done, move on to the methods discussed below.

      Method 2: Use SFC Command to Scan System Files

      SFC or System Files Checker is a utility executed via CMD. It is used for scanning system files for any damage or corruption and replacing them with healthy copies. Here’s what to do –

      • Press WIN + R to open Run.
      • Type CMD and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to open it as administrator.
      • Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
      execute sfc command in command prompt to fix the 0xc0000409 error
      • Wait for the process to finish.

      Method 3: Use .NET Framework Repair Tool

      .NET is a vital Windows component used for building and running applications on Windows 11/10 PCs. Improperly installed or corrupt .NET Framework can also make any software generate the software exception 0xc0000409 error. You can resolve this issue by running the .NET Framework repair tool. To do this –

      • Open your browser and go to this page to download the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool.
      • Once downloaded, run the software and follow the instructions as prompted.

      Method 4: Reinstall the Problematic Software

      The 0xc0000409 error code might be caused by an improperly installed application. If this error code comes up on the screen every time you try to launch a specific application, chances are that it could be due to some issue with the application. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Doing this should fix the error.

      Method 5: Perform Clean Boot

      We install and use many third-party applications on our computers. Sometimes, these apps can interfere with certain system settings or files, resulting in errors. If you are getting the software exception 0xc0000409 error message with every application, you can perform a clean boot to troubleshoot this error.

      Clean boot restricts all third-party applications, allowing you to circle out the faulty one. Follow the steps mentioned below –

      • Press WINDOWS + R to open the RUN utility.
      • Type msconfig and press Enter.
      type msconfig command to open system configuration settings
      • Click on the General tab and select the Selective startup option.
      • Checkmark Load system services and Load startup items.
      select clean boot settings
      • Now, click on the Services tab and click on the Hide all Microsoft services check box.
      • Then click on Disable all.
      disable all services in clean boot
      • Click on Apply and OK.
      apply the changes to fix the 0xc0000409 error

      After performing the Clean boot, check if the error appears or not. If the error doesn’t appear, try enabling the apps one after another to circle out the problematic application.

      Method 6: Use Restore Point to Return to the Previous State

      The above methods can help you resolve the software exception error on your Windows PC. However, if none of them works for you, you can always perform System Restore. However, make sure that it is enabled well in advance.

      The System Restore utility uses the previously saved restore points containing a timestamp of the OS. This can be used to get back to a previous healthy OS state. However, it will remove certain applications that were installed after the creation of that specific restore point. Here are the steps to perform this –

      • Open Control Panel.
      • Click on Recovery.
      open recovery in control panel
      • Click on Open System Restore.
      click on open system restore button
      • In the System Restore window, click on Next.
      Open system restore to start with the process
      • Then select the restore point you wish to return to and then click on Scan for affected programs.
      Select restore point to proceed with system restore
      • The process will scan for affected programs or applications that will be removed. Once the scanning is complete, Close the dialog box.
      close the scan box and proceed with system restore
      • Once the scanning is complete, close it and then press Next.
      click next
      • Go to the confirmation screen and then click on Finish to proceed with System Restore.
      click on finish to start with the system restore process to fix the 0xc0000409 error

      Note – While there are extremely slim chances of you losing your precious data by restoring your system to a previous state, you should be prepared in advance for such an event.   Hence, we advise taking a complete backup of your data before using System Restore or resetting your Windows 11/10 PC.

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      Wrapping Things Up

      The Software exception error message is a Windows error caused due to many reasons. It generates 0xc0000409 as its error code. While the error might seem unsolvable due to its effects, you can use the methods mentioned in this post to deal with this error and resolve it.

      A. If you have recently encountered the 0xc06d007e Unknown Software Exception error message, there is some issue either with the system files or with the installed software. This error can be fixed by running the Windows Update Troubleshooter along with performing SFC and DISM scans.

      Run the System File Checker to check the integrity of the system files and to replace the corrupted or broken ones.

      Here are the ways you can use to fix this error :.

      • Update Windows 10/11
      • Update drivers
      • Use CMD to run SFC & CHKDSK commands
      • Uninstall problematic apps

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      1. Hi,
        I tried some of your initial methods but it’s just not working and I really need help with this. Can you please help me with this error.

        1. Hi Flurin,
          It would be great if you could describe your problem in detail. All of the fixes needed to address the problem have previously been stated in the blogs. Please follow all of the procedures mentioned in the blog and let us know whether your problem has been fixed.

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