Hover Camera Passport: 13 MP Photos & 4K Video Recovery from AI-powered drone selfie Camera

Summary: Your photos becomes more appealing and attractive when taken from different aerial shots taken from a Hover camera. Here are a few things to be considered before purchasing a drone camera. See how you can restore photos and videos lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, during transfer, or corruption of the storage device.

Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone

Selfie drones or ‘dronies’ are the latest craze and Hover Camera Passport enjoys all the attention in this category. Winner of 2017 IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, Hover’s Passport is the first drone chosen by Apple to sell in its stores. The mini-drone effortlessly takes selfies capturing from vantage points you could have never reached with your hand or a selfie stick.

Ultra-portable drone autonomously detects, follows, and records you wherever you go. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered selfie drone uses face and body tracking technology ensuring you never leave the frame.
Whether you want to capture yourself skiing in Aspen Mountain or partying with friends on a beach, Hover Camera Passport does full justice by following you mid-air to take your best shots. Capturing in 4K and 13MP it takes 360 degrees of panoramic video featuring you up to 65 feet range. It can hover for about 10 minutes and reach a speed of 17mph.

Though the flight time is about half what you get in the Yuneec Breeze but is not a bad deal given a small size and advanced features of Hover’s Passport drone. The 242 gm portable drone is easy to carry and amazingly folds up to just 7.2 x 5.2 x 1.3 inches. This is lesser than compact DJI Mavic Pro.

Moreover, unlike other drones, you do not require FAA registration for Camera Passport selfie drone as it is below the FAA 250 gm hobbyist drone registration weight limit.

Hover Camera Passport Drone selfie (Source:gethover.com)

Hover Camera Passport photos and videos recovery

You can directly download the flying selfie camera 1080p videos and photos to your iOS or Android mobile via the Hover Camera app. However, it is recommended, videos in 4K should be transferred directly to your computer to avoid space crunch issue on your mobile phone, due to large files.
In the situation of loss of your precious aerial-selfies during transfer take help of a photo recovery tool – Stellar Photo Recovery that supports drone camera photo and video files recovery. It restores photos and videos lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, during transfer, or corruption of the storage device.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Is Hover Camera Passport selfie drone price worth it?

Many argue, spending $306.49 (at Amazon at the time of publish of this blog) for a selfie camera drone is not smart. Regardless of its amazing features, the Hover Camera Passport selfie drone is a pricey pick for many.
But, here it is worth pointing that the advance selfie drone is much more affordable now than it was at the time of launch over a year back. Then, it was priced at $599.
Most important you can never miss the best shots of your life’s precious moments and that too without worrying of holding or adjusting your camera.
Drone selfies are the future. The drone camera makers are focusing on technology, ease of use, and quality. They may seem pricey today but so was every latest camera technology when once launched.

What should you look before buying a selfie drone?

Apart from price consider the below before buying your selfie drone camera:

  • Image stabilization features
  • Altitude Hold and Follow Me
  • Battery life (flight time)
  • Portability, one which you can carry in your backpack
  • Camera and video quality

Features of Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone

  • Ultra-portable
  • Auto-Follow to track your face and body on the go
  • Face Tracking and Body Tracking
  • Smart self-positioning feature uses artificial intelligence
  • Films a 360 degree panoramic video
  • Orbit captures circling 360 degrees wraparound video
  • 13 MP Photos and 4K Video
  • Enclosed in Carbon fiber with AI-based safety mechanisms
  • Uses drone app on your iOS or Android device

Other selfie drones in the market

DJI Spark Selfie Drone, Yuneec Breeze, Parrot Bebop 2, and Zerotech Dobby can be said to be Hover’s closest challenger in terms of range and flight time. However, Hover’s Passport takes a leap with its ultra-portable design and AI-powered image recognition and body tracking abilities.
Also, Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone is the least accident prone. Its carbon fiber casing protects it from breaking and freak accidents.

Wrapping up

If you are a selfie enthusiast and wish to make your photos more appealing and enjoyable with amazing aerial shots, a selfie drone like Hover Camera Passport is the way to go. The embedded Artificial Intelligence-powered flying selfie camera is easy-to-use, extremely portable, and safe. While with the slash in price, the selfie drone camera surely has a good take-off. And yes, you don’t need to bother about FAA registration or permissions to fly across the US too.

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