How To Fix A Blurry Videos?

Summary: Dealing with Blurry videos is quite annoying. Read on this article to learn why your videos sometimes go blurry and how to fix this issue. To instantly fix a blurry video, try Stellar Repair for Video.

How To Fix A Blurry Videos? How To Fix A Blurry Videos?

Imagine you captured a few beautiful videos on a trip to Venice and transferred them to your laptop. They play perfectly, but after a few minutes, you notice the video is blurry or fuzzy. You used Windows Media player, even QuickTime, but none could fix blurry videos problem.

It’s frustrating. But don’t worry. There are ways to remove blurriness in videos.

Read on this post to know the best methods to fix blurry videos in various situations.

Why Videos Become Blurry

Video blur may occur during recording or when you save the videos in a computer or other storage media. If the videos are originally recorded blurry, it is mostly due to shaking of the camera, high ISO, shallow depth of field, wrong focus set up, etc. Whereas videos stored on any drive can get blurry due to corruption, which may happen due to virus infection, improper file transfer or download etc.

How to Fix Blurry Videos when Recording

  • Record videos at high resolution.
  • Instead of raster, use vector art when recording videos. Raster art uses several pixels due to which you can’t zoom or enlarge such video as it would become blurry. However, vector art is independent of pixels and resolution. You can scale it without making it blurry.
  • Preferably select MP4 video file format, which is commonly used on web platforms and devices like TV, mobile phone, Tab etc. The video format offers high quality even when the file size is low.
  • Save videos in high quality Class 10 camera SD card

Methods to Fix Blurry Videos

  1. Professional Video Editing Software
  2. Blurry Video Clearer
  3. Video Repair software

1. Professional Video Editing Software

If the videos were recorded blurry due to incorrect camera settings, you can fix blur during post-processing with the help of video editing programs. Editing software though don’t completely remove blur, but can make blurry videos sharper and of acceptable quality.

You may use Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, Avidemux, etc., to fix blurry videos on the computer. They have options to sharpen whole or parts of video footages. However, you should be familiar with the platform to be able to efficiently fix blurry videos. For beginners, it may be an arduous task.

2. Blurry Video Clearer

Blurry Video Clearer Free

Figure: Blurry Video Clearer GUI

Are you looking for a tool that can fix blurry video for free? Use free Blurry Video Clearer. It is an easy to use lightweight application. The program reduces blur in videos caused during recording. It improves the video quality, adjusting pixels and brightness etc. Remember, the tool doesn’t completely remove video blur, just makes it clearer.

3. Video Repair software

You recorded videos perfectly but sometimes blur may be caused due to corruption in the storage drive, SD card, USB flash drive, CD/DVD etc. Sudden interruption during video transfer, downloading or converting and virus in the system can also lead to blurry videos.

In such cases, Stellar Repair for Video is a secure and reliable utility. The software is extremely easy to use, which even a novice can operate. You can remove blur and other types of video corruption in multiple files at one go. It works on popular formats such as MP4, AVI, ASF, WMV, MKV, FLV, DIVX, WEBM, MJPEG, MPEG, AVCHD, MTS, MOV, 3G2, 3GP, M4V and F4V files.

Watch this video to fix blurry videos

Are your YouTube Videos Blurry? 

If YouTube or other online videos are blurry on Android or computer, its probably due to poor Internet connection. Ensure you are using a high speed and continuous Internet.

Are your YouTube Videos Blurry? - YouTube video quality

Figure: Quality option in Settings of YouTube video

In YouTube you can also reduce quality settings to 720p, 480p or 360p to view video when you have slow internet connection.

Wrapping Up

Video editing software and Blurry Videos Clearer should be used when videos turned blurry during recording because of unstable camera, wrong settings etc. Although the software can fix blurry videos improving the quality but can’t remove it completely.

Stellar Repair for Video is helpful if the blur in the videos is due to corruption in the file or drive. If you are not sure about the actual cause of blurriness in your videos, it is recommended to first try the free demo of Stellar Repair for Video. If the preview in demo shows the repaired video without blur, then only download the full version. The demo only previews up to 20% of total video size. So if the video size is 100 MB, you can preview 20 MB of repaired video in the free trial.

Also, Stellar Repair for Video is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

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