How to Repair Corrupt DIVX Files

Summary: Are your DIVX video files corrupt? Are you unable to play them on the computer? Read on this post to know the best approach to repair corrupt DIVX files.

How to Repair Corrupt DIVX Files How to Repair Corrupt DIVX Files

DIVX video format gained popularity due to its ability to hold large files in CD/DVD without losing the visual quality. These videos can be seamlessly viewed on any media player that has DivX codec. However, high-quality DIVX files can get corrupt due to many reasons, affecting the viewer’s experience.

Reasons that Cause DIVX Files Corruption

  • Incompatible media player
  • Improper download/ transfer of file
  • Corruption in storage media or drive
  • Virus in the system
  • Improper conversion of video file

How to Repair Corrupt DIVX Video Files

A video repair software is the only way to repair corrupt DIVX files. There are no manual methods to fix corruption in videos.

Nonetheless, you can try some workarounds if the videos are not playing on a media player. These are discussed later in the post.

There are several video repair software available online that claim of fixing corruption. However, not every software fixes all issues— some may repair choppy videos but not the audio lags and glitches. It’s important to pick the tool that provides a more comprehensive feature set for video corruption problems like Flicker, choppiness, grainy and broken videos, out-of-sync or no audio, and other such video errors.

Stellar Repair for Video repairs all these and several other types of video corruption.

The software is easy to use and at the same time capable enough to repair all video file problems, without letting you fret much into it. It repairs corrupt DIVX videos downloaded from any source and saved on any drive or media. The software works on videos shot with DSLR, camcorder, drone, surveillance camera, iPhone, and Android phones.

The free demo version of the software is good enough for evaluating whether a video corruption issue can be resolved.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

Why Stellar Repair for Video?

  • Repairs all types of corrupted, damaged, and inaccessible videos
  • Fixes DIVX video errors — ‘Unsupported Subtitle Format Error’, ‘Cannot Render File Error’, ‘error loading media’ etc.
  • Repairs corrupt videos on both Windows and Mac
  • Easy 3-step process, with batch repair of multiple number and video formats
  • Preview of repaired videos

Steps to Repair Corrupt DIVX files with Stellar Repair for Video

Step 1: Click Add File and browse to add corrupt DIVX videos.

Step 2:  Click Repair to fix added videos. The repairing process starts.

Step 3: Click Save Repaired File to save the videos at your desired location. You can also Preview the repaired videos before saving.

Other solutions for DIVX Videos not Playing in Media Player

  1. Get the supporting codec

Video file formats are all about codecs that interpret the file to play in a media player. So, DIVX files will not play, if the media player doesn’t have the supporting codec.

What you can do:

  • Either download the DIVX codec
  • Install a codec pack for wider file support
  • Play in DIVX or other supporting media player
  1. Download/transfer from the source again

Interruption during download or transfer of videos can corrupt them. So, simply copy it again from the source on your system.

  1. Convert DIVX format

Convert DIVX file to another format like MP4, AVI, or MKV, that can be played on multiple devices.

  1. Update the PC drivers

Ensure you have updated PC video drivers and graphic cards. Windows Updates fix any Nvidia/Intel HD/AMD display problem. All your videos’ stuttering and display problems can be resolved after updating the PC drivers.

To automatically update the PC drivers:  Follow Settings> Update & Security > Windows UpdateCheck for updates

Unable to play DIVX movies or animations? Your PC may be inept!

If your DIVX video files are high quality movies or 2D/3D animations, they require higher capacity graphics card, processor, and RAM. Ensure your system meets these criteria of playing graphic intensive videos. You can try playing such DIVX videos on another computer having powerful processor and RAM.

Tried all workarounds, still cannot play DIVX videos!

If the above manual methods prove to be ineffective, the high chances are your DIVX videos have gone corrupt. Take help of Stellar Repair for Video to restore the DIVX files to playable condition.

To Sum Up

DIVX is a popular file format that’s used to compress large videos in CD/DVD. Any kind of technical difficulty in watching them is not only annoying but may also indicate a permanent loss situation.

There are a few methods that can help fix such video playability issues. For instance, it may be due to absence of the required codec pack in the media player, or perhaps the PC drivers need to be updated (which should solve the problem unless it’s a graphic card upgrade requirement). It’s also possible that the DivX file turned corrupt while being processed or transferred or other such handling scenarios.

So, as an ultimate and overarching solution, it’s ideal to have a Video Repair software.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac


Because a good software should provision a more comprehensive feature set for a wider variety of video corruption issues (so, one tool covers the entire ground). And, will also help deal with more severe and challenging corruption scenarios.

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